Chapter 2:

New world, and New life


*KRING!! The sound of the coffee shop doorbell that i entered

"Welcome..." said a female barista who was in the shop greeted me with a face that I was sure was she scared but she tried to hold it in.

I then walked and looked around. Inside the shop, there were countless player sitting drinking coffee. There are those who are trying to accept reality, there are those who are drinking coffee alone and there are also those who are sitting in groups discussing what they will do next.

“What kind of coffee is in this shop?” I said sitting on a chair in front of the shop's barista

"A, ah.. ple, please take a look..." she said giving me a digital board that lists the menus in this shop

"hm.. really the same as in the game" I muttered looking at the menu list

"Yeah, yeah?" asked the barista still terrified. I wonder if she was really scared or was she programmed like this before

"I want one snow coffee" I said returning the menu list

"a, all right... ple, please wait .." she answered starting to prepare the coffee I ordered

“...” For a while, I stared at the barista in silence. I tried to determine if she was really scared or if she had been programmed like this from the start. But in the end, I can't be sure about that, I need to do something to make sure.

"this, this is your coffee is ready..." said the barista placing my coffee order in front of me. Right after the coffee was placed, I quickly pulled my sword out of the scabbard, then stood up and placed the tip of my sword right at the barista's neck. seeing the tip of my sword which she probably felt was suddenly pressed against her neck, her face looked even more frightened.

Because of my actions, the coffee shop which was a little noisy at first, suddenly fell silent without any sound

“!!” The barista just stood there with eyes full of fear looking at my sword

“W, what happened?” said a player who saw me followed by a question by another player and there were also those who remained silent casually drinking coffee looking at me, as if they also had the same thoughts as me.

"Are you scared?" I asked the barista

"No, no..." she replied still trying to calm herself down

"Oh? I see.." I then slightly scratched the barista's neck to bleed a little

"What now?" I continued to ask. Then, with tears running down her cheeks and a face filled with fear, the barista replied

"please.. forgive me.. sorry.. I'm sorry.. I'm sorry for not knowing my mistake.. I'm sorry.. they need me for living in this life.. please...”

"what are you doing?!!" said a male player, running with his sword out of its scabbard towards me

".." even though there were people who approached me running by pulling out their swords, I just silently looked at the barista in front of me

“TCH!! LOOK AT HERE!! BASTARD!!” said the player raised his sword to slash my back.

“physical damage 300*4 which means 1200, a DPS sword. Heh, indeed the DPS type damage is quite terrible. However, if the basic damage generated is too low, if your opponent is smart. Instead of hurting your opponent, you will only hurt yourself” I said with a light smile looking at the player who was jumping to slash me.

"Too much talking!!" he answer slashed me. The moment he slashed at me, the ring on my left hand glowed and…

"Ah!!!" he shouted kneeling on the ground with eight light slashes spreading across his legs. Meanwhile, my glowing ring earlier broke and slipped from my hand

"What are you doing?! Bastard!!” he shouted looking at me

“Even though I made you kneel like that, you still insulted me. Do you know? Being insulted by people you despise means you are the most despicable person. That's the logic, isn't it? Yes.. even so, you are quite troublesome, you can force me to make a new ring.. ah.." I said picking up my broken ring

"That's what life is like" said a female player who was wearing an all white outfit sitting alone in the corner of the room drinking coffee looking out the window

“tch!...” Meanwhile, the player who managed to slash himself just silently lowered his head

"Don't worry, that one slash only produces 50 physical damage, which means.. the total damage you received is 400. Well, you are very careless not to use physical defense even though you are a knight" I said seeing him who was unable to move, kneeling on the ground. in front of me.

I then looked behind me, towards the barista I had threatened. she still didn't move an inch, even though her blood was soaking her uniform

"Ah.. it turns out you're really scared huh.." I said with a little awkward laugh

"I beg you..." she answered with a smiling face but the tears didn't stop flowing

“Ah.. well.. before I apologize for making you my research material. Use this" I said giving two plain iron rings

"ah..a, is this for me?" reply the barista

"This is not a gift. It's a fee, take it."

she then took the ring while looking down at me slightly. Seeing her behavior, I feel a little sorry and feel guilty for scaring her.

