Chapter 27:

Chapter 27: Guardian of the Altar

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 27: Guardian of the Altar

*Zeth’s Blood Magic ends and his body returns to normal*

Joe: As frightening as you were, that was awesome! How did you do that?

*Zeth looks down at himself and he has a worried expression on his face*

Zeth: I… I don’t know. And I feel as if I was naturally more aggressive while in that state. Just a minute ago, I felt amazing and now suddenly I’m worried that I could go too far with it. I remember tasting blood and that’s when it happened.

Emily: No need to worry about that now. You defeated the demon and saved the people of Flagron.

Zeth: I guess you are right. Everything turned out okay.

*Suddenly poison comes out of the altar and dissipates. Light releases from the altar and a ghostly woman comes from it*

Third Guardian: I offer my greetings to you, young humans. I am the Third Guardian of the magic altars.

Zeth: Guardian?

Third Guardian: Yes, over 130 years ago the Light Goddess, Harmona, had eight of us guardians watch over the eight magic altars that she created. The altars were created in the era of great chaos to give humans magic to help Harmona fight back the Dark Goddess, Dakame, and her followers.

Zeth: So what exactly are you guardians? You look like a ghost.

Third Guardian: We are the spirits of angels. Our task is to guard the magic altars and we will do so until the conflict between Heaven and Hell ends.

Sasha: What if that never happens?

Third Guardian: Then we will forever watch over these altars. We will protect mortals from the demons of Hell even if we must do so for an eternity.

Kurt: An eternity... I can't even imagine it...

Third Guardian: Listen well, young humans. Those demons that you just defeated had a secondary objective. They wanted to destroy me and the magic altar. Weak demons such as them would stand no chance against me but they were using poison mist created by Dakame and it overwhelmed me. Beware, those demons you fought are among the weakest of Dakame’s followers. Had you had to fight any of her stronger demons, you would have all perished. To Dakame, these demons you fought would just be cannon fodder.

*The heroes look a bit frightened*

Emily: That’s a frightening thought. We have a long way to go.

Zeth: So these altars can give people magic? Can they give people who already have magic even more magic?

Third Guardian: They can add more abilities to the magic you already have. They won’t give you a second type of magic though. To add more to their benefits, they can make you stronger as a whole. However, after the first time, the power increases from other altars is only a little but you will gain more techniques. Let me empower you with the power of this altar.

*Light shoots out of the altar and envelopes all five heroes. They feel their core power increasing*

Zeth: Wow, I feel so much stronger!

Third Guardian: I can tell you how powerful you have become in terms of the rank system set up by humans. Zeth, you are now a mid F-Rank. Emily, you are a low F-Rank. Kurt and Joe, you are both a high G-Rank. And Sasha, you are a mid G-Rank. Now going forward, you will get stronger as you train and as you fight.

Sasha: Thank you for this.

Kurt: Yes, this will be very helpful.

Zeth: I have a question. Was it you who teleported me and Sasha out of certain doom in that abandoned village?

Third Guardian: No, that teleporting magic Drought was using was draining his own strength to keep you away. Eventually, he had to stop using it. Dakame created that magic technique and it’s supposed to teleport someone to who or where that person is most likely to die.

Sasha: I see. Any longer and we would have died.

Third Guardian: Now on to the next step. Zeth, you must go and talk to Harmona.

Zeth: The Light Goddess? How would I do that? And what for?

Third Guardian: You can do so at the Temple of the Light Goddess. You have demonstrated that you can use Blood Magic at a low level of power and not die from using it. You have inherited your magic and your blood must be powerful. Harmona will surely want you to help her prevent another Great Chaos.

Zeth: Now that I think about it, I have never seen my parents use magic.

Third Guardian: Then it would be best if you go to see them first before you go to the Temple of the Light Goddess. Perhaps they may be hiding something from you, Zeth. Go and ask them about it.

Zeth: Okay. I was heading home anyway.

*The Guardian looks at the other four*

Third Guardian: You four should accompany Zeth on his way to the Temple. I have a feeling you will all have a big role too.

*They all nod their heads*

Third Guardian: Now you must be off on your way.

*The five heroes leave the altar and they start walking out of the cave*

*After the leave, the Third Guardian looks a little bit sad and thinks to herself*

Third Guardian: (Thinking) I’m sorry that I could not reveal everything to you, Zeth. I believe it is not my place to do that. I believe Harmona should be the one to do that. I won't take that away from her.


Narrator: Outside of the cave.

*When the heroes reach the outside of the cave, they see that the sun is starting to rise*

Joe: Look, the sun is coming up and the water is back to normal!

*Zeth stretches and then looks on with excitement*

Zeth: Alright! Let’s get back to town!

*They are all happy and begin their journey as they start walking back to Flagron*

Narrator: After talking with the Third Guardian, the heroes now have a new goal.

Chapter 27 END

To be Continued in Chapter 28: The Only A-Rank