Chapter 9:

Chapter 9: Cursed Water

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 9: Cursed Water

Narrator: Zeth and Emily have gathered everyone to explain what is going on.

*The heroes are all in Zeth’s hotel room and all of them are changed into their day clothes. Sasha has new clothes. She is now wearing a gray button-up shirt that has two vertical red lines going down it and she is wearing black pants*

Joe: A monster?

Zeth: Yeah, it shocked me. I’m not sure what I would have done if Emily did not show up.

Kurt: Show us the water problem you mentioned.

*They head outside and stand by the river*

Sasha: It looks awful.

Zeth: It’s even worse than before. That imp went back into the water and swam upstream.

Joe: What is this black mist?

*Joe puts his finger in the water and he immediately pulls it back out in pain*

Joe: This stuff stings really bad and the best description I could give it is cursed water.

Emily: Enough standing around, let’s follow the river and see what we can find out.

Kurt: I have a bad feeling about what’s going on.

*They start running along the riverside*

Kurt: I have to guess that the origin of this cursed water starts at the beginning of the river!

Joe: And how will we know when we've gotten there!

Kurt: I've been to this river before and the river starts at the bottom of a waterfall!

Zeth: Alright, then that's where we're going!


Narrator: The heroes run along the side of the river for about 10 minutes.

*As they continue to run, Sasha looks around sees nothing so far*

Sasha: How long does this go? How much longer until the waterfall?

Zeth: Who knows but we can’t stop now!

Kurt: We should be almost there!

*They continue running while a monster head pops out of the water from behind and it is grinning*


Narrator: A little bit farther ahead.

*Suddenly, water where they are running bubbles and then a bulky monster launches out of it. The bulky monster grabs hold of Kurt as they both go flying into the distance, landing in a rocky area*

Joe: KURT!!!

Kurt: Don’t worry about me! Keep going! I will handle this!

*The others reluctantly continue running*

*Kurt faces the demon. The demon is 7 feet tall and is bulky. His skin is dark and scaly*

Narrator: Demon of Hell – Smog.

Smog: Hehehe. You have a lot of confidence for a human who is about to die.

Kurt: If either of us is going to die, I can assure you it won’t be me. I didn't think I'd ever find myself facing a literal monster until this night. Just what are you?

Smog: Well, I suppose it’s more amusing to kill a foolish human. To reward you, I will tell you my name. Call me Smog. I am one of the poison demons and come from Hell as a servant of the Dark Goddess.

Kurt: Servant of the Dark Goddess?

Smog: Yes, we do as she wishes and we see a future where she one day brings ruin to this world and brings it back in her image.

Kurt: That’s insane!

Smog: But it’s not. Doubt the Dark Goddess if you wish. It won’t matter as your life ends here.


Narrator: Meanwhile with the other heroes.

*The other four heroes finally reach the beginning of the river and find a great waterfall*\

Emily: I believe this waterfall is known as the Great Falls.

Zeth: Well, the black mist continues up the waterfall so we better start climbing.

Sasha: Hopefully we will find the source of this black mist.

Narrator: The monsters responsible for the cursed water are demons that serve the Dark Goddess. Will the heroes be able to defeat them?

Chapter 9 END

To Be Continued in Chapter 10: Kurt vs Smog