Chapter 12:

Chapter 12: He Who Consumes

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 12: He Who Consumes

*Somewhere in an old, abandoned town. Zeth and Sasha are on the ground, unconscious. Both Zeth and Sasha wake up*

Zeth: Where are we?

Sasha: I wish I knew.

Zeth: Damn bastard! Teleporting us to the middle of nowhere because he is too scared to fight!

Sasha: All we can do now is figure out where we are and find a way to get back.

Zeth: I guess you are right.

*They search around town. They eventually find a dead man in an old house*

Sasha: Oh no!

Zeth: Who could have done this? It looks like he died in severe pain.

*Zeth takes a closer look*

Zeth: The blood is still fresh. Whoever or whatever did it is still around.

*They search more of the old house. They hear noises on the highest floor and then go up the stairs and open the door to see a strange person and another dead body. The person has crimson colored short and spiky hair. He is just wearing a gray shirt and black shorts. He is 5 feet, 10 inches tall*

*The strange person notices them and then he has a sadistic smile*

Narrator: Unknown Individual – Crimson.

Crimson: Hahahahahahaha!

*Strange marks appear around Zeth and Sasha on the floor, walls, and ceiling, and they start glowing*

Zeth: Oh shit! Get down to the bottom floor!

*As they reach the bottom floor, the top of the stairs blows up. They then run outside as Crimson appears. Outside, they stare at each other*

Zeth: Are you insane!?

Crimson: Consumption! I have finally found you, Zeth! Or more conveniently you found me, Crimson! Hahahahaha!

*Zeth has a frightening flashback to his nightmare of the tall, dark-haired woman saying consumption that then launched at him*

Sasha: Who are you and what do you want with Zeth!?

*Zeth snaps out of his shock*

Zeth: Yeah, I have never even seen you before!

Crimson: I don’t know the details but I do know that I must consume you!

Zeth: You want to eat me? Gross.

Crimson: No, not eat you. More like absorb your soul and mind into my own. My Destruction Magic will help make sure of that.

Zeth: You are freaky. If you want a fight, I will give you a fight.

Crimson: I was so frustrated when I destroyed that Hawk Clan prison trying to find you and you were not there! The voice in my head was not pleased.

Zeth: You were the one that destroyed it?

Crimson: Yessss. The destruction pleased me. But the voice in my head was not pleased!

*Crimson raises his hands up to his face and they start shaking*

Crimson: All the time, I can hear the voice in my head! It always tells me “Consume Zeth!” “Consume Zeth!” “Consume Zeth!” The voice in my head got even louder as I was destroying that prison! I’ve never even met you before now but the voice in my head won’t quiet down until I consume you!

Zeth: You really are a major freak! Too bad for you, destroying the prison allowed me to escape but we can fight here and I’m going to kick your ass!

Narrator: Who is this mysterious Crimson and why does he want to consume Zeth’s mind and soul?

Chapter 12 END

To Be Continued in Chapter 13: Emily vs Tar