Chapter 28:

Chapter 28: The Only A-Rank

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 28: The Only A-Rank

Narrator: Back at the rocky area where Kurt defeated Smog.

*Some rocks start to move and out comes Smog from beneath the boulders. Smog is extremely injured*

Smog: Where is that human!? I will kill him for this!

???: You need not worry about him because now you really are about to die.

Smog: Huh?

*He looks to his left and sees a woman. The woman is Udana*

Smog: Who the hell are you?

Udana: I am Udana and my master, Kogen, has ordered me to come out and finish any scraps of demons that may have survived. That means you.

Smog: You want to fight me, human? It’s your death wish.

Udana: Fight? No, I will win this battle in seconds.

*Smog begins charging at Udana*

*Udana unsheathes her sword and then slashes him eight times in a few seconds*

*Udana sheathes her sword and then Smog falls into pieces and dies*

Udