Chapter 18:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 11


Haa…talking with the Lord Head Scholar sure was exhausting.


The old demon finally conceded to negotiate about the release of Alexa’s ashes, but it was only after I sent his table flying. Well, he was hit by it, bludgeoning his arm, and I had to heal him with the god-power. The result was he ended up even more convinced of my trustworthiness. After all…

“You will not possess the god-powers if the heavens find you unworthy,” was the Lord Head Scholar’s words for me. “Just like Lady Cassandra, it was bestowed upon you when you were summoned here.”

Actually, Jules said that I got it from kissing the saints.


Wait, another memory just popped up. Who’s Jules? And did I really kiss the saints?


Ah, stupid question. The proof is right here; I’m already using the god-powers. Even so, once again, Kuro…you’re a real lady-killer!

Milord, you’re thinking of something?” Shevaun asked.

Err…nothing important,” I told her. “It’s just that, I starting to recall some fragments of my memories.”

“Must be something that triggered those,” the old demon commented. “There are cases in which amnesia sufferers can remember their ‘lost’ memories because of some events are like what they experienced before, or have heard something they’ve heard before.”

“Maybe…” I checked his arm, “Can you now move it?”

The Lord Head Scholar did what I ask him, “Yes, Greg Santos, I can now move it normally. Thank you!”

Nah, it’s fine. I’m the one who kicked your table in the first place.”

“Sir, let me remind you that the Lord Head Scholar asked improper questions first,” Princess Noir added.

“Scholar Usarved, those are important information regarding our greatest hero,” the old demon defended his actions.

“And how will knowing the color of p-p-p-p-panties he-help in our research?”

Color me surprised. You guys are shy talking about underwear, while proudly sharing ‘connections’ with everyone—including your blood-relatives. This world is really stupid…

“Scholar Usarved, let me tell you first that before the Lady Cassandra is a hero, she is a mortal. As historians, we should relate the person we study to the masses, and there’s no better way of doing that other than to know the tidbits of their lives!”

Well, the Lord Head Scholar’s words got sense. In my world, I really had fun reading about the random trivia on some of our national heroes, for example, our World War 2 president who uttered a curse on a farmer not because he’s angry at him, but because he wanted to shed his ‘formal’ side and portray himself as an approachable guy. The information seemed irrelevant, but it paints a picture of ‘humanity’ to our otherwise ‘romanticized’ and ‘larger-than-life’ heroes.

Nevertheless, we’re deviating from the real topic at hand. “Lord Head Scholar!”

“Greg Santos?”

“Just ‘Greg’ is fine, Lord Head Scholar. Anyway, with all due respect to your authority, now that you’re convinced of my trustworthiness, how can I get your permission to bring home Lady Cassandra’s ashes?”

“Answer me this, Greg. You’re a summoned person, like our hero. And, as far as we know, there’s no way for you to return to your world. Pray do tell me, how will you bring her remains home?”

“That’s…” The Lord Head Scholar made another valid point. While I admit I was overwhelmed by my desire to do my late student’s wishes, the fact remains that I was trapped—just like her—in this world.

“Lord Head Scholar, may I raise an argument?”

“Yes, Scholar Usarved, what is it?”

“Earlier, when the Lord Greg read the ‘English’ letters of Lady Cassandra, we repeatedly heard the phrase ‘My Dearest Sir’, which was sometimes combined with the word ‘Friend’.”


“As I’ve studied human culture before, these people treat their ‘friends’ as their ‘loved ones’. And where their ‘loved ones’ are, that is where their ‘home’ is. Lady Cassandra treated the Lord Greg not only as a mentor, but a friend—in fact, a close one, and the word ‘dearest’ proves my point.”

I couldn’t help but be impressed on how Princess Noir backed me up. I mean, if I looked at it that way, her points were valid. Alexa saw me as her ‘friend’, her ‘home away from home’. Exchanging meaningful stare with Shevaun, I could tell she felt proud of her old student.

