Chapter 2:

Greeting Each Other

An Unrealistic Day with A Realistic Love in Imaginary Ways

Five minutes have passed already. She is still on me and looking at me silently. But I’m glad she moved her kunai away from me for now. And my hands are still up. I know she won’t let me go unless she thinks I am harmless and each unnecessary word and move will make her unbelieve my harmless.

Well... It would be nice if I will be killed by my lover but before that, I want to talk with her. Also, if she kills me here, I'm afraid that nobody won’t be able to help her for a while. She will be terrified to come to an unknown world for her. When I think like that, I can wait forever for her calming down.

“Kenji! I heard a sound in your room. Are you okay?” That’s my big brother’s voice.

“It’s my chair. It just fell down,” I answered without taking my eyes off Ino-chan. With this, she came to a conclusion that I was reliable and let me go. She got back and sat in front of my bed. I got up slowly and sat across from her.

“I’m ready to answer your questions,” I said.

“Do you know me?” She asked. I was waiting a different first question.

"Your name is Ino. You’re 19 years old. You are a ninja who works for a kind emperor,” I answered.

“Did you bring me here?”

“No.” I wanted to add “I don’t know who called you, either.” but I avoided answering the questions which she hadn’t asked yet.

“Do you know who was it?” she asked.


“Where am I?”

“You’re in a world which has advanced technology and different civilization. You can think you have come to the future.”

“Which year?”

“2022 AD.” With this answer, I can see her pupils have opened wide.

“You say that I'm in a different but a parallel world at the same time. Are you sure? Could I be transported a different country or something?” she asked. I tried not to smile that question. It was exactly suitable question for her. Her imagination even in her own world was something else.

“I’m sure. You’re in a different universe.”

She looked at the ground and got silent. She was assessing the situation herself. I thought this situation, too. If she asks how I know her, I want to be honest to her but I'm afraid to say that she is from an animation story. If a person told me that I was not real, I would be angry and terrified.

“If you are honest with me, this situation must surprise you, too,” she said. This time I'm sure my pupils opened wide. She was on first 15 minutes in a different world. She must feel fear but still she thinks others than herself. Oh... I’m in love again.

“I... I don’t remember how I’ve got here what I was doing in my world before getting here. However, While I was passing the gate, I was sure that I heard a voice was saying have a nice travel or something. I’m telling you this because I think it can help to find out how and why I've come here,” she added.

“Could you recognize that voice belonged someone you know or not?”

“No, it was not. But it was a female voice. Belongs to old ones...”

That makes sense. If the thing she heard was right, this must be a travel. If this travel is a reward for me, ah that old fortuneteller lady, what did you to me and this pure girl? You looked at my heart and saw this girl, right? How could you think I could be happy with this just for a while? Ino fears. Ino feels terrified. I’m sure she is worrying because she left his lord alone.

I admit. I’m happy to talk with her in real life. Maybe I need to spend this limited good time which I will be with her. But I know she will be uncomfortable here. How can I be happy with that?

“Look. I don’t know what’s going on here but I guess you won’t live here forever. You are going to be able to return your own world. Travel is a travel and you return home in the end. But... But if you can’t return like you’ve come here, I will help you to find a way to return home, okay? So, try not to worry too much. Try to trust in me and enjoy this travel as much as you can.”

She didn’t say anything back. She looked at the ground again. I don’t know what I can do to comfort her anymore.

“If you have more questions about this world, I will answer all. But it’s past midnight. I need to go to school tomorrow. I will give clothes for you. You can sleep in the bed behind you. Since I can’t go out, I am going to use a futon here.”

“I don’t think I can sleep—”

“Even if you won’t be able to sleep, you should rest and cool your head until tomorrow. If you want to leave here, you’re free but I don’t want you to do that.”

I got up and gave her something to wear and went to the bathroom. Then I went to take the futon. After I gave enough time for her changing, I returned to my room. She had not gone anywhere. Her back was looking at me. When I closed the door, she turned her face. Her long brown hairs are on the top. Her blue eyes are looking at me. She is taller than my sister but she seems so little in my clothes.

Oh well... She is in my pajamas now and we will sleep in the same room. We’re breathing the same air. She is aware of my existence. I can feel my strong heartbeats. But do I have right to feel excite for this? I’m sure she is super uncomfortable. But... I want to enjoy these moments. Ino-chan, forgive me for my being selfish.

“Kenji, right?” When she asked that, I was preparing my bed. I turned to her by surprise.

“That voice earlier... He called you with that name.”


She went to the bed and sat like she was meditating.

“I won’t thank you right now. Because I still don’t trust you completely. I’m really confused. Since my gratefulness is not sincere now, I don’t want to thank with these half-hearted emotions. Please give me some time and for now, treat me well.” she said and bowed her head.

I can’t stop my smiling. She is so mature just like in Love of Young Emperor. I... I really love her. I hope my smile doesn’t make her uncomfortable. I don’t really want to be killed right now. I want to help her.