Chapter 20:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 10

Ah, came in late, my 10th book's 'Afterword'.

Well, I went through a lot these days...not necessarily depressing things, but yes, some of those are quite alarming.  One of those is that I caught the CV.  Well, as I'm fully vaccinated (2 doses, and one booster), the symptoms are quite mild...only slight fever and a few chills that lasted a day.  However, I got to quarantine myself, since I don't want to cause trouble to my other folks, as well as our neighbors.

Second, I decided to quit my work.  Yep, I had enough of dealing with teaching and similar stuff.  See, I enjoyed my job...I love teaching high school students.  It's just that...well, I hated my co-workers (who are keen to abuse their position of authority) and our new principal (who caused some issues that led to my resignation).

But well, all is not lost, as I am getting into business nowadays.  And it means...more time for writing and drawing!  So yeah, it's not that bad.

Ah, before I forgot, I always get questions or criticisms about my character, Kuro.  One of the main complaints about him is that, he's got a harem full of beauties, yet he prefers to live like a monk (ahem, no sex).  Well, let me clarify first that I'm not averted to writing chapters with sex.

However, my students also read my stories.  As I taught in a depressed area--where children as young as 11 years old get pregnant because of various reasons (I'll leave it to your imagination), I saw first-hand the effects of pre-marital sex and teenage pregnancy.  I don't want to be the one who'd encourage these kids to do the same...since my characters are around that age.  (Only Kuro is at 25 years...)

My brother did say that it is stupid, if my students committed a mistake and attributed it to my work.  It's true...but well, that's why they're studying in the first place.  We're supposed to cure that 'stupidity' and not encourage them--either subtly or overtly.  So yes, I'm not taking my chances...I guess you understand my point.

Now, will there ever be sex?  I won't say, but I'll never close the possibility.  Aside from the aforementioned reason, I'm also the kind of author who only writes an element if ONLY that element is needed to improve the story.  I'm not writing porn; I wanted to write an adventure novel with side dishes of romance and trivia.

So yes, I hope you still support my works!  Oh, and thank you for reading this!