Chapter 26:

Chapter 26: Blood Magic Rising

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 26: Blood Magic Rising

*Zeth stands tall in his Blood Magic state. Everyone looks at him with concern*

Emily: What happened to him?

Kurt: He has entered Blood Magic. The man who gave and taught me my magic spoke of it once. I don’t know most of the details but I do know you have to have inherited your magic from your parents by birth. Someone such as me who was given magic would not be able to use Blood Magic.

Joe: Incredible.

Kurt: I also have no idea what actually causes it to activate.

*Zeth faces off against Drought again*

Zeth: Hahahahahhahaha! Well just like I did, you also blew your chance at victory! Now you are out of time and I will rip you to pieces!

Drought: *Shaking in fear* What is this new form?

*In only a couple seconds, Zeth rushes towards Drought and punches him, sending him flying into the cave wall*

Zeth: With this new power, I’m so much stronger! Just think how powerful I would be with this when I’m much stronger at a base level!

*While Zeth was talking to himself, Drought sent a Poison Wave at him. The poison wave hits him but has no effect*

Zeth: Was that supposed to hurt?

*The other heroes look more concerned*

Emily: Does anyone else feel like his personality has suddenly changed?

Joe: Yeah… It’s like suddenly he has become the villain.

Kurt: I don’t know enough about Blood Magic to know what effects it can have on someone’s personality.

Sasha: Stop it! He’s still Zeth!

*Drought looks scared and angry at the same time*

Drought: Listen to me!! I am a demon!! You are a human!! You are beneath me!! You are nothing!!

Zeth: Oh really?

*Zeth rushes towards Drought and then starts continuously punching him. Zeth then grabs Drought’s left arm and rips it off and tears it to shreds*

Zeth: That’s one arm down.

*Zeth moves away to grab a pole and he then throws it like a spear. It pierces Drought’s right leg and sticks into the ground keeping him from moving*

*Zeth then runs towards Drought and he forms a Blood Star Shard. He releases it and it tears through Drought’s left leg, basically cutting it off*

*Drought’s body falls to the ground with only one leg left and that leg is still pierced by the pole*

Zeth: Shame you lost a leg. I can make that feel better.

Drought: Stay away from me you monster!

Zeth: Monster? Maybe my memory is bad but was it not you who contaminated the water to kill weak humans and indoctrinate the strong ones? It’s you who is the monster!

*Zeth now stands in front of Drought*

Zeth: Your memory must be bad so let me help you remember.

*Zeth rips out the pole that pierced Drought’s leg and then uses his foot to turn Drought over on his back. Zeth starts repeatedly punching Drought. Some of the punches hit Drought on his face and some of them hit Drought on his abdomen*

Joe: I don’t know, Sasha. This seems to be becoming too brutal.

Sasha: I still believe in Zeth. This demon was trying to do horrible things so Zeth must feel like this is the punishment Drought deserves.

*Eventually, Zeth stops and Drought looks to be near death*

Zeth: You can’t be dead just yet.

*Zeth then creates three Blood Star Shards. He shoots them into the ground*

Zeth: This will hurt.

*One shard comes out of the ground and saws off Drought’s right arm. The next one saws off his right leg. The final shard comes up and saws right through his abdomen*

Zeth: Man, you look like you are in a lot of pain. Maybe I should put you out of your misery.

*Drought looks at Zeth one more time and sees his own death in the darkness of Zeth’s eye sockets*

*Zeth holds out his left arm and starts charging a Blood Star Shine Blast in his hand*

Zeth: Go back to Hell.

*Zeth releases the Blood Star Shine Blast at Drought and it hits him and explodes. After the explosion, there is nothing left of Drought’s body*

Kurt: This power… It’s unreal.

Emily: It was needed for his victory but it was fearsome!

Joe: But will he return to normal?

Sasha: I’m certain that he will!

*Zeth shouts in victory*

Zeth: YESSSS!!!!! This power is amazing!

*Over by the altar, a woman’s voice comes from the altar*

Voice: They did it. This poison will soon be purged and then I will be able to speak to them. They all have great importance and I will set them on that path.

Narrator: Zeth’s Blood Magic completely overwhelms Drought! But does such a power have any drawbacks and how did it activate in the first place?

Chapter 26 END

To be Continued in Chapter 27: Guardian of the Altar