Chapter 19:

Chapter 19: Emily and the Shadow Sword

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 19: Emily and the Shadow Sword

*Emily wields the Shadow Sword*

Emily: This sword… it’s already filled with magic. Well then, my channeling magic should further amplify it.

Tar: There is no way a low-level human should be able to easily wield that sword. Those that use channeling magic… Are they exceptions?

*Tar begins to charge at Emily*

*He then begins to land multiple punches on her and then a final hard punch to knock her down*

Tar: I can’t let her, a human, wield that sword. Otherwise, my chances at victory are slim!

*Tar goes over to try and take the Shadow Sword from Emily*

*As he approaches her body on the ground, she twitches. Emily then slashes Tar at the waist area which cuts him in half*

*As Tar’s upper body falls, he sees the look of the intent to murder in Emily’s eyes*

*Emily stands up and stabs Tar’s leg, keeping the bottom half of his body from reattaching to the upper half*

Emily: Tell me demon. How do we stop the cursed water?

*Tar coughs up blood*

Tar: The only way to return the water to *cough* normal is to kill Drought. When we demons commit to something, we don’t half-ass it. We will succeed at our mission or die trying. *cough* The mist is linked to him so you have to kill the source. However, you will not defeat him. You could with that sword but the sword drains a ton of energy if used by humans. *cough* The divine power of the Dark Goddess that powers that sword will be too much for you. When you fight Drought, you won’t have enough energy to pull off the kill. *cough* I will die here but our plan will still succeed.

*Tar starts to laugh. Emily then pulls the sword out of his lower half and then stabs Tar in the heart. Tar continues to laugh until he finally dies with blood flowing out of his mouth*

Emily: Good riddance. He is right though. I can feel my energy draining fast. I can’t just use this as my only weapon. Perhaps further training will allow me to overcome it. Now I must find everyone else.

*Before she leaves the area, she finds a pond and looks at her reflection. Emily opens her eyes wide when she looks at her reflection*

Emily: My iris color changed to dark red! It must be a side effect of using a demonic sword.

*Emily sheathes the sword and her iris color turns back to blue*

*She picks up her dagger. The tar disintegrated off of it upon Tar’s death. She then walks over to her normal sword and picks it back up and sheathes it*

*She then leaves the area*


Narrator: A little bit later.

*Emily finds Joe at the place they originally separated from, the top of the waterfall*

Joe: Emily!

Emily: Good thing I found you. Have you seen any of Zeth, Sasha, or Kurt?

Joe: No, unfortunately.

Emily: We need to find them! Let’s go!

Narrator: Emily has defeated Tar. Now Emily and Joe need to find the others.

Chapter 19 END

To Be Continued in Chapter 20: Why Me!?