Chapter 8:

Chapter 8: A Midnight Attack

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 8: A Midnight Attack

*Zeth is asleep in his bed but is shifting and turning*

*Zeth is having a nightmare and in his nightmare, he is running scared through the hallways of a castle. There are monsters and demons chasing him as he runs for his life. Zeth sees an open door ahead and runs towards it. Zeth runs into a large throne room and sees a tall woman that has a sinister smile. She has long, straight black hair that goes down to her lower back. She has eyes that are completely black with a red iris color. She is wearing a black dress*

Woman: Consumption!

*The tall woman then launches at him*

*Zeth wakes up scared to death and he is breathing heavily from his terror*

*Zeth gets up and leaves his room and then he walks outside the hotel*

*He sits down on a bench next to the river that goes through the town. He then stares at the water*

*Soon, he notices there is black mist on the water and it then starts to bubble. Zeth stares with interest*

*An imp-like monster with rough gray and red eyes that is 3 feet tall jumps out of the water towards Zeth. Zeth is startled and then falls backward as the imp slashes him with his claws. The slash caused caused tears through his night clothes and just barely missed his skin*

Zeth: What the hell are you?!

Imp: Your death!

*Zeth prepares to fight. He tries multiple punches but the imp is easily able to dodge them due to the shock Zeth is still in about his nightmare and the surprise of a real monster. The imp finally attacks and headbutts Zeth. The imp then strikes Zeth with his claws, causing a lot of pain to Zeth*

Imp: Hehehe! You are weak. A low level such as me would not be able to damage a strong opponent.

*Zeth’s shock turns to anger as he finally lands a kick on the imp*

*The imp is knocked back and Zeth then follows up with a Star Shine Blast. To Zeth’s surprise the imp grabs it and combines himself with it*

Imp: Hahaha! I can combine myself with what I desire! Your attack is now mine!

*Suddenly, a sword comes flying and it stabs the imp right through the torso. The impact causes the imp to release the Star Shine Blast into the sky*

Emily: Looks like you could use a hand.

*The imp retreats into the water*

Zeth: Thanks. Where did you get that sword?

Emily: Earlier, I had bought it at a magic shop. I also got this pistol too. I can channel my magic through both. But never mind that. What was that… thing?

Zeth: I have no idea, but it brought with it this creepy mist on the water. We need to wake the others and stop whatever that monster was.

Emily: Right.

Narrator: A new threat has been revealed and now the heroes must stop it. The realization that there are monsters out there hits Zeth.

Chapter 8 END

To Be Continued in Chapter 9: Cursed Water