Chapter 25:

Chapter 25: Poison Mist

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 25: Poison Mist

Drought: It looks like I must use the Poison Mist.

Zeth: I don’t know what you’re planning but I won’t let you!

*He charges a Star Shine Blast. As Zeth releases the Star Shine Blast, Drought’s body explodes into a poison gas*

*A poison mist surrounds the area that they are fighting in but the others are safely out of the mist’s reach*

Sasha: Zeth! No!

*Zeth begins coughing as he breathes in the mist*

Drought: Hahahaha! Yes, you will die. I prefer not to kill my enemies with direct exposure to the mist but you left me with no choice. This will be very painful for you.

Zeth: *cough* What is this? *cough*

Drought: It’s the same mist that contaminated the river but when mixed with liquids it is far less painful when it enters your body. You brought this on yourself.

*Drought appears and punches Zeth*

Zeth: Gahh!

Drought: How about this!?

*Drought kicks Zeth and then punches him down onto the ground. Drought then repeatedly kicks Zeth on his right arm*

Sasha: We have to do something!

Joe: We can’t or we will end up the same way!

Sasha: Zeth, please…

Drought: Look at you now. Too weak to do anything! You really thought that a human like you could defeat a demon like me?

*Drought then picks up the very weak Zeth. Drought smirks and then gut punches him three times*

*Drought then shoots a beam of poison into Zeth’s right eye, causing it to start bleeding*

Zeth: It hurts…

Drought: That is an understatement. You’re just too weak to show how much pain you are in.

*Zeth then raises his left arm and releases a star shard out but it just creates a bad cut on Drought’s right arm as it flies by him. Drought’s pain causes him to drop Zeth*

Drought: Why you...! You are just going to make your death more painful!

*Zeth’s eyes close and he is teetering on the edge of unconsciousness*

Zeth: (Thinking) Is this it? Am I failing another fight to stop evil? Victory was in my grasp… and I let it get away…

*In the dark abyss within his own mind, Zeth is covered in blood*

Zeth: (Thinking) What I would do… to stop this guy… and return home…

*Blood from Zeth’s eye falls into Zeth’s mouth and so does blood from Drought’s bleeding arm*

*Zeth in the dark abyss of his own mind is seen again*

Zeth: (Thinking) That taste… It tastes like blood. But why does it taste so good?

*Zeth now sees himself inside his own mind and there is a door near him in his mind*

Zeth: (In his mind) What is this door?

*The door is now covered in blood*

Zeth: (In his mind) Well, I might as well go in.

*He opens the door and goes inside*

*Back to Zeth's physical body, his heart starts to beat hard*

Zeth: (Thinking) Why did my heart beat so hard?

*It beats hard again and continues to do so*

*Zeth’s hair begins to turn into blood. His fingernails dissolve and turn into more blood. Blood comes out of his mouth, nose, and ears. Even his sweat turns to blood. He opens his eyes but has no eyes. Where the eyes were are now just darkness with blood coming out of the sockets*

*An explosion happens in the mist, causing it to dissipate*

Sasha: What happened?!

*They are shocked at what they see when it all clears. What is seen is a shocked Drought and a very bloody Zeth. His aura is even made of blood*

Kurt: It’s… It’s… It’s Blood Magic!

Narrator: What is this startling new form Zeth has taken!?

Chapter 25 END

To be Continued in Chapter 26: Blood Magic Rising