Chapter 29:

Chapter 29: Messenger of the Dark Goddess

Beyond The Stars

Author's Note: This is the first chapter of the third arc and is the final prologue arc.

Chapter 29: Messenger of the Dark Goddess

Narrator: Somewhere at an unknown location.

*A man is walking down a dirt road. He has neck-length black hair. An inch-wide scar runs down the middle of his entire forehead. He has a dark blue iris color in his eyes. He looks relatively young and generally has a blank stare. His clothes are a mixture of black and gray with some red in it too. The clothes look like they are from a past era. He is 6 feet tall*

Narrator: Messenger of the Dark Goddess – Korobu.

Korobu: (Narrating) For a long time now, I have loyally served the Dark Goddess. Whenever she has an immediate need that she wants taken care of, I’m almost always the first person she goes to. She highly values my magic and that magic is Abyss Magic. She has very good reason to value it as Abyss Magic can be considered the greatest magic in the whole galaxy… I wonder if you’re watching… progenitor.

*Korobu approaches a small town and five warrior humans approach him before he enters*

Warrior 1: Hey you! You look suspicious!

Warrior 2: What business do you have here?

*Korobu’s expression changes from a blank stare to a more serious expression*

Korobu: You may call me Korobu and I have a meeting in this town so step aside.

W1: Bullshit! I don’t like the atmosphere you give off.

W3: We five all have D-Rank and E-Rank magic power.

W2: So you better leave before we have to rough you up.

*Korobu closes his eyes*

Korobu: Do you know what happens when someone challenges me? They fall. I can make anything fall. That includes your lives. Let me introduce you to my Abyss Magic.

*He opens his eyes and a dark abyss surrounds his irises which change to the shape of skulls and are now colored red. Five black transparent skulls release from Korobu’s body*

W1: What the hell!?

*The skulls each pierce the hearts of the warriors and they all fall and die. Korobu looks at them as his eyes turn back to white and his irises return to normal*

Korobu: Your D-Rank magic can’t compare. Such a foolish system to measure magic strength created by arrogant humans who want nothing more than to stroke their own egos while there are beings in existence that are far stronger. Stating your magic rank is the best indicator that you stand no chance against me. You fell and died as I said you would.

*Two new people from the town approach Korobu.*

Narrator: Worshippers of the Dark Goddess – Sachi and Ben.

*Sachi has flat black hair with a slightly receding hairline. He’s wearing formal clothes. He looks like he is in his 30s. Ben is bald and is a bit chubby. He’s also wearing formal clothes and also looks like he is in his 30s*

Sachi: Lord Korobu, sorry for the trouble these idiots gave you. We are ready for you, the Messenger of the Dark Goddess, to make our town one of the Dark Goddess’s Chambers of Influence.

Ben: Yes, we are ready to worship the Dark Goddess and be spared from her wrath when she makes her ascension.

Korobu: Very Well. Take me to the center of this town.

Sachi: Follow us, Lord Korobu.

*The three of them enter town and walk until they reach a building*

Sachi: The center of town is technically inside this building.

Korobu: Then we are going in.

*They enter the building and the inside has a main lobby with a desk at the end of the room and there are some office rooms connecting to it*

Sachi: This place is a bank on the verge of closing down.

Korobu: That makes it perfect for a new base.

*They walk towards the very center point of town within the lobby*

Korobu: Watch as I create a new place underground.

*Korobu gets a black aura and thrusts his hand onto the ground*

Ben: What is happening?

Korobu: My magic is creating a new underground chamber. It will be the best place to show your support of the Dark Goddess.

*He takes his hand off the ground*

Korobu: Not only that but soon the whole town of Kopesh will soon feel the presence of the Dark Goddess.

Sachi: So, indoctrination?

Korobu: Not exactly. If there is anything humans want, it is to feel cared about. They will feel that they are people that the Dark Goddess cares about and will freely worship her on their own without any mind manipulation. However, outsiders, you will need to worry about.

Sachi: What do you mean by that?

Korobu: People not from this town that come here will sense the influence of the Dark Goddess. Worshippers of the Light Goddess would start a witch hunt over it in this town. Sachi: I see. Well, now what?

Korobu: I will stay here in this town for a while until the chamber is fully created. Then I will show you the chamber and then be on my way.
Sachi: Lord Korobu, shall I get you a place to stay?

Korobu: No, that won’t be necessary. Just have everyone in this building leave and I will stay here.

Narrator: Korobu, the Messenger of the Dark Goddess, makes his introduction.

Chapter 29 END

To be Continued in Chapter 30: Udana’s Words