Chapter 25:

Everyones day off: Part 3: Yuki the Secretary

From Assassin to Demon lord

When Master Zaru left with Lizzie I could think only about only one thing: It’s a date! She took another headstart! Yes I accepted her offer to be master’s Zaru second wife, but she shouldn’t do something like that!

But I decided that I’ll let it slide for today, after all, when I finish my morning job I can do what ever! First I waited for Grin, Weisa and Kolka to meet me in front of Master’s Zaru office. Just to be suprised by Filona at meeting as well.

„What do you want Filona?“

„W-well I had a free day so I thought that I would help you with your work Yuki.“

„Denied. You would just slow us down. Grin, Weisa, Kolka you prepared?“

„Yes Boss! Storage slimes are also ready!“

„Storage slimes? I heard that those are used while mining…“

„Master Zaru gave them to us to make our job easier… Without further ado let’s move.“

„Yes boss!“

We left for workshop where Kaen was.

„Yo, Yuki how’s your day?“ Kaen greeted me. Strangely he treated me and the rest casualy, unlike master for who he payed utmost respect.

„I’m good Kaen. I see that mr. Gandar is here with you.“

„Hello miss Yuki. I see you are doing well. What brings you here?“

„I… we came for finished products. But let me give you a simple question. Why when you are treated as guest of Lizzie are here of all places?“

„I’m Dullar milady. Even as an adventurer I always took quests that alowed me to travel. It was in order to find other ways to do my craft.“

„I see. Good, then see you again sometimes.“


We walked to other room that was used as storage for finished products. There a mountain of crates were towering above us.

„The hell is that!“

„That is just a night shift mr. Kaen had last night. As he is a spirit he don’t require sleep, drink or eat so he can work as long as he have stamina.“

„H-how much stamina he has?“

„About three weeks of nonstop work he said. But that was before he evolved so it’s probably even more now. Actualy when we first met him he had bigger pile at ready. He keep it small now.“

„You call this small?! How can you transport this much in morning?“

„Storage slimes remember? Those guys are quite something. Now let’s start! Slimes go!“

With that slimes jumped out and ate all the crates.

„Good job. Now let’s proceed to the next room.“

We left Kaen and Gandar to their talk and went across the hall to other room. There, ofsprings of Kesugi, the Crystalic arachne were weaving fabric from their silk. About a thousand was in this room.

„The heck? What are those spiders?“

„Kesugi’s ofsprings. Well these guys can’t fight so Kesugi send them here to weave fabric for our clothes. To be honest, if you feed these guys some crystalic ores their silk will change so I asked Gobura to get us some, but her level as miner is still low and she also didn’t find any for now.“

„So these guys one day…“

„Yes they will weave mithril, iron, bronze or even orichalcum silk. Those are their possibillities.“

„T-that’s hard to imagine…“

„I know right?“

Head of the spider showed us more crates so we let slimes eat them. Then we left to our primary storageroom. Well it was more of entire hallway used as storageroom but that’s not important now.

We entered first room.

„Slimes bring out crates from Kaen.“

As they did we started opening the crates and controled the insides. Ten crates of steel swords, seven crates of tableware and three crates with other stuff Zaru personaly requested. When I asked him why he answered that we will need some export goods in order to get goods we couldn’t produce. Mostly food.

Food shortage was out primary problem to resolve.

Well, goblins did start a farm on third floor but it will take at least half a year to get some results. Elves… the kids are hunting in the forest so we get some rabbit meat, but we need some staple food. Also I prepared a secret project to suprise Zaru… but to be able to give it to him I need to know more about him, especialy when his birthdays are.

Then we had to split the fabric, because diferent spiders make diferent fabric we divide it into two hundread and fifty piles and then put them into stock with rest of the same kind fabric… that was a lot of work for four people plus dead weight.

After that, as bonus for the day, we picked one type of fabric and take it to second floor to Kesugi, who suprisingly was Master at sewing clothes.

When we left the second floor, it was already time for lunch so we headed to dining hall. Our morning duties were at it’s end. Normaly after lunch with everyone I would spend time on maps with Zaru… I hope you wil take me somewhere on a date too…

Our planned expansion around dungeon was intended to take over western part of the mountain. We pretty much already take over eastern part where my village was. At the western part was a forest, there was a possibility that an ogre tribe lives here. But also other non-human types monsters. Frost giants originaly in this cave were rulers of the mountains, but because they got wiped out in few seconds there will be a power strugle inside of this forest…

It is possible that we will became publicly known… well we practicly are already, but those adventurers are still locked up in dungeon collecting DP. Until we release them no one will know anything. True, someone in the village they came from may come looking for them but acording to Zaru about 20% of all adventurers with rank lower then D dies yearly. So if entire party went missing on mountain that is known to be full of special A-rank monsters no one should came looking.

Putting all of that aside, I sit on couch in library reading book about some heroes of the past. It was hard reading because I only started reading with Zaru when he apointed me as a secretary.

And about library. All books here were provided by Master Zaru. The room was preaty empty in the start but seeing master's collector spirit was something else. Eight thousand books divided in six categories. Magic, Enchanting, Swordmanship, Skills, novels, and lastly books for learning. Those last were mainly children books meant to teach kids how to read, count and write. Lastly there were books aquired from elf village, but those were off limits. Mainly becouse Master left them in his magic bag. I'm wondering how much things he can store there. That capacity is larger than storage slime's. One storage slime can store about 1.5 ton of ore... so smoething like that?

Actualy girls that work as my assistants are also only ones who can read basic letters and symbols. It’s sad but those who didn’t inherit heroes skill wasn’t allowed to study much more than what they need for job… and that was mostly to serve those with that skill. How was it called again? Hm… [Holy Smite]? No… [Holy…] something? I can’t remember… Dead weight might know something… she was considered to become a plaything for one of the skill holders… maybe I shouldn’t ask… that would be smarter…

Tony Raven