“So, you’re saying that the Lord Greg has all the rights to her ashes, because he is her ‘home’.”

“Yes, Lord Head Scholar. Humans are emotional creatures; they give meaning to everything and everyone around them, Lady Cassandra is of no exception.”

The old demon fell silent, closing his eyes and massaging his temples. Perhaps he was weighing on the words of their alumnus; nevertheless, there was no way to tell what he would give for an answer. Then, after a while of doing the same gestures repeatedly, he spoke…


“Lord Head Scholar?”

“You’re a teacher of Lady Cassandra, yes?”

“That’s true.”

“Then you know a lot about her life, is this correct?”

Princess Noir and I exchanged glances. Looks like we’re getting closer to our goal. “Lord Head Scholar, she’s my friend and student. While it’s true that we are close before, there are certain aspects of her life that I don’t have any knowledge…like, ahem, color of her underwear and similar things.”

The old demon chuckled, “Yes, I understand. Now, since you’re a teacher, and a close friend to Lady Cassandra, won’t you mind teaching our scholars? We can use your expertise on this subject.”

“I’m always ready to impart my knowledge, Lord Head Scholar. But if I did what you ask of me, will you grant my request to bring her ashes with me?”

The old demon nodded.

However, I needed assurances and a definite time-table, “For how long? Surely, you don’t expect me to teach here forever. I want our contract written and signed by the both of us.”

“Ahahaha!” the Lord Head Scholar burst laughing, “Not only you’re a teacher, Greg, you’re also the negotiator, eh? Well then, how about you teach here for as long as all the juniors reached the senior level?”

“And when is that?”

“If you’re thinking that we have a definite time of when all the students we have would move up a grade level, then you’re mistaken, Greg. This is not your world, and we prioritize the quality of our education, rather than the quantity of our graduates. So yes, you have to ensure that all the juniors would get to senior level, before I give you Lady Cassandra’s urn.”

There was no calendar in this place, much more the concept of years, and months. If I remember right, they only had ‘days’ and ‘weeks’ to measure the passage of time…which was based on the turning of the hourglass, similar to the practice of the Cherseans. For short, we had no way of telling exactly when their juniors would graduate to seniors.

This guy is trapping me here forever. However, you’re not the only one who holds the cards here, old guy…

“Alright, I agree to your terms,” I reached out my hands for a shake. “Please let us sign a written contract to seal the deal.”

The Lord High Scholar shook my hands, “Hoh…you’re a brave soul, Greg, I admire your audacity.”

And with that, I gained access to the Conclave of Cherflammen. Heh, everything’s going according to our plan.


After we signed the contract and the Lord Head Scholar discussed the in-house rules, he led us to the faculty hall of the Conclave. Basically, this place was like a huge university, with different buildings for different subjects and line of expertise to cater to their students, which earned the title of ‘Scholar’ the moment they entered. Everyone was required to board the dormitories, and they would remain in there until they graduated, as was the case of Princess Noir.

“By the way, Scholar Usarved holds the record of the fastest scholar to have graduated this holy institution,” the Lord Head Scholar revealed. “She only did her entire course for 67 weeks.”

67 weeks? That would be around 1.3 years, if we convert it to my world’s calendar.

“Well, Scholar Usarved easily passed the graduation exams of the basic, intermediate and advanced courses,” Shevaun added. “Then she spent 23 weeks in her junior level before taking on the senior examination, which she also passed with flying colors. The only grade that she found difficult was the seniors, where she burned 44 weeks researching and defending her thesis.”

“For reference, the average time our scholars in finishing their courses is around 1,044 weeks.”

“Wow…” I could only look at the demon princess with admiration. 1,044 weeks are almost equivalent to twenty years! And for her to do it in 67 weeks? Even on Earth, no one achieved that feat just yet, though I doubt if ever it would be done, given the requirements of the schools placed upon their students.

Ha! I can always do anything if I set my mind to it!” the demon princess boasted.