"Use both rings, one ring can regenerate the user and the other can summon me"

“E, eh?!! re, regeneration ring?!! I, it's too expensive... ah, are you sure?”

"Miss, take it. As he said, the ring can regenerate. The ring also looks like a handmade ring. In fact, we players are fighting over the ring” said the female player sitting in the corner of the shop, looking at us. Turns out, the girl is very beautiful

“The contested ring? Is her ring one of the highest selling rings? Who's he?"

“I don't know” after the girl's words, the whole shop filled with players suddenly became noisy. Again, questioning who I am

"Er, eh?! sir, isn't it I, this is too precious?!”

“really worth it. Since it's valuable, use it now” I said with a light smile

After hearing my words, she put on the two rings, and the wound on her neck instantly disappeared. And after the wound disappeared, one of the rings was broken

"Eh?" Seeing that the ring she heard that was precious to players was broken, the barista immediately panicked

“T, t, t, t, t, sir!! Ma, ma, ma, I'm sorry .." she said panicked

“pfffft HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Miss, don't worry, the ring can only be used once and after that it will break.”


“You know, we players consider this a waste which to be honest, quite insulting to us. Even though you can give her a elixir, Fannan” asked the female player dressed all in white

"Fannan? I think I've heard that name before."

"Right.. it feels familiar.."

"ssssst. Shut up, let's see first, what will happen” whispered the players who saw us. Honestly, I want to ask them money for watching us as if we were doing a drama

"Hmm? I don't know.. I don't know how much this ring I made for you is worth. It's just.. for me.. miss, can you get me the broken ring?” I said looking at the floor where there was a ring I gave that broken. Without thinking, the barista took the broken ring and gave it to me

“I don't care how valuable my creation is to you guys. But for me, this ring, I can create in a few seconds,” I said placing the ring on my palm. And after the ring was in the palm of my hand, my hand emitted a blue light that made a hologram in the form of seven machine wheels around my hand holding the ring. Then, as the wheels of the machine turned, I said

“type, healer”

And the blue light is gone and the ring is back to how it used to be

“w, what did I just see?” asked the people who were there, except for the female player who was dressed all in white, she still looked calm while drinking her coffee

"Sorry, I'm not surprised to see it all. In my opinion, it's only natural that a high dwarf can do all that" said the woman putting down her coffee cup

"High Dwarfs? As far as I know, within one year of the launch of this game.. there was only one person who managed to become a high dwarf.. and that girl had called him fannan. Which means… that person is…”

Hearing the girl's words, I couldn't help but smile. I then looked at the barista I threatened and said

“Miss, the other ring allows you to summon. And the one who will be summoned by the ring will be me” I then walked over to the female player while carrying the coffee I ordered

"o, okay .." replied the barista

“Miss Elf who is wearing all white clothes over there, my name is Fannan Abqary. Since you have leaked my identity in public, I want you to tell me who you are" I said sitting in front of her

“Sorry, I'm not an elf, but a high elf. Also, it was you who confirmed your identity in public, not me. I'm just giving directions to people. But.. I think you're right, it's also my fault for starting this.. Introducing, my name is Elina chealsea” she replied with a light smile

"Oh.. so you are" I answered drinking my coffee

“W, what are the two richest players doing here…”

"The first one.. Fannan Abqary, the only person who has successfully evolved into a high dwarf.. with his dwarf race and role mage.. he can create rare items.. both physical damage, magical damage and even true damage, he can make it"

“Not to mention we're not in the game anymore.. which means.. he can create lots of new types of rare items.. and with the painter job and shadow type magic which is teleportation magic.. I'm afraid he can build his own army without having to gather people..."

“And that woman.. Elina chealsea.. one of the 5 high elves that exist.. indeed the role and race are appropriate.. an elf is natural to hold the healer role.. it's just that.. she is the only player who can use heal skills to kill.."

“And with her companion job… I'm afraid they'll build a large army together…”

After the identities of the two people were known, it wasn't just the entire shop, the district where the shop was located was excited by the presence of the two richest players in one place.