Chapter 13:

Chapter 13: Emily vs Tar

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 13: Emily vs Tar

Narrator: Back at the top of the waterfall where Emily and Joe face off against Tar and Sludge.

Sludge: How should we do this, brother?

Tar: Let’s split them up and fight separately. I will take the girl.

*Tar and Sludge look at each other and laugh*

Emily: Fine with me.

*Tar and Sludge stop laughing as Tar notices Emily right in front of him and she slashes him with her sword. The slash does not pierce him but does send him flying back*

*At this point, both pairs are separated and Emily pursues Tar into an area with some trees*

Tar: You only hit because I let my guard down. It will not happen again.

*Emily charges as she screams*

Emily: Just shut up and fight!

*She attempts a kick to Tar’s face but he just barely blocks the kick in time. Emily then proceeds to quickly channel magic through her sword and slashes Tar’s arm which causes a bleeding cut*

*As Tar moves back, Emily takes out her pistol and channels magic through it and fires magic-powered bullets into his other arm which damages him more*

Tar: (Thinking) The momentum in her attacks is impressive. She can go from one attack to another quickly and without hesitation. I will have to adjust.

*Tar’s skin begins to take on the appearance of actual tar and then his tar-like body begins to engage Emily in multiple directions*

*Using his tar arms and legs, Tar does multiple physical attacks to Emily. She is able to block the first attack with her sword but then the other three hit*

*She quickly counters by stabbing one of Tar’s legs with her sword*

*They both move back from each other*

*Emily begins charging up her sword*

Emily: Sword Beams!

*Emily releases multiple beams of magic from her sword and they cut through multiple of Tar’s limbs, breaking them off*

Emily: Yes!... huh?

*The tar limbs begin to reattach*

Tar: Those beams would have killed a normal opponent. However, I am not a normal opponent. I am a demon!

Emily: Then I will just have to cut through your heart!

Tar: Try if you dare.

*Emily jumps on a tree branch and fires a few rounds of her pistol. She then jumps off the tree branch and tries to down aerial stab Tar in the chest area but only gets his leg*

Tar: It’s hopeless for you!

*One of Tar’s arms grabs Emily’s ankle and holds her upside down*

Tar: Now die!

*Tar’s other arm forms a sharp spear and goes for Emily’s heart but Emily grabs it*

Tar: What?!

Emily: When one uses channeling magic, one must always be prepared.

*Emily was able to put on a sharp-clawed glove which she channeled magic through, increasing that hand’s physical strength and speed. That allowed her to grab Tar’s arm spear*

*Emily then uses her sword to cut off Tar’s arm which frees herself*

Emily: There are plenty more tricks where that came from. You are far from beating me.

Narrator: Emily is putting up a good fight against Tar. Can she keep it up?

Chapter 13 END

To Be Continued in Chapter 14: Joe vs Sludge