Chapter 1:

What Comes Around Goes Around

An Unrealistic Day with A Realistic Love in Imaginary Ways

“I don’t want to go to the school tomorrow...” Bookmark here

“Are you sure? Maybe you’re not hopeless as you guess.” Bookmark here

“Wait! You’re right. Maybe there is someone who wants to give me chocolates! I’ll definitely come to school!” Bookmark here

“Haha! You’re easy for convincing.” Bookmark here

“Well... I think... If certain someone doesn’t come to school tomorrow, we can have more chocolates.” Bookmark here

When he said this, he pointed his finger on me. Bookmark here

“Indeed! He is a monster who steals all girls’ heart. You’re a monster as both physically and mentally.” Bookmark here

My friends complimented me by saying this but that made me uneasy instead of happy. I had a hard time not to sigh. Bookmark here

“If you want me not to come school tomorrow, I can’t do that because I have absenteeism problem,” I said. My friend who joked about me laughed hard and “Man, you always take everything serious,” he said. Bookmark here

I’m Akira Kenji. 17 years old, a last year high school student. Me and my two close friends Mura and Kunimi are walking to the home after we ate something in the city center. Since we got so exhausted and hungry after club training that we ended up a restaurant close to school. As you guess, it’s 14th February tomorrow and they are talking about it. Bookmark here

I don’t like to think like that but I don’t like Valentine’s Day since middle school. The reason is not my getting a lot of chocolates from girls or my popularity among them. On the days like Valentine’s even my friends behave as I am from a different world. I don’t like that feeling. I’m having hard times to keep my cool image when I’m surrender with a lot of people on days like Valentine’s Day. Bookmark here

And... There is one more thing... I feel lonely in that day. Since the person I’m in love can’t give me chocolates, since I can’t give her, either, I feel so lonely and hopeless. The reason is not that she has a boyfriend or she got rejected me already. She is just impossible. Bookmark here

You know... In middle school or high school, there are guys nobody ignores them. They sit on their chairs all day and talk to nobody. They wear glasses and they have tiny bodies. Because of their image, they are usually bullied. And... they are always alone. Bookmark here

As you guess they have a predictable hobby. They are otakus and they are bullied again and again because of their hobby. Bookmark here

I am a hopeless otaku. Since I know what happens to otaku people in social life, I tried to hide my hobby with my physic and mental statement. I really worked so hard in sports and classes that I have become a popular person in my school. Bookmark here

With this tall height, wide shoulders, perfect body and handsome face... Star of the tennis club, prince of the third classroom Akira Kenji is an otaku. People would not believe that.Bookmark here

Anyway... I attended my club activity. I ate in a restaurant and I am walking home with my friends now. I’m in a conversation with them but in fact, I am not able to wait to go home and rewatch Ino-chan's last episode at the same time. Bookmark here

You heard it. Ino is my favorite female anime character and my only lover, a 2d lover... In other words, my waifu. She is a side character in an action and historical anime. “Love of A Young Emperor”. It’s a story about a young and kind hearted emperor and his love for a farmer girl. Ino-chan is a kunoichi who adores his young lord and dedicated herself to protect him. She is a responsible, lovely and smart woman. Bookmark here

Ah... Here we go... I think about her while I am talking with my friends. I need to stop this and focus on my friends. Bookmark here

... Bookmark here

When we were crossing the park, we heard a scream. As soon as I looked at the park gate, I saw a guy holding a bag and he was running. Before people figure what is going on, my legs started to move. In a few seconds I was on smuggler and caught him. Bookmark here

Luckily, there was a policeman nearby. When he arrested the smuggler, we checked owner of the bag. She was an old lady. She was wearing pretty interesting clothes. And her bag was not an ordinary accessory, too. Bookmark here

The old lady thanked us. After we were sure she was okay, we headed to the home. When we were a few meters away from her, I heard her calling. Bookmark here

“I will reward—” Bookmark here

“Man! What a day!” Mura said. With this sentence I'm distracted and I looked at Mura, not the old lady. Since he said that with a loud voice, I couldn’t hear the woman clearly. When I returned to her to ask what she said, there was nobody there. The old lady was gone. Bookmark here

“Her clothes were interesting. She seemed like fortunetellers and magicians in TV shows.” Kunimi said. Bookmark here

“Yeah.” I said and headed to home. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I looked at the watch on the wall. It was 23.50. I did it again. I got carried away with a fan fiction whose main character was Ino-chan. It was so exciting that I forgot the time and read all story. I need to go bathroom and then to the bed now. Bookmark here

When I was at the door, I heard a sound in my room. I got panicked and jumped in. At first, I couldn’t see anything. Then I looked around one more time carefully and I saw something in front of the window. Bookmark here

I know that thing. It’s a gate from the other worlds and it is about to shade away. I let it go because I don’t want to enter a world which I don’t know. Now, I am thinking why I didn’t get surprised to a supernatural incident. Bookmark here

Why did this gate open in my room? If it shaded away before I entered in, what was that door for? Or more realistically, did I see a hallucination? Then I remembered the sound before. That’s true! If that door was not for me, was that for another person? Bookmark here

I checked the room again. There was nothing different except the wardrobe door. It was half open. I headed there. Before I opened it, someone jumped out from the wardrobe and made me fall to the ground. She was onto me, holding a kunai on my throat and her eyes were looking at me with fear and anger. I hold my breath for a second. The reason was not fear or surprise. I was just fascinated to those real beautiful eyes. Bookmark here

Before she ordered “Where are we? Who are you? Why am I here?” questions with my favorite seiyuu’s voice, I put my hands up. Since I knew she could calm down with a person who was calmer than her, I began to talk slowly. Bookmark here

“I suggest you to ask your questions with a low voice. Because if people find out there is a girl in my room, that would be trouble for both of us.” Bookmark here

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