Chapter 20:

Chapter 20: Why Me!?

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 20: Why Me!?

Narrator: Back to Zeth’s and Sasha’s battle against Crimson.’

*Zeth is still in tears and he shouts*

Zeth: Why me!? All I wanted to do was to go home!! That’s all I wanted!! All I ever did growing up was live a normal life!! I didn’t get involved in anything dangerous!! I go through hell in a rival clan’s prison for an entire year and when I finally get out, this is what I have to go through!!? Why is it my destiny to be consumed!!? Why am I this random freak’s target!!?

Crimson: Just stay quiet. It won’t take too long.

*Crimson moves towards Zeth and looks like he is about to punch Zeth with a lot of force but then holds back as he gets in range and does a lighter punch to Zeth’s face. Zeth is knocked on his back*

*Crimson walks up to Zeth and grabs him by the neck. Crimson lifts him up*

Crimson: Go to sleep.

*Zeth opens his eyes wide in sudden anger*

Zeth: No!! I’m going home!!

*Zeth struggles and breaks free of Crimson’s grasp*

Crimson: You’re making this harder on yourself.

*Crimson punches Zeth three times and then he grabs the back of Zeth’s head and shoves his face into the concrete. Crimson then kicks Zeth into a fence which destroys it*

*Zeth stands up*

Zeth: *huff huff* Why are you hitting me so lightly? What’s the matter? Can’t consume me if I’m fully dead?

Crimson: So you noticed? It’s true. If you die, I can’t consume you and you won’t go willingly so I intend to knock you unconscious. I will satisfy that voice in my head. I want it to stop.

Zeth: Is that so? (Now thinking to himself) Then I should focus my power on defense and find a way to escape! I have to accept that I can’t beat him in a direct confrontation and get someplace far away from him!

*Zeth raises his hands in the air*

Zeth: Starlight Shield!

*An energy shield emitting star light encases Zeth’s body*

Zeth: I never thought I would have a reason to use this since it decreases the strength of my attacks but I guess I do now. My defense is increased.

Sasha: It sure is bright though.

Crimson: You may have increased your defense but now in this darkness, you stick out like a sore thumb. You will be much easier to hunt.

*Zeth begins running inside a house*

Crimson: (Thinking) He knows I can destroy the entire house with one attack but knows I won’t because I wouldn’t risk killing him. Clever.

*Crimson enters the house as Sasha watches on*

Sasha: (Talking to herself) Why would Zeth run into a house? Zeth, I don't know what your plan is but please be careful...

*In the house, Crimson looks around a bit and then sees a glowing light around a hall. Crimson uses his destruction magic and blows that area up. He checks the hall and sees nothing*

*Now he sees the glowing light coming from upstairs and then he starts walking up the steps. As he reaches the top, he hears something drop down. He sees a hole in the floor with the glowing light moving down*

*Crimson drops down in the hole and then he sees the light go into the basement. He follows it*

Crimson: Zeth, this is pointless. You are not escaping me down here.

*As he searches the basement, he sees a bunch of gas tanks. He inspects closer and then he sees a red star next to them. Crimson’s eyes open wide*

*Zeth runs completely out of the house and the red star explodes. The whole house explodes with flames going up in the air*

Zeth: I hope you enjoy my Super Nova attack! Quick Sasha! Let’s get out of here! I doubt that explosion killed him but it should at least slow him down!

Sasha: But where?

Zeth: Anywhere but here!

*They begin to run out of town*

*A flame shoots out of the exploded and burning house and lands in front of Zeth and Sasha. The flame goes away and standing there is Crimson. However, he is injured*

Zeth: What does it take to slow you down!?

Sasha: He has to be a monster!

Crimson: *huff huff* You have not only hurt me, but you have also angered me! And now I will attack you with most of my strength!! I’m sure that Starlight Shield will defend you enough just so you only go unconscious! This is your end, ZETH!!!

*Crimson begins rushing towards Zeth with a lot of magic energy in his fist*

Sasha: What do we do!?

Zeth: This can’t be happening!

*As they expect the worst, electrical energy surrounds their bodies and then they vanish*

*Crimson stops moving*

Crimson: Where did they go!!? Damn it!!!!!

*Crimson is enraged and slams his magic-powered fist into the ground, causing a big rupture in it*

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha were unable to do anything to Crimson. Their sudden vanish leaves Crimson in frustration.

Chapter 20 END

To Be Continued in Chapter 21: What Lies in the Great Falls