Ahem. Scholar Usarved is one of the best scholars our institution has produced,” the Lord Head Scholar said. “With you in our faculty, Scholar Greg, we expect there will be more like Scholar Usarved in the future.”

“I’ll try my best.” But seriously dude, you’re asking me to create geniuses? Man, they are not created; they appear from time to time! Now I’m getting a clearer picture of why Princess Noir was adamant about me entering this place. This isn’t a school; this is more like a concentration camp!


Listening to the conversation between the Lord Head Scholar and my companions, I could say that the Conclave’s system of education was truly punishing. Before one entered this ‘school’, they were not only expected to know how to read and write, they should also be able to understand complex terms and concepts. Once they were successful, they were admitted as ‘Basic’ level scholars. They were given a list of courses they should take, but it was a requirement that they should include the subjects in the life of Cassandra David.

And of course, a minimum course load of 200 units, with varying amount of units per subject. Yes, that’s the Basic level.


After they reached the quota, they were required to take a ‘graduation exam’, where one was allowed only 2% of the total items answered wrong. The process would repeat once again, only that in ‘Intermediate’, a scholar was required 400 units before the next ‘graduation exam’. Once the scholar passed, he/she moves to the ‘Advanced’ level of 600 units, and it goes on until one passed the ‘Junior’ and ‘Senior’ of 800 and 1,000 units, respectively…in addition to a subject of research (thesis) in Senior grade.

Man, when I was in college, my entire course is only 200 units, which I finished for four years.


Oh, and yes, one failed grade would restart your entire level…no matter how well you did in your other subjects.

I don’t know where Alexa got this system; she neither reached college, nor senior high school!

“Greetings, my fellow scholars in the name of knowledge!” the Lord Head Scholar greeted the entire teaching staff of the Conclave, which was gathered in the faculty hall. “Today, I’m pleased to announce the arrival of someone that could help us well in our studies about the life of our revered Lady Cassandra David! I present to you, our special scholar, Greg Santos!”

Instead of applause from my horned co-workers, what I received were murmurs. Well, it’s expected; I mean, I guess the Lord Head Scholar purposefully left out the fact that I am the old teacher of their hero from another world. It’s something that was hard to believe, even though the proof was already standing in front of them.

Someone raised a hand. “Special Scholar? It’s the first time I heard of it!”

“Yes, Lord Head Scholar! What’s the meaning of this? And why is a human teaching in this Conclave?”

“This is preposterous! A filthy barbarian stepping inside our holy institution!”

The entire faculty erupted in complaints and grumbles, so much that the Lord Head Scholar was having a hard time speaking.

“Calm down, everyone!” the baritone voice of the Discipline Prefect, Lord Scholar Gracchio, drowned all the dissent. “We are esteemed scholars! At least, let the Lord Head Scholar explain his purpose first!”

Ohohoho! You cheeky guardians of knowledge,” the old demon chuckled, “Of course, I wouldn’t allow a human to walk around our Conclave without a deep reason. You see, Special Scholar Greg Santos is not only a veteran teacher, he’s also the old mentor to our hero, Lady Cassandra David!”

A chorus of gasps and disbelief immediately went out among the faculty; even the baritone demon stared at the Lord Head Scholar in dismay.

“Blasphemy!” someone shouted, and his opinion was agreed upon by many of the staff.

“Lord Head Scholar,” the Gracchio guy said, “with all due respect, how can you be so sure of this creature’s claims? See? Your teachers and other staff are revolting!”

“Bah!” the old demon threw his hands in the air, dismissing the grumbles. “If they need proof, then ask the Special Scholar Greg Santos of any question about the Lady Cassandra David!” Then, he stepped aside, to highlight my presence in front of an angry mob of demons. Princess Noir tried to pull me away, but Shevaun intervened.

The first question was asked, “How did you come here, blasphemer? Lady Cassandra was long gone in the afterlife!”

