Chapter 30:

Chapter 30: Udana's Words

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 30: Udana’s Words

Narrator: Back to the heroes.

*It’s night and the five heroes sit around a campfire in the woods*

Zeth: So your magic was given to you?

Kurt: Yes, my master was powerful too. I remember Master Dom stating that he was a B-Rank. So far, I have not come close to reaching his level.

Sasha: He gave you magic so he also uses Aura Magic, correct?

Kurt: Yeah, it was 2 years ago.

Sasha: Emily, Joe, were you given magic too?

Emily: No, we inherited our magic just like you and Zeth. At least in my case I never used it to fight much, just to help around.

Joe: Same here. I was the only one in my family with weather magic so I used it to help farmers and to grow things.

Zeth: If you inherited it, why was your magic different?

Joe: When people who have different magic have a kid, those two different magics combine into something entirely different. Though, my magic is not even remotely similar to my parents’ magic so it is definitely strange how I was born with Weather Magic.

Kurt: That’s not entirely unheard of. It’s just rare.

Zeth: Rare or not, that’s interesting. I wonder about my parents’ magic.

Kurt: Don’t worry. We will be in your home city in a week.

Zeth: I hope so…

*Zeth looks around at everyone*

Zeth: I was thinking we should get to know each other even better. Why not talk about what we want out of life? What are our goals?

Emily: I’d like that so sure. Let’s do it.

*Zeth looks at Sasha*

Zeth: You should start us off, Sasha.

Sasha: Me!?

*Sasha looks nervous*

Sasha: Um…

Joe: Is something wrong?

Sasha: No, no! I just wasn’t expecting to go first! That’s all!

*Sasha calms down and then begins speaking again*

Sasha: Well… I guess I didn’t really have any big life goals before this. I grew up as your average girl. I was always shy so I didn’t have a lot of friends. One day, I actually got invited to a party and that’s when my fight with my parents that led to me getting kicked out started.

Emily: A fight started over a party invite?

Sasha: Yes, my parents believed parties were for delinquents.

Joe: Well, that stupid.

Sasha: It is but at least it led to me meeting you four. For that, I’m thankful. Back to the point. I hope this journey that I’m going on with all of you will help me find a long term life goal.

*Sasha smiles*

Sasha: That’s all for my turn.

*Zeth looks at Kurt*

Zeth: You should go next, Kurt.

Kurt: Alright. Given that I was not born with magic, I believe that I cherish having magic more by having it given to me than I would have if I was born with it. For that reason, I want to take the Aura Magic I was given and fully develop it to its ultimate potential. I would become the Aura King… no, make that the Aura God! That’s my goal!

Emily: That was well said. We’ll be with you every step of the way!

Joe: And if you start slacking, we’ll push your ass in high gear!

*Kurt chuckles*

Kurt: Thanks, guys.

*Zeth looks at Emily*

Zeth: Your turn, Emily.

Emily: For me, I guess it’s not something too grand like Kurt’s but I want to sail the seas and check out all the islands in the world. With the smaller size of islands, those communities must be real close and I’d like to get to see them in person. I’d definitely start off with the islands off the northeast coast of Harmone.

Joe: Are you sure that it’s not that you’re interested in trying out the pirate life?

Emily: Shut up! It has nothing to do with pirate life.

Joe: But your Channeling Magic would be great for a pirate.

Kurt: Good grief, Joe. Stop teasing her.

Sasha: Yeah, I think it’s cool that she wants to check out the islands of the world.

*Zeth looks at Joe*

Zeth: Well, Joe. Since you are in the mood to talk, tell us your goals.

Joe: Call me unrealistic but I want to be the lord of storms. I want to be able to stand on a cloud and throw lightning bolts down at the ground. If I get angered, I will bring forth fierce winds upon my opposition.

Emily: Calm down, Zeus. Tell us your real goals.

Joe: Okay, fine. What I really want is to help people in need. There are people struggling to survive in this world. I want to help them out. I also want to raise a good family.

*Joe looks at Emily as he says the last part. Emily notices*

Emily: What are you looking at me for? We’re… we’re just friends! That’s all.

*The other four laugh while Emily blushes*

Emily: Anyway, Zeth! You still need to go!

Zeth: Me? Well… I was kind of like Sasha. I just grew up like an average boy…

*Zeth suddenly starts having flashbacks. The first flashback is of him discovering he has magic. The next flashback is the woman from his nightmare lunging towards him saying “Consumption”. The third flashback is Crimson saying that he wants to consume him. The final flashback is the Third Guardian saying that he needs to ask his parents about their supposed lack of magic*

Zeth: I have a feeling that my life is about to change in a big way. Whatever goals I had before, they went out the window when I got abducted by the Hawk Clan. I have questions and I need answers. There are things that just don’t make sense to me right now. After we meet with the Light Goddess, I will decide what my goal is.

Kurt: That is fair enough.

Sasha: I believe it’s okay not to know yet. Our lives are shaped by our experiences. When you put those experiences together, that’s when your goals start to form.

Zeth: I like the way you put that. Thanks, Sasha. Anyway, let me grab some more wood for the fire.

*Zeth leaves*


*Zeth walks through the trees and reaches a pond with some logs*

*He sees a young woman with black hair in a long ponytail. It’s Udana*

Udana: Hello, Zeth.

Zeth: Who are you?

Udana: I am Udana and I serve my master, Kogen. I am here because he is very interested in you.

Zeth: What do you want with me?

Udana: Nothing yet… I just came to speak to you. You have shown that you are talented so Master Kogen would like to enlist your help sometime in the future.

Zeth: Be more specific. I don’t entirely trust you just because you are not attacking me.

Udana: What I’m saying is that if you want to prevent this world from being destroyed by the Dark Goddess, you should help Master Kogen when the time comes.

Zeth: When would I know when the time has come?

Udana: When the time has come, I will return to you and let you know. It has been 118 years since the Dark Goddess was last in this world.

Zeth: That’s when the Great Chaos ended.

Udana: Correct and the Dark Goddess has not been to Earth since then. Many people believe the Great Chaos being about the Dark Goddess is only a rumor. The only reason why some believe it to only be a rumor is that so much time has passed that no human who was alive then is still alive and many have chosen to not believe in monsters. The Great Chaos caused by Hell was very much a reality. The Dark Goddess was defeated but she did not die. Her defeat was only temporary. She will return. Her inevitable return is unknown to most people and most of the people who have heard about it don’t believe it. They are in denial. You can help us stop her.

Zeth: How exactly?

Udana: I will reveal that when the time comes. This short meeting was simply to give you a message. For now, I must go but one day I shall return when we need you. Farewell.

*Sasha arrives*

Udana: Goodbye, Zeth.

*Udana jumps back into some trees and vanishes from sight*

Sasha: Who was that?

Zeth: She said her name was Udana. She wants my help to stop the Dark Goddess in the future but I don’t know the details. However, I’m not sure if I trust her. Why did you come here?

Sasha: You were taking a while so I came to make sure you were alright.

Zeth: Thanks, I appreciate it. Now, it’s time to get back to the campfire.

*They grab some wood and leave*

Narrator: Udana has confronted Zeth. Just what will she need of him in the future?

Chapter 30 END

To be Continued in Chapter 31: Zeth’s Home City