Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: Three Travelers

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 2: Three Travelers

Zeth: (Narrating) It has been a month since I have escaped from the Hawk prison. However, ever since then I have got this feeling that my life is half empty from time to time and I don’t know why. It’s strange. I have also just been living in some forested area the whole time.

*It’s night and Zeth is sitting at a campfire he started in the woods. He is still wearing the gray jumpsuit but it’s worn out. He is cooking a skewered squirrel. While it cooks, he looks up at the starry night sky*

Zeth: I miss home. I miss my parents. To make matters worse, I have no idea where in Harmone I am. I just a need a sign… something that will help me get home. I know some people pray to the Light Goddess to guide them so maybe I should try that.

*Zeth raises his hand up high* Zeth: Light Goddess Harmona, please send me a sign that will help me return home. Something… Anything… Please…

*Zeth lowers his hand and begins to eat his cooked squirrel*

Zeth: (Thinking) All I can do is hope for the best.

*After Zeth finishes eating his cooked squirrel he puts out the fire and then sits underneath a tree. His eyes start to close*

Zeth: Tomorrow brings new hope…

*Zeth falls asleep*


Narrator: The next day.

*Zeth is training. He looks at a dead tree and charges magic into his arm and then punches the tree which causes it to break into two pieces. Zeth wipes sweat off of his forehead*

Zeth: Well, that should do it for today.

*Zeth continues to wear the gray jumpsuit and now the sleeves have been torn off. Zeth starts to rest but soon takes notice of three strangers walking by in the distance. Zeth opens his eyes wide*

Zeth: Other people? Yes! I’ve finally found other people! They should know where this is so I can finally return home!

*Zeth starts running over to the three strangers that are walking in an open part of the woods. The strangers consist of two males and one female. Zeth waves his arms while shouting*

Zeth: Hey strangers! Over here!

*The three strangers take notice of Zeth and look towards him as he approaches them*

Zeth: Hi! My name is Zeth. It’s nice to meet you all.

Narrator: Kurt – Age 22. (Kurt has short brown hair that sticks up at the front of his head. He has a brown iris color. Though he does not have a full beard, he does have visible stubble. He wears a green adventure uniform. He is 6 feet tall.)

Narrator: Emily – Age 17. (Emily has neck length blonde hair and has a blue iris color. She wears a purple adventure uniform. She is 5 feet, 9 inches tall.)

Narrator: Joe – Age 18. (Joe has completely short and flat light brown hair and a green iris color. He wears a red adventure uniform. He is 5 feet, 10 inches tall.)

Kurt: Hi. We are just travelers. Though I am from around here. My name is Kurt.

Emily: My name is Emily.

Joe: And my name is Joe.

*Emily takes notice of Zeth’s torn jumpsuit*

Emily: A torn jumpsuit? You’re not from around here, are you?

Zeth: No. I have nowhere to go right now. I have been in a Hawk Clan prison for a year and now that I have escaped, I have no idea where I am. I want to get back to my home but I can’t do that without knowing where I am.

Joe: You could join us. We’ve been doing some traveling but if you need help getting back home then we can take some time to do that.

Emily: That would be a great idea!

Kurt: If someone is in need of help, I'm not going to turn them down.

Zeth: Sure. It beats being alone all of the time out here in the woods.

Kurt: My hometown is nearby. We were on our way there so come with us and we'll figure out how to help you get home from there.

Zeth: While we are there, I could use a change of clothes.

Kurt: That can be done.

*They walk through the woods and soon reach the town. There is smoke and some destroyed buildings which alarm the travelers*

Zeth: What happened?

Kurt: This wasn’t like this earlier!

Emily: Let’s go and see if everyone is all right!

*They rush towards the destroyed buildings. An overhead view of the town shows the destruction as well as the many worried people. Kurt spots a middle-aged man*

Kurt: That’s my father!

Narrator: Kurt’s Father – Beck. (Beck looks like he is in his late 40s. His hair is short and brown. He wears glasses)

*They all approach Kurt’s father*

Beck: Kurt, there you are.

Kurt: What happened?

Beck: It was awful and it all happened all of a sudden with no warning leading up to it.

Kurt: Was it the bandits?

Beck: Yes! Those damn bandits came again! Only this time they brought destruction too!

Kurt: Damn them! How did they do it!?

Beck: I wish I knew. I only saw their escape.

Zeth: Why don’t we go after them and take them down?

Beck: Are you insane?

Zeth: I have magic power so I can fight.

Joe: Zeth, we didn’t mention this earlier but the three of us have magic power too.

Zeth: That makes it even better! Then we better head off to stop the bandits! *Zeth looks down at his clothes and then rubs the back of his head* Zeth: But first, I should get a new change of clothes.

Kurt: I got something for you.


Narrator: A bit later.

*Zeth emerges from Kurt’s house with new clothes. He has on a white shirt with an unzipped, short-sleeved, black over-shirt on top of it that has a blue X pattern. He is wearing brown pants*

Zeth: How does it look?

Emily: I think it looks great.

Joe: Much better than that worn-out jumpsuit.

Kurt: You can keep it too.

Emily: If everything is all set, then let’s go!

*The four of them start heading towards the exit of the town*

*Kurt has a serious expression on his face*

Kurt: This will be the last time they ever attack our little town.

Narrator: Zeth has met three new acquaintances. And now the four travelers begin their first journey in what will lead them on the path to deciding the fate of the world.

Chapter 2 END

To Be Continued in Chapter 3: The Bandits’ Base

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