Chapter 19:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 10

***The heavenly realm…***

In one of the rooms of the gods’ palaces, Natasha had been counting the days she was confined in there. She was aware of the violation that she did; however, she didn’t expect that the retribution of the heavens was swift. The moment Maddie’s successful in opening the portal to Cherwind using the magic circle she designed, she was immediately swept away and brought to this place.

Well, it’s not that she’s being treated worse, actually, the food, drinks and accommodations accorded to her were topnotch. The only complaint that she has is that she has no access to her favorite (lewd) magazines…and that’s torture enough!


Well, of course, this is heaven. Any kind of corruption here is forbidden.

The Demon Saint of Cherflammen turned towards the door, for she heard someone knock from the other side. She didn’t bother to unlock it; she just waited for the person to come in.

“I trust you’re doing good here, Lady Natasha?”

“!!!” The moment Natasha saw the identity of her visitor, she quickly kneeled in reverence, for it was no other than the High King of the Gods. She answered, “Your Majesty, Your treatment of Your servant isn’t what she deserves. I can’t find enough words to express my gratitude, even though I’ve greatly sinned.”

Ah, it’s okay, Lady Natasha. Please rise,” the High King of the Gods gently smiled and helped her on a nearby sofa. He also brought out a kettle of tea and two tea cups while they talk, “My aim is only to correct, not to torment or punish you.”

“And I’ve learned my lesson well,” the Demon Saint replied. “By the way, You need something from Your servant, Your Majesty?”

“Lady Natasha…” the High King of the Gods turned serious, “…I want to tell you that the ‘Seductress’ has finally awakened.”

The Demon Saint couldn’t believe what she just heard, “Y-Your Majesty?”

He nodded, “Yes…Chersea, Cherwind, and the other realms under the Saints’ guidance are in danger once again. A great tumult is happening across several worlds, as the creatures of the Shadelight moves to supplant the gods, and your land is of no exception.”

“I…I can’t…understand…” Lady Natasha could only close her eyes, and let out a sigh in disbelief. “Isn’t there any effort to keep the Seductress sealed? What is the Lady Seirna doing?”

“As we gods swore not to meddle with each other’s world, I can only surmise, my child,” the High King told her. “The Saint of the Flame, Lady Seirna only follows the guidance of the former god, Lord Gaius. Now, he may be thinking of reversing his past mistakes, but in his obsession of doing so, he’s losing sight of what’s truly important. And the ‘Seductress’ knows this weakness of his. She’s moving to exploit it.”

The Demon Saint paused for a moment, took a deep breath, and asked, “Your Majesty, what is Your will? Your servant is always prepared to follow you.”

“Your detention will not be shortened, Lady Natasha, for your sin should have an equal payment,” He explained. “However, once it ends, use your powers to help turn the tide against the ‘Seductress’.”

“How can that be, Your Majesty? I am only but a Saint, a demi-god of Cherflammen. Against that entity, I am but a grain of sand.”

“Haven’t you brought that man, Kuro, into your world to benefit from his wisdom?”

“Kuro is just…he cannot solve everything.”

“That’s why you’re here to help, along with your fellow saints.”

“I…I can only see the future, Your Majesty. How does that even help?”

“You are a Saint, Lady Natasha; you know your god-powers.”

“But, Your Majesty…”

“You can’t always run away from your past.”

The Demon Saint fell silent, and she was uncomfortable with that question. However, as she was talking to the High King of the Gods, she knew she couldn’t hide anything from Him…especially when He’s the one who bestowed those abilities on her.

“I…I can…change the fate of a person…”

The High King of the Gods nodded.

“But Your Majesty! You know what happened to Chersea when I used that power! I shouldn’t have been given that ability in the first place!”

“Lady Natasha, I won’t make a mistake. The strings of Time move at My hands’ direction. Universes are born at a simple utter from my lips. Even before the other gods came to be, I am already here. And so, I know the abilities of the person I’m entrusting the god-powers,” the High King winked at her. “I won’t choose someone who can’t wield it properly.”

There was still a sliver of doubt in Lady Natasha’s heart, even though the High King said those words to her. Nevertheless, she knew she had to step up this time; everyone’s lives in Chersea and the other realms rested in her hands…and she couldn’t waver this time.

The High King of the God smiled at gave His blessing to her, “Go forth, Demon Saint! With My blessing, turn the tide against the ‘Seductress’!”