Chapter 73:

Interlude: Dinner, bath, and a movie [R15]

The Y-files [GL]

Anna's perspectiveBookmark here

Claire had really outdone herself with this splendid salmon en papillote with potato gratin. Culinary we made the perfect combination. She loves to cook and I love to eat. I really did not like slaving in the kitchen, but I really did not mind the results of it.Bookmark here

After our dinner, Claire had forced Frank to spend his time with Emma. So he bathed her to get the paint off and would read her a bedtime story. While all of that was happening Claire received a message from Thea, to say that they were leaving.Bookmark here

Oh no, she is forgetting her jewelry. She came by especially for them, so I am sure she will need them.”Bookmark here

Claire got up to look hectically for the jewelry to run after them.Bookmark here

I watched her hurry. She was so cute when she was being dense. When she was ready to leave the door, I said “Claire my dear, stop it. Thea was not here for the jewelry. I think she already got what she wanted, don't you think?”Bookmark here

I witnessed her penny drop. Of course, she instantly started blushing. She's really cute when she does that. It made me want to tease her more.Bookmark here

Claire went to the brasserie to close up.Bookmark here

When Frank had finished giving Emma her bath, Claire returned. She said, “Oh, good, now it is your turn.”Bookmark here

What do you mean my turn?”Bookmark here

You are having a bath right now. We need to clean you up too.”Bookmark here

Claire was laughing. Then she took out a little make-up mirror and I noticed I was covered in finger paint.Bookmark here

Why did you not say anything before dinner?”Bookmark here

Because I was having too much fun seeing the serious Anna Lyst clad in finger paints.”Bookmark here

Okay, I could not let this one slide. I decided it was time to counter-attack so I said “Fine, but will you help me with my hair and wash my back?”Bookmark here

Claire turned red as a lobster. Right now, there was little difference between the color of her face and her hair. It was so much fun to tease her.Bookmark here

But then to my surprise, she meekly said “Okay, let's bathe together.”Bookmark here

My face became red up to my ears. I had expected her to refuse. Now I had to act the part of the one that suggested it. So I took her hand and said “Let's go!”Bookmark here

Claire meekly followed me to the bathroom. As the eldest, I needed to take the initiative, but by the time I gathered my resolve, Claire was already running the bath, and I felt her hands take off my glasses. I could only make out large shapes now.Bookmark here

Claire gently started to undress me. It was the first time I ever let someone else undress me. It felt strangely comfortable. I felt I could trust Claire. Soon, I was naked in front of my girlfriend. I could not really see any details, but from the soft sensation I felt against my arm, I could deduce that she was naked too. This all happened in comfortable silence. She led me toward the bath and let me get in. She used some kind of bowl to make my hair wet and started to shampoo my hair. Feeling her fingers massage my scalp, my nervousness finally started to fade and I relaxed in the hot water. While the nice lavender smell of the soap engulfed me, Claire still did not say a word, which made the entire experience even more sensual.Bookmark here

I felt her soap my body with her bare hands. When her hands passed my breasts she gently massaged them for a while, and when she caressed my inner ties I felt myself melt completely. Getting washed by someone else is a really intimate experience. I could understand why it was such a staple in yuri stories, and now I was living the dream.Bookmark here

When she was done I said, “Will you join me now?”Bookmark here

I only heard a bit of a rustle. I imagined Claire turning red again at my suggestion. Then I felt her getting into the bathtub, setting herself between my legs, spooning me with her back against my chest.Bookmark here

I returned the favor and washed her hair and her skin. I started with her back and then worked my way to the front. When I touched her soft small breasts I heard a soft sigh coming from her mouth. My heart was beating really fast, and I could feel her heartbeat going mad too. I decided to kiss her on her nape, to which she let out a little moan. She turned her head and we shared a passionate deep kiss. When I was done washing her she just relaxed and put her head against my bosom. I caressed her hair for a bit. I felt really complete at this moment. How did I ever deserve such a perfect girlfriend?Bookmark here

We broke the silence and started talking a bit about all the stuff that had happened during the last few days. When Claire started telling me about how Thea had stolen her brothers' date. I said, “Wanna see what happened after you left?”Bookmark here

Claire started coughing. “You filmed that?”Bookmark here

Of course. You never know when something yuri will happen, and that way I could keep an eye on you. It is always better to be prepared.” Bookmark here

Everyone knows there is nothing wrong with filming everything all the time if you only watched it when it was necessary.Bookmark here

Claire sighed and said “I should have known. Sure, let's watch it. Otherwise, you will just watch it alone.” She was feigning disinterest but I knew she was just as curious as me. Damn, she was cute when she did that. Maybe I should poke a little more. “If you want, I can just delete the files.”Bookmark here

Now that we got it, wouldn't it be better to make a Y-file out of it? After all, we need to file reports on our activities.” Bookmark here

Nice save girl. Her interests are strictly professional. Like hell they are. I felt a smile form on my lips, and I gave her a big hug pushing her against my breasts.Bookmark here

The water started to get colder, so we got out of the water. Claire passed me a few towels. When I put on my glasses, Claire was already wearing robes.Bookmark here

Let's go watch what happened,” she said. For something that was strictly a professional interest, she seemed pretty eager. I felt a little smirk pop up on my lips.Bookmark here

We moved to the living room and I connected my laptop to the television set and put on the video.Bookmark here

At some point, they started kissing. Which led to us giving each other a high five. But after that, we saw Ms. Stick take out a collar and put it on Thea. I could see that Claire was really shocked. At that point, Frank walked in. His eyes were locked on the screen. “I feel so stupid. You were so right, sis.” Then he swallowed and said, “I do think I dodged a bullet with Narcy. I think I owe you one.”Bookmark here

We witnessed Ms. Stick walk Thea out of the Femme Fatale on a leash.Bookmark here

I coughed. “I think that will be more than enough to present as a Y-file, don't you think?”Bookmark here

Claire was clearly a bit confused about what she just had witnessed, but she still answered me “Yes, Anna, I think that is a wrap.”Bookmark here

After that, I heard Claire mumble something about needing to do more research. She would rather search obscure sites than admit that she did not know what all that was about. So adorable!Bookmark here

It was getting late, so we decided to call it a night. Tomorrow was another big day since we were visiting BOZAR with the theater group.Bookmark here

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