Chapter 7:

Chapter 7: The Ranks of Magic Power

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 7: The Ranks of Magic Power

Narrator: The five heroes continue on their journey and are nearing the town of Flagron.

*As they walk, Zeth looks at Sasha*

Zeth: Just thinking about what you went through really grinds my gears. What your parents did and said to you is really messed up. Are they really followers of the Light Goddess?

Sasha: Yes. They are absolutely devout followers of the Light Goddess.

*Zeth looks saddened*

Zeth: How could they do those things while following the Light Goddess? Shouldn’t only good people be her followers? Wouldn’t bad people just follow the Dark Goddess instead? Just trying to think about is making my head hurt.

Emily: Perhaps… Following her to such a level… twisted their minds?

Zeth: What do you mean?

Emily: I don’t know if I should say. I’m trying not to offend Sasha just in case she still feels attached to them…

Sasha: It’s okay. They kicked me out. I won’t feel offended.

Emily: Okay. What I mean is that they were so devout in their following that anything they consider not worthy of the Light Goddess must be purged.

*Sasha looks downward and is a bit saddened*

Sasha: …I could see that being the case.

Zeth: It’s okay, Sasha. You’ll lead a better life without them bringing you down.


Narrator: A little bit later.

*The five heroes arrive in Flagron town. They all take notice of the people moving about and everything has a high-quality feel to it*

Emily: Well the people in this town seem more well off than the people I have seen in any other town.

Sasha: That does seem so. Much better than having nothing but the dirty clothes I have on.

Zeth: Being in a prison for a year, I wouldn’t know of how well off any towns are.

Joe: I wonder why they are so well off.

*A middle-aged man approaches them. The man wears a brown business suit, a brown top hat, and he has a bushy mustache*

Narrator: Town Welcomer – Bob.

Bob: That is because Flagron is home to the most famous magic clubs in all of Harmone. Zeth: Who are you?

Bob: My name is Bob and I’m the town welcomer. Basically, I greet visitors to the town. Joe: So what are these magic clubs?

Bob: I’m glad you asked. There are differing ranks of magic energy and strength and there are clubs for each rank. Ranks are on a letter scale. The highest is A and the lowest is H. If you want to know more about magic ranks, go check the clubs.

Zeth: Well, admittedly I am interested so we might as well check them out while we are here.

Kurt: I suppose that’s fair enough.

*Kurt looks at the other three*

Kurt: What about you three?

*Sasha, Joe, and Emily nod in agreement. They walk farther into Flagron and soon they reach a part of town with tall buildings that have flashy lights on them with the words “Magic Clubs” on them*

Joe: I have to say these clubs look cool.

*Someone approaches them. He is bald and muscular and looks like he is in his 30s. He has dark skin. He wears green workout clothes*

Narrator: Magic Club Member – RAG

RAG: Are you five interested in joining a magic club?

Emily: And who might you be?

RAG: They call me RAG.

Sasha: RAG?

RAG: It stands for Run And Gun. That just so happens to be how my magic works. Anyway, are you interested in joining a club?

Zeth: How does one join?

RAG: It’s simple really. Just go into a club and if you have no criminal background, you will be allowed to join. However, you can’t enter a club you are not strong enough to enter. For context, the ranks just follow the letters of the alphabet with the highest rank being A-Rank. From there it goes downward to B to C to D to E to F to G and finally the lowest rank, H-Rank. There are power sensors in the clubs to make sure you are joining the right club. Here, I have my own sensor with me.

*RAG pulls out a small device and points it at Zeth*

RAG: You are a G-Rank.

Zeth: Only a G-Rank?

*RAG points the device at the other heroes*

RAG: You are all an H-Rank. Though, all but the black-haired girl are a high H-Rank. She is a low H-Rank.

Zeth: But surely we are stronger than that?

RAG: Don’t worry. 95% of all known magic users in Harmone are an F-Rank or lower. Only 4% are an E-Rank and only 1% are a D-Rank or higher. The grades are based off of a standard from long ago when the all-time strongest human walked this country. I myself am a D-Rank. With proper training you could make it this high too.

Kurt: Just how big of a deal are these Magic Clubs?

RAG: That really depends on who you ask. Personally, I really like the idea of seeing people of similar magic strengths getting to come together. It’s why I moved to this country.

Emily: What country are you from?

RAG: I come from the country of Mollen that is located on the western continent. I know most migrants to Harmone are from the northern continent but I just had to come here.

Joe: Nothing wrong with following your passions. That’s pretty cool actually.

RAG: Anyway, I must be going now. Enjoy your time in Flagron! See ya!

*RAG walks away*

Zeth: I wonder why he said the strongest human? It’s not like you are going to see a dog with magic.
Kurt: I guess it doesn’t matter, but it’s getting late. Let’s find a hotel to stay in.

Zeth: Right. And honestly, I don’t think I care too much about the clubs. I don’t want it to be my motivation for getting stronger.

Joe: Agreed. Maybe one day we can consider joining one but we don’t have time for anything like that at the moment.


Narrator: Later that evening. The heroes find a hotel to stay in.

*Zeth turns out the light and lays in bed*

Zeth: I’m exhausted. It’s nice to actually get to sleep in a nice comfy bed for the first time in over a year.

*Zeth clothes his eyes and falls asleep*

Narrator: The heroes have learned about the ranks of magic but also learned they have a long way to go to become the strongest.

Chapter 7 END

To Be Continued in Chapter 8: A Midnight Attack