Chapter 11:

Chapter 11: The Mastermind of Cursed Water

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 11: The Mastermind of Cursed Water

Narrator: Back with the heroes at the waterfall.

*The heroes look up the great waterfall*

Zeth: Well, we better start climbing.

Emily: At least it’s not a very difficult climb.

*They start climbing up the waterfall. Soon they reach the top. They then see three other figures not far off*

Sasha: I see three people over there and they certainly don’t look human.

Zeth: Then we found our culprits.

*The three demons turn around to notice the four heroes*

Narrator: Demon Group Leader – Drought.

*Drought is a 6-foot-tall male demon that looks human with the exception that his skin is made of dark scales. He has flat, black hair and pointy ears*

Drought: Such a shame, I thought Smog would handle any overly interested humans.

Joe: I assume that big bulky monster was your friend? Kurt will handle him and be back to help us.

Drought: Smog will kill any weak humans. Your friend is probably already dead.

Zeth: Kurt will kick his ass!

Drought: *sighs* Humans can be so stupid. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Drought and I am the leader of this group of demons you see here.

Zeth: I don’t care who you are! Turn this water back to normal now!

Drought: As the mastermind of this grand plan, I have no such plans to turn the water back to normal.

Sasha: What is your plan?

Drought: Hahaha! Knowing won’t help you stop us but fine. The water contains a poison that was created by the Dark Goddess. Any human who is weak will die upon drinking it and any strong human who drinks will become indoctrinated and follow the ways of the Dark Goddess. By morning it will look like ordinary water.

Zeth: Dark Goddess? What the hell do you mean that it was created by the Dark Goddess!?

Drought: Like I said it does not matter as you all die here.

*Zeth angrily charges at Drought but Drought zaps Zeth with some kind of dark magic*

Drought: You appear to be the strongest of you four so how about I send you away for a bit while we deal with your friends.

Sasha: Nooo!!!!!!

*Sasha grabs on to Zeth to try and help him but it only gets her sent away too as they both vanish*

Emily: Where did they go?!

Drought: That is of no concern to you. My two assistants here are about to kill you two humans.

*He turns to his assistants*

Narrator: Drought’s Minion – Tar.

Narrator: Drought’s Minion – Sludge

*Tar is a 7-foot-tall male demon that is skinny in comparison to the other demons. He is bald and has dark scaly skin. He has pointy ears. Sludge is a 5-foot-tall demon that is fat. He is also bald and has dark scaly skin along with pointy ears*

Drought: Deal with them. I have business to attend to.

*Drought goes into a cave in the waterfall*

Tar: Excellent! Now we get to have some fun.

Sludge: Indeed.

Emily: Don’t take us light!

Joe: We’re not afraid of you!

Tar: You will be by the time we’re done with you.


Narrator: Back with Kurt and Smog.

*Kurt and Smog continue their battle*

Smog: Your pain amuses me.

*Smog lands a big hit with his claw. Kurt holds onto the new wound on his torso*

Kurt: How about this attack? Blazing Aura Eruption!

*Kurt’s aura takes on a molten look. A big molten wave blast goes everywhere. The ones that hit Smog burn him*

Smog: This attack… it burns me? My skin should be able to withstand it!

Narrator: The heroes now know who they have to defeat to stop this plot. What is the extent of the demons’ power?

Chapter 11 END

To Be Continued in Chapter 12: He Who Consumes