Chapter 1:

New World


“WOi!! Where's the LOG OUT button?!! Oi!! What is this?!! This isn't funny!!” someone shouted in panic seeing a blue screen floating right in front of his eyes

“lost…” I muttered in response for his question, i keep walked towards a hill not far from there

“w,what is what, we are stuck in, here?” said a woman who was shaking in panic

"Yeah..." I mumbled to answer her and kept walking

“That, sir.. y, you look calm.. please answer me.. a, we.. stuck here.. right? Tell me this is just a dream or maybe a prank? Come on, this isn't funny. My father and mother are waiting for my return to the village" said a player kneeling holding my hand stopping my footsteps

Hearing that person's words, with a light smile on my face, I said “I don't know. The reason I'm calm is because there's no reason for me to stay here lamenting what happened. Whether it's just a bug, or a prank, I'm still holding on to the worst possibility.”

"... you, if i may know.. what is it?" continued that person with a desperate smile on his face. I then grabbed that person's shoulder and casually said "an accident happened in this game, and this game was destroyed" then I continued walking towards the hill I wanted to go

"So... what do you mean?" he continued with a wider smile. To be honest, I feel sorry for him and I don't have the heart to tell him the truth. But, this is also for his own good. Looking back slightly with a light smile on my face, I casually said “the game has been destroyed. And the world we live in now is not a game, but our new life.”

Hearing my words, that person's tears started to roll down his cheeks. Even so, his smile didn't go away. With a smile on his face and tears running down his cheeks, the person continued to say “oh? That's it"

Well, if I were in their shoes, I'd be more shocked than them. In the real world, I have neither family nor friends, my life is also mediocre. And my character also has a status in the global top 100. if I am one of the luckiest people right now I feel shock and panic, I'll only make things worse. In short, I'm in the same position as the smartest kid in class when their comes to start a exams. If I answer the questions with a smile, one class will feel at ease. However, if I show my panicked expression, one class will despair.

I then looked up at the sky. In this world, the sky is very beautiful, There are four colors that decorate the sky. Namely the colors blue, white, purple and pink, really like cyberpunk. Well, actually this game also has a cyberpunk theme though

And when I was looking up at the sky, someone from behind me suddenly said “beautiful sky isn't it? Exactly as we used to dream.” Hearing those words, I looked back at the city and said “no, That is the sky is what we've always dreamed of."

"Hmm.. you're a type of person who pays attention to the use of the word.." continued that person walking towards me and standing next to me. I then glanced at him a little and I saw, it turns out he was smoking a cigarette.

"the smell of cigarette smoke is like real cigarette smoke" I said looking at the city

"It really tastes like cigarettes in the real world," he answered

"Hmm.. are food and drinks like that too?"

"Hmm.. I don't know. However, the tea that I drink is like tea in the real world.”

"Eh.. if you've tried to drink tea, then you are the one who can accept all this huh.."

"hey! What's the difference with you? you casually said we were trapped here living a new life” while exhaling cigarette smoke

"Heh, even though it looks like that. Actually I was quite panicked inside. I just didn't show it."

"eh.. it fits your nickname"

“Fannan means artist, and abqary means genius. What fits the current situation?”

"hm.. well, for me to put on a different face from your heart without being noticed by others is a cool art"

"But you already know, my mood is not like my face right now"

"that's because you told me"

“….” Hearing his words, I was silent for a while and glanced at him with suspicious eyes. Noticing the look in my eyes, the person continued to say

“My nickname is Fakhri, I am a global top 93. if it's you, I remember number 88 isn't it?”

"Yeah, how do you know?"

"Hmm? Hm… you're quite famous, you know, with a high dwarf race who has a role mage and a painter job that is basically the opposite. You reached the 88th position. You are very well known, you know.”

"Eh.. i think that's right" I replied Back looking at the sky

If you think about it, that's true too. Dwarf have the ability to make weapons and hold the role of knight. However, I chose a role mage with a true shadow element instead, the shadow element is just a weak version of the dark element. painter job that should be held by the elf race. Hahahaha.. that means I'm known as a hockey idiot?

"Fannan, what are you going to do?"

"Who knows. For now I decided to try to adjust to this world first. I wonder if our skills are the same as in the game or we can make a new variation.”

"hey! Hearing your words, I think about the potential of a painter's job. If we can make new innovations using our roles, races and jobs, I wonder, can painters make the pictures come alive?”

“In the game, painters can bring their drawings to life, but the images that can be made are very limited. Hearing your words, I want to try to draw a dragon then bring it to life and fly in the sky by riding it.”

“Then try to start”

"Now I'm lazy"

"uh.. so boring.."

"And what about you? with the human race, role marksman and job sheriff. Do you have any ideas for any of that?”

“Hm.. I don't know.. in games, the only advantage of humans is the ability to convert HP to MP or SP. As for marksman, it only has 70% accuracy and as for the sheriff... very many NPC love me, i can be a king of harem. Well I haven't tried to develop my potential yet, but while on my way around the city, many NPCs came to greet me. I think it's the sheriff's effect.”

“Eh… it's good, isn't it?” For a while, we stared at the city in silence

"Fannan, what are you going to do?" said Fakhri with a serious tone

"…Who knows. I think I'll take a look at this world for a few days first and try to adjust” I replied calmly

"hm.. that's right"

"if you?"

“I was invited to enter a guild led by the global top 12”

“Hmm… if I'm not mistaken, his name is Xhizee, right?”


"What guild?"

“Previously the guild was engaged in trading, but looking at the current conditions and Xhizee's character, I have a feeling he will build a country”

"Ah.. I've heard of it too. If I'm not mistaken, he's the one who once proposed a system of seizing territory by means of war, right?"

"Yeah.. that's him. and also.. my purpose in coming to you is to invite you to join. Like I said before, you are very well known and highly regarded. In fact, to invite you, Xhizee even held a contest, whoever manages to bring Fannan Abqary to join, will be given the position"

"Eh.. it turns out I'm quite noticed huh..."

"Yes.. very much. But, fannan, You should know, if a lot of people want you, there will also be a lot of people who hate you. And you know what I mean."

"yes.. i know i know"

"hm..thank goodness then. So, do you want to join? I want to live comfortably in this world.”

"Yeah.. hahahaha I will think about it. But, I can't promise"

"Heh, at least you thinking abaout it" continued Fakhri smiling at me

".." I just quietly leaked the city

"Hahaha, okay.. then, see you" said Fakhri walking down the hill while lifting the sheriff's hat

"Ah.. he has a point too. whether I join or not with a group. I will still be targeted because it is considered dangerous. Ah.. even though I just want to live in peace” I muttered looking up at the sky