“I was summoned here, by the Human Saint,” I answered, “Almost a year—or 52 weeks—after Lady Cassandra was summoned to this world! If you don’t believe me, then ask your own saint herself!”

“She’s missing!”

“Then the Human Saint, or better yet, the Saint of the Flame! They can read minds, right?”

That silenced much of the crowd. However, another question was thrown at me, “We have no way to prove that claim of yours, so tell us, blasphemer, what is the color of Lady Cassandra’s hair?”

“It’s dark brown, closely similar to mine.”

“How about her eyes?”

“Dark brown, too.”

“Her three sizes?”

“32-24-34,” I got those data from Alexa’s PE measurements, which we—as advisers—always do after the official days of classes had begun. “And she’s 158 cm tall. Lady Cassandra’s skin is considerably lighter than mine, and she always gets insulted if you call her ‘flat’.”

“Are you taking this one?” I heard someone whisper.

Heh, though you demons are so zealous about guarding your old hero, you’re too gullible when it comes to new information on her. “If you still won’t believe me, then I’ll give one more trivia about your revered hero: Lady Cassandra used to work as an amateur fashion model when she’s not in school.”

“No way! He speaks the truth!”

“I think that’s confirms it; legends say that not only Lady Cassandra is powerful, her beauty is unmatched as well!”

“Come to think of it! That idiot human hero, Jimmy Nee Rubinforth, would not fall for her if she’s ugly!”

Once again, the crowd murmured, though I think it’s because they couldn’t believe how awesome Alexa was, rather than disbelieving my words. Soon enough, the stern Discipline Prefect came to me and shook my hands…

“My apologies for the rude reception earlier, Special Scholar Greg. I hope you forgive me, as we welcome you to our Conclave. May your knowledge enlighten us on the life of our beloved Lady Cassandra David.”

Ah, forgive me for revealing a lot of personal information about you, Alexa…


**In one of the classrooms inside the Conclave…**

“Ugh…it’s another self-study session again.”

“Hey! Hey! Have you heard the news? There’s a new teacher being introduced by the Head Scholar at the faculty hall! Gia saw the gathering herself!”

“Ah, so that’s why our teacher left suddenly. Did you see what the new teacher look like?”

“Gia says she overheard it’s a human.”

“A what? A human? How did that happen?”

“Srexe, did you hear us? What can you say about this?”

Srexe, a scholar of yellow-green skin and pinkish-yellow hair from the clan of the goblins, closed the book she was reading and stared at her classmates. Then she took a deep breath, heaved a sigh, and said, “Do I look like a commentator to you? Why should I say something about the Head Scholar’s decisions? If he wants to accept a human—heck, even a saint—as one of the teachers here, then who am I to protest his actions?”

A classmate of hers then added, “I think it’s the human male whom the Discipline Prefect was giving a sermon earlier. He arrived with Princess Noir and Lady Shevaun Ilkes.”

“What did you say?” the goblin asked. “Princess Noir and Lady Shevaun are here?”

“They are with that human, yes.”

Grr…where are they now?”

“Do you think I’d know? Gia says the teachers are gathered at the faculty hall; perhaps they are being introduced to the new teacher.”

Srexe grabbed her cloak, and pulled one of her classmates, “Come with me.”

“H-Hey!” the poor demon girl protested. “We are at the middle of the self-study session! Lord Scholar Gracchio will hang us if we’re caught!”

“I don’t care about that self-absorbed prefect, nor the rest of the Gracchi. The only one worthy to stop me is that Usarved girl, Noir—she’s my only rival in this place!”

Pfft! Rival, and yet, she bested you.”

The goblin girl, though she was smaller than the rest of her classmates, grabbed the one who insulted her by the collar, and pulled the demon’s face next to hers, “Listen, bitch, I don’t give a fuck about your opinion. It’s either you’re on my side, or you’re my enemy. Now choose; you’re coming with me, or I’ll bash your face till you won’t be recognized by anyone?”

