Chapter 3:

Socializing With Her

An Unrealistic Day with A Realistic Love in Imaginary Ways

As I guess, all eyes are on me at school. This time the reason is not Valentine’s. I’m walking with a girl in different school uniform which belongs to my sister. Today she has an official match with her team so she won’t be able to go to school so I borrowed her clothes.

I don’t like Ino-chan's skirt length because she is taller than my sister but I can’t do anything for this. I'm trying not to look at her legs and chest. My sister's shirt is tight for her. Oh God... Please save my mind health.

If you asked anybody, they would think she is pretty and hot. But her true beauty comes from her personality. Since i know her personality, she is the most beautiful girl in fantasy world and real world now.

“Her name is Lisa. She is my cousin from foreign country. She is in my sister’s high school but she wants to attend this school. Her educational statement is wonderful so school let her to take a look just for today. They will help her to decide if she will attend or not.”

I added foreign country part in this fake story so that I can explain her big blue eyes to people. I am sure I can trick my friends with this story but I'm worried about teachers. I hope I can trick them just for a day. Well... They believe I'm an honest and honorable student. They don’t think that I lie.

Before we entered in the classroom, a voice called my name. He was Mura. This is our every morning ritual. He calls my name, flies on to me from behind and tries to make me fall. But this time he couldn’t do that because when he was on the air, Ino-chan kicked him.

“He wasn’t attacking on me. He was just making a ritual joke. He is one of my best friends,” I said.

“I thought you were under attack. Sorry,” she said with a blushed face. I sighed once and "This world is not a place you can be under attach in every moment," I answered.

“Never mind. I’m sure he is glad to take that kick,” I added and introduced each other. Mura believed me directly and greeted her with his masochistic face.

My classmates surrendered her now. They are asking over and over. But Ino-chan is being able to handle those questions as I said. I’m eavesdropping in case she needs help about some answers.

Here they are... A lot of chocolates under my desk... I will put them with the ones I found in my closet this morning. There are the ones were given in secret. I haven’t got the blunt ones yet. I think I will need a second bag when I go home today.

“Man, they are much more than last year,” Kunimi said. He was looking at present chocolates. Then “Our last year after all. Girls are trying their last chance,” he added.

“These are just obligation chocolates,” I answered and he laughed so hard.

We have some social classes today. In Japanese History Class, I watched Ino-chan for a while. She was trying to read the textbook. If Ino-chan was coming from the real past, I wouldn’t be sure that she could read our currently alphabet. But Love of a Young Emperor has some timing errors so she can read our books easily.

She got surprised even our books, though. When she saw one of them in morning, “Scrolls are in a different shape in this world,” she said. There are a lot of things which will make her surprised. For example, I’m planning to show cellphones on our lunch break.

When I returned to the class from the cafeteria, Ino-chan was not there. I was planning to take her to the roof and show around the school and have lunch with her.

I asked the ones in classroom that they know where she had gone. She didn’t tell anyone, though. I’m worried that she tried to find toilets and went there. I couldn’t find her.

Damn... I have been looking for her for 20 minutes. It wouldn’t take that much time to look around all school. I have been kept by a girl who wanted to give me chocolates in every corner. Oh God! Where is she? What if she was called by a teacher?

There is only one place to look for her. The roof... And I found her there.

She is looking somewhere from the corner. Cold February wind is blowing her hairs. She seems she didn’t realize me here but she is a kunoichi after all. I know she knows I'm here.

“If I knew where you went, I wouldn’t look for you all around the school,” I said. She doesn’t have to say anything but I just want her to know I'm worried.

“Sorry,” she said. Then she didn’t say anything. She was still looking down.

I sighed once. I came closer to her and put my jacket to her shoulders. “I know you’re a strong girl but you didn’t take your coat with you in this cold weather,” I explained.

She wore the jacket and “Not mine. It’s your sister’s,” she said. This time she looked at me rather my pockets. I showed my pockets and “Do you want some chocolates? You must be hungry. I bought some onigiri to eat but I left them in the class to look for you. You can eat them until we go to the classroom,” I said.

She sighed once and head to the door. “No need... I don’t know what kind of event this is but those are for you not for me,” she said.

Before the afternoon classes began, a female classmate sat in front of me and “Akari-kun? I want to ask something,” she said. She was one of my female friends who I was comfortable with. “I guess we make Lisa-chan bored. Although she talks with us sincerely, she has never smiled,” she added.

“You didn’t do anything wrong. She is just nervous a little. Today is really interesting for her. More, I thank you to behave her kindly,” I answered.

A few boys and girls are still talking to her. I don’t know if she is getting bored or not. She doesn’t show any expression but I'm sure she is looking forward to search a solution for her problem. Bringing her school cannot be a good idea but it’s too late already. After school, I will be more selfish and wander around with her as if we are having a date.

If I knew a way to send her to her world, I would say that. A sound tells me we don’t need to find a way, though. But... But what if she can never return to her home? What if she stays here? If she can’t return, she would leave me, too. But if she stayed with me, I would make everything for her to feel comfortable.

Oh no... I shouldn’t think and imagine her staying. I’m getting excited. I should make myself believe that she will disappear tonight. She will return her home. So, I will try to enjoy this situation. I’m going to live a normal student life with her just for a day.