Chapter 72:

Interlude: Stepping in (R15)

The Y-files [GL]

Thea's POV, before she entered the Femme Fatale.Bookmark here

Why did my appointments run out today, of all days? I should know better than to take on extra work on a day that I have plans, and I did it all to myself. I could just have ignored that cute blue-haired girl. I knew it was going to be a charity case when I approached her, but after hearing her out, I realized she really needed my expertise in fashion.Bookmark here

After dressing up in one of my latest creations, I was running late. I hope I was in time to stop that date. An elegant woman like Narcy Stick going out on a last resort date with someone she met online that she had never seen before. I could just not allow it. It was too preposterous for words.Bookmark here

I had always been a big fan of Narcy. She used to be in my favorite teen drama when I was in my early grades in high school. I used to have posters of her all over my room. I even had a binder in which I kept all articles about her that I could find. Worshipping is too small a word in my opinion to describe my feelings for Narcy Stick. My idol should date someone elegant with style.Bookmark here

Clearly having no other choice, I hurried toward Femme Fatale. If necessary I would step in. Luckily I had the perfect excuse to go inside. I could say I came to pick up the jewelry I lent to Claire. Yes, I am sure that will be believable.Bookmark here

The "closed" tag was displayed on the door, but I saw some lights. I really hoped I was not too late. I tried the door handle, and luckily it opened.Bookmark here

I noticed Claire coming toward me. So I told her about the jewelry I came to pick up while looking around the place. Ah, target spotted. Claire was trying to say something to me, but there were more important things to do. I needed to hurry. If you noticed that overweight troll in front of my precious idol, anyone would agree, that it was my duty to intervene.Bookmark here

Narcy, what a coincidence to see you here! You look marvelous!”Bookmark here

Thank you. I am so glad someone noticed. I saw her give a cold stare at her date. You look fantastic too in that beautiful dress. Is that one of your own creations?”Bookmark here

I gave the boy a murderous look. He is going on a date with a goddess and did not even compliment her looks? What kind of hole did that orangutan crawl out from? I decided to just ignore him as best as I could and corrected a strand of hair on Narcy's face.Bookmark here

My heart skipped a beat when she looked up into my eyes with a proud and grateful look. Yes, my idol was a goddess to be worshiped.Bookmark here

The two of us kept talking. It was incredible how much we agreed on everything. Especially on how great Narcy was in her series and films. The only bothersome thing was that we kept getting interrupted by that man on the other side of the table.Bookmark here

Luckily for us, Claire noticed and intervened. She got the nuisance out of our hair. Now I would have my beautiful goddess all to myself. I would owe Claire a favor for doing that.Bookmark here

A few minutes later Claire brought us a beautiful mille-feuille with a single fork, a little glass of amaretto, and some tea that would accommodate it. Suddenly nervousness hit me. I felt my face getting red. I realized I was having a date with my idol. I looked Narcy in the eyes and noticed she looked very confident, but when I looked closer I could also see a little blush on her cheeks.Bookmark here

In the background, I heard Claire say something like “Enjoy your deserts. Is it okay that I am going up to the apartment so I can eat too? If you need anything or leave, just call me or send a text.”Bookmark here

Narcy just waved her off without taking her eyes off me. She then took the initiative and brought a piece of the mille-feuille to my mouth. I spontaneously moaned from the pleasure I was feeling. I never knew a simple cake could have this kind of effect. I felt a bit dazed and I looked at Narcy who had provided me with this pleasure. I felt an incredible desire for more. I wanted to return the favor, but she would not let me, and just took a piece herself. She spasmed slightly while trying to suppress her moan. When she got herself back together she said “I am the one in control, if you want this to work, you will let me be.”Bookmark here

Did I want to be her subject of affection while worshiping my goddess? That was not too hard of a question, was it? Still, it was a bit embarrassing to say out loud, so I just nodded.Bookmark here

Narcy got a big smile on her face. She poured the shot glass of amaretto out on the plate of the mille-feuille and fed me a piece soaked in Amaretto. The warm marzipan-like taste made the feelings the mille-feuille was stirring explode inside of me. What a combination!Bookmark here

We continued sharing the mille-feuille in this way. Every piece I got I felt myself worshiping Narcy, who was providing me with this pleasure more and more.Bookmark here

When the cake was finished, I felt I was in a happy bliss, and it was all thanks to Narcy. I noticed her drink the second shot of amaretto. She then brought her lips to mine. Of course, I was not going to refuse such a splendid offer. When I felt her tongue enter my mouth, the warmth and sweetness of amaretto came with it.Bookmark here

She left me completely dazed and confused. I felt a stupid grin on my face. I could not remember a moment in my life when I felt so complete. When I looked up to her she was holding a collar and asked me if I would like to wear her collar and become her pet.Bookmark here

So she was into this kind of play. I was no idiot, I had read about this. If I said yes, it would mean I would literally become her pet, but at this point, I felt I would do anything just to get more of Narcy. So I meekly said “Yes.”Bookmark here

No, I need to hear you say it, Thea. Say I want to wear your collar mistress.”Bookmark here

I swallowed and then said, “Please let me wear your collar mistress.”Bookmark here

That's a good girl.” Narcy petted my head and put the collar around my neck. I felt like it changed me. I knew I belonged to Narcy and it felt really good.Bookmark here

Even though I had read about the subject I always thought this kind of play would remain a fantasy for me. Experiencing it firsthand was something totally different and was really intense. But I trusted my mistress. It was only logical that I would be nothing but a mere pet to the goddess Narcy Stick.Bookmark here

Narcy then proceeded to take a leash out of her purse and clipped it to my collar. She gave me a passionate kiss and then said:Bookmark here

Let's go pet, the night is still young.”Bookmark here

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