The other demon girls quickly retreated to a distance away from the goblin. Her poor victim, however, had no chance to escape, so she was dragged by Srexe out of the room. But then, as they approached the doorway…

Hol’ up, Srex, where are ’ya goin’?” a huge orc-girl stood directly across the door, blocking the exit.

“Back off, Tama’lee,” the goblin growled. “I got an unfinished business with our visitors.”

The orc-girl named Tama’lee chuckled and grabbed Srexe by her head, lifting the goblin one-handed. “Now, now…chill the fuck up, girl! Teacher says we stay here and do self-study. As class leader, Tama’lee will stop ’ya from wreckin’ a havoc.”

Exerting no effort, the orc-girl put Srexe back in her seat. The goblin was sulking, and her classmates couldn’t help but laugh at her.

Ei, why do you fuckers laugh at Srexe’s misfortune?” Tama’lee confronted them. “It isn’t right, ’ya know?”

“Serves her right, Tama!” one of them answered. “She’s acting all high and mighty, yet she’s the only one here who has repeated her juniors for five times already!”

The orc-girl’s face contorted in disbelief. Then, much to everyone’s horror—except Srexe, she went towards her classmate’s side, and slammed her foot on the desk, partially cracking it. “What makes ’yer attitude better then, Gia? As long as Tama’lee is class leader, she’ll put bitches like ’ya and Srexe in place.”

At that point, the other demon girl had nothing to say. She knew that if she uttered one more word, and Tama’lee didn’t like it, she might end up in a bloody pulp, in face of the physical prowess of the orc-girl.

“What’s up, Tama?” their teacher said the moment she entered the room. “Your classmates causing a ruckus again?”

“Just doing some riot control, Ma’am!” the orc-girl answered.

Ah, thank you for your help! You may now take your seat.”


Good thing their teacher came in before the situation got even worse. Seeing that her help in keeping her classmates down wasn’t needed anymore, Tama’lee did what she was told.

“In any case, class, before I return to our lesson, I got something to tell you. As you know, we were suddenly called to the faculty hall because of an urgent matter. Now, I am pleased to tell you that we have a new teacher!”

The entire class clapped their hands, though it’s on cue, rather than they actually liked the news. The demons who caught wind of the news first exchanged glances, as if telling to one another, ‘I told you so’.

“Well, as it is an urgent matter, we have no time to formally introduce him to you. So the Head Scholar wished to have him visit all the classrooms,” the teacher then signaled from someone outside the room to come in. “Without further ado, please welcome, the Special Scholar Greg Santos!”

The students stood to greet their new teacher, as he walked in and stood at the front of everyone. As he was human, there were immediately grumbling and sighs of disbelief from the class.

“Hello, guys!” the new teacher greeted them. “As you can see, I’m a human. My name is Greg Santos, but you can just call me ‘Sir Greg’.”

Complete silence.

Err…I’m also known by the name ‘Kuro of Arles’, the Commoner General of Chersea.”

Still, silence. And in demon culture, a guest treated like that was considered an insult.

The other teacher was panicking, “G-Guys! Such impolite behavior! Don’t you know that the Special Scholar Greg Santos is Lady Cassandra David’s old teacher from her own world?”

When she mentioned that, the entire class became lively. The students’ eyes widened in surprise, and some of them stood up in an attempt to make up for their ‘deplorable’ actions earlier.

Ah! It’s fine, guys! It’s okay…I know most of you hated humans, but please be at ease. Not only am I a human from a different world like your beloved hero, I’m also a friend of Prince Hurion Devras.”

Uh, Sir Greg?”


“What do you mean you’re Lady Cassandra’s old teacher?”

“It is as you have heard it. Lady Alexa Cassandra Galarde David is my old student, and she went missing from our world a year before I was summoned here. It turns out, in your world, several ages had passed between her arrival and my appearance. That’s why I’m still alive, though I’m supposed to be older than she is.”


