Chapter 18:

Chapter 18: Battle in an Open Field

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 18: Battle in an Open Field

Narrator: Back with Emily who continues to fight Tar. The fight is now in an open field.

*Emily engages Tar with her sword in her left hand and the clawed glove on her right hand. She begins swinging her sword at Tar quickly, who is doing all he can do to just block and avoid getting hit*

*Tar tries to swipe at Emily but she blocks it with her sword and then counters by swiping at Tar with her gloved hand, causing him severe pain*

Tar: Gahhh!!

*Tar jumps back and then begins to send his tar arms at Emily*

*One misses while Emily grabs onto the other one. The arm retracts back towards Tar with Emily grabbed onto it*

*Emily puts her sword away and as the arm fully retracts, they both punch each other in the face*

*Emily pulls out a dagger and leaps behind Tar and slices his neck while one of his arms punches her on her right arm hard, causing her to move back*

*Emily is holding onto her right arm while Tar tries to stop the bleeding in his neck*

*As he stops the bleeding, he turns around and looks at Emily and opens his mouth wide*

Tar: Tar Bubbles!

*He shoots out Tar Bubbles out of his mouth like a semi-auto gun. Avoiding a few, Emily tries to block one with her dagger but it just knocks it out of her hand and covers it in tar. She begins running again*

*As she runs, she looks at some of the tall grass around Tar*

Emily: Worth a try.

*Emily rolls down to avoid the bubbles. She then places her left hand on the ground and channels her magic through the tall grass. Filled with her magic, the tall grass begins to become razor-sharp and quickly extends like spikes which all pierce Tar. Tar coughs up blood*

Tar: Is there any limits to your channeling magic?

Emily: Damn. Looks like the Grass Spikes did not get his heart.

*Tar breaks free of the grass spikes*

Tar: You’ve made me very angry!

*Tar starts to secrete tar from his right arm and he uses his left hand to form its shape. After completing it, the tar is hardened and is shaped like a javelin*

*Tar grasps the javelin with his left hand and readies to throw it*

Tar: Will you be ready for this!?

*Emily opens her eyes wide*

Emily: Oh crap!

Tar: Tar Javelin!

*Emily quickly unsheathes her sword. Tar throws the javelin at Emily as she readies her sword, preparing to block it*

*As the javelin gets close to Emily, she slashes the javelin with her sword. She is able to knock the javelin away but her own sword is knocked out of her hands too and lands in the grass behind her*

Emily: That was too close.

*Suddenly, the Shadow Sword begins falling to the area and lands next to Emily*

Emily: What’s this?

Tar: How did the Shadow Sword get here!!?

Emily: Shadow Sword, you say? Well, I think I will use it for myself.

Tar: No, you mustn’t!!

*Emily grabs the Shadow Sword. Suddenly, she sees visions of people being murdered via swords. After the vision ends, her iris color changes from blue to dark red. She grins*

Emily: *Grinning* It looks like you will die here.

Narrator: Emily has taken hold of the Shadow Sword. Will it give her the advantage?

Chapter 18 END

To Be Continued in Chapter 19: Emily and the Shadow Sword