Chapter 10:

Chapter 10: Kurt vs Smog

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 10: Kurt vs Smog

Narrator: Kurt faces off against a demon of Hell! The poison demon Smog wants nothing more than to kill Kurt right where he stands!

*An Overview of the rocky area. There are small rocks and larges rocks everywhere*

Smog: Shall we begin?

*Kurt begins powering up his Aura magic*

Kurt: You are going down!

*Kurt’s aura forms large whips and he sends two of them at Smog. Smog chucks up big pieces of rock to block them*

*Smog begins to ingrain black poison into a big rock. He lifts it and then throws it at Kurt*

*Kurt dodges it but the rock breaks into many smaller poison rocks. The smaller rocks begin chasing Kurt on their own and land damaging hits on him*

Kurt: Ahhh!

Smog: You see, we can command our poison when we ingrain them into objects.

Kurt: Bastard!

*Kurt prepares for another attack*

*Kurt’s aura whips then surround Smog on all sides which prevents Smog from escaping and allows Kurt to get in close and land a hard-hitting punch*

Smog: Lucky hit— huh!?

*Kurt has quickly begun his next attack and kicks Smog in the face which knocks him down but Smog gets up and then charges at him*

*Smog jumps in the air and then tries to body slam Kurt but Kurt is ready and has his aura whips release blasts of energy upon contact that damage Smog and stuns him some*

*Kurt jumps in the air and kicks Smog back down to the ground*

Smog: It seems I have underestimated you. I guess it’s time I unleash my power.

*Kurt stares intently. Smog begins powering up with a dark aura surrounding his body and one of his claws becomes bigger*

Smog: You may not be as weak as I thought but you won’t survive when I’m not holding back.

*Kurt unleashes all of his aura whips on Smog but they deal no damage*

Kurt: Oh shit.

*Smog charges and uses his big claw to try to hit Kurt but Kurt barely dodges as the claw strikes the ground causing it to shake some. Kurt begins to run while trying to think of a plan. Smog is chasing him*

Smog: Running now I see? What happened to that confidence you had?

*As Kurt is running, he combines his aura whips into one. Kurt quickly turns around*

Kurt: Mega Aura Whip Attack!

*A giant aura whip is unleashed from Kurt’s aura and it lands a big hit on Smog, knocking him back*

Kurt: You may not be affected by many whips but all of them combined were enough to damage you even at full power.

Smog: That may be so but if that is your only means of damaging me then you are not going to last long. Hehehe.

Kurt: (Thinking) He is right. I can’t just keep doing this to victory. I have other aura attacks but I don’t know if I could use any to finish him at the moment. I have to think fast or this is the end of me.

Narrator: Kurt is in a fight for his life. How can he defeat a demon?

Chapter 10 END

To Be Continued in Chapter 11: The Mastermind of Cursed Water