“You may ask the Special Scholar more questions about Lady Cassandra, but only during his class hours, okay?” the other teacher reminded them. “For now, he has to visit the other rooms. Everyone stand—”

“Wait a minute! I want to ask him something!” Everyone’s attention turned to the goblin girl, Srexe, who stood up ready to confront the Special Scholar.

“Oh dear…” the teacher muttered under her breath. “This is not the time for trouble, Srexe! Take you seat!”

“No, I will not!” the goblin girl countered. “Though everyone got easily fooled by this bimbo masquerading as Lady Cassandra’s old teacher, I can see through his ignoble lies! This one’s a fake!”

“Srexe! How dare you accuse—” the demon teacher was interrupted by Greg himself.

“Let her speak,” he told her.

“I don’t know how you managed to trick our Head Scholar’s mind into agreeing that you’re Lady Cassandra’s old teacher, but you can’t fool me! I know that everything from House Usarved are lies!”

Greg smirked and asked, “Well, since you’re accusing me of being a fraud, do you have a proof? Because, you know, the burden of proof falls on the accuser, not the accused.”

“Of course,” Srexe’s confidence was oozing out. “I invite you to a duel.”

The Special Scholar’s face was dumbfounded, “A what?

“A duel, you buffoon! A trial by combat! Everyone knows the one who wins is the one telling the truth.”

Err…are you serious?” the Special Scholar threw a dismayed glance at his fellow teacher.

Grr…do you think I’m joking?” However, the goblin girl continued to provoke him, “Are you afraid that your fraud would be exposed once I won the duel?”

“For fuck’s sake, I didn’t even saw you naked, and you’re asking for a duel…”

Srexe was taken aback, “Why would I have to be naked to ask for a duel?”

“Nothing,” Greg was scratching his head, “Just some books that I read. I mean, all the elements are almost complete: a ‘mysterious’ new teacher, an unreasonably cheeky and annoying brat, an invitation for a duel…”

“You’re weird.”

“If you’re trying to provoke me, milady,” the Special Scholar chuckled, “then you have to try harder.”

“Anyway! Are you ready to duel me? Or your legs are shaking in fear now?”

However, Greg was already talking to his co-teacher, “Uh, Ma’am, so the next room would be at the corner around here?”

“Yes, Scholar Greg,” she answered him with a smile. “It’s the red door to your right,”


Srexe raised her voice, “Hey! Don’t ignore me!”

“You’re saying something, Srexe?” their demon teacher asked.

Grr! I said,” the goblin girl then activated a spell, “don’t ignore me, you fraud!”

At once, Srexe shot a magic spell aimed at Greg. The demon teacher had no time to react; it was a sudden attack, akin to a sucker punch. The other students were similarly stunned as well, while the Special Scholar barely had enough time to turn around before the spell hit him fair and square.

“!!!” A small explosion, followed by clouds of thick smoke, filled the classroom. However, just when everyone thought the human teacher got minced to bits…

Oi, that’s dangerous,” Greg’s hands were glowing golden-yellow; an invisible shield made of wind was in front of him. “Milady, once again, I’ll ask you to stop this duel nonsense.”

“Scholar Greg…” the demon teacher was even more shocked, “…those golden-yellow hands, that’s one of the god-powers!”

“See?” the goblin girl went to an offensive once again. “That’s proof that this human male is a fraud! No one but the saints can possess such magic, and all of them are females!”

“Haa…this will not end well, is it?” That moment, Greg had enough. While he didn’t wish to be on bad terms with his future students immediately after the first meeting, he also had to show where his limits were. But first, he asked his fellow teacher if he could take on her invitation to duel.

“Well, we officially discourage fights and duels between students. This is the first time that a student and a teacher would duel, though, so technically, it’s not a rule yet,” then she whispered, “Please do kick her ass; Srexe’s been a pain in the neck, you see?”

“Alright, I got it,” Greg smirked and said to the goblin girl, “Okay then, if you’re really itching for a fight, where shall we do it?”