Chapter 3:

Chapter 3: The Bandits' Base

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 3: The Bandits’ Base

*The heroes walk through the trees towards the Bandit base*

Kurt: We’re getting close to their base.

Zeth: Have you been to the base before?

Kurt: Yes, but I’ve never attempted to go inside it before.

Joe: With the four of us having magic, we should be able to handle it.

Emily: What if the bandits have magic too? It would explain the destroyed buildings.

Kurt: I’ve seen the bandits before but I’ve never seen them use magic. I doubt they have it. Let’s keep going. We need to be careful to avoid getting caught before arriving.

*Soon they reach the outside of the base. It’s two stories tall and looks built like a medieval fort. There are no guards outside of it*

Zeth: So that’s the bandits’ base?

Kurt: Yes.

Emily: How do we get in?

Zeth: Let’s just blow down the front door.

Joe: But then they would all notice us at once.

Zeth: Well, do you know how strong they are?

Kurt: As Emily said earlier, the destruction they caused might indicate they have magic and even though I don’t recall them ever having it before, we need to believe it as a possibility.

Zeth: Well, if they do it would be a good test to see how far I have come along in the last month. If our goal is to actually take the bandits down then it would be pointless to sneak in so let’s do this.

*Zeth walks up to the entrance of the fort and then he uses his magic powered fist to break down the door. All of the bandits are alerted and get ready to fight. The bandits all wear different clothes but they all wear black bandanas on their heads*

Bandit: Intruders! Kill them!

*Emily shrugs* Emily: Direct approach it is, I guess.

Kurt: Come on! Let’s join him!

*Emily, Joe, and Kurt all join Zeth in heading into the fortress and encounter a lot of bandits*

Zeth: We’re taking you down!

*The travelers rush towards the bandits*

Narrator: Zeth’s Magic – Star Magic. *Zeth charges his magic into his fists which makes them glow purple. He punches and kicks multiple bandits which knocks each of them on their backs and hurts them too much to get back up*

Narrator: Emily’s Magic – Channeling Magic. *Emily channels magic through two daggers and slashes at her enemies. The slashes leave the bandits she cuts with significant blood wounds*

Narrator: Kurt’s Magic – Aura Magic. *Kurt’s aura branches out and takes the shape of whips and then attacks multiple targets by whipping them*

Narrator: Joe’s Magic – Weather Magic. *Joe creates lightning bolts in both of his hands and attacks by throwing lightning bolts at the bandits. The lightning bolts that hit the bandits give them strong electric shocks and leave them too hurt to fight*

Bandit: Retreat farther in!

Zeth: Give up! It’s hopeless for you!

*The bandits begin retreating farther into the interior of the base and the travelers give chase*

Kurt: You are not getting away!

*The travelers lose track of them but run upstairs to the upper floors. The upper floors are mostly empty*

Emily: Where did they all go?

Joe: It’s like they disappeared.

???: Hehe, you need not worry about them.

Zeth: Who’s there?

*A man wearing gray armor appears, he has short brown hair and tattoos on his face*

Narrator: Bandit Leader – Lund.

Lund: Me! My name is Lund and I am the leader here and I don’t like your trespassing!

Kurt: Cut the crap! You have terrorized my town for far too long!

Lund: Oh? Well, coming here has assured your life will end short.

Zeth: I will be the one who knocks you out!

*Kurt looks surprised*

Kurt: You should let me handle this.

Zeth: I owe you for letting me come with you. And besides, I want to see how far I have come from all of my training.

*Zeth gives Kurt a thumbs up and then prepares to fight*

Kurt: If you say so. But if you need help, I’m going to help!

*Zeth smirks* Zeth: Got it. But I think I can handle him fine on my own.

Lund: With the new power I have been given you stand no chance!

Zeth: We will see about that!

Narrator: The travelers have attacked the bandit base and now Zeth challenges the leader to a fight. Can Zeth handle Lund on his own?

Chapter 3 END

To Be Continued in Chapter 4: Zeth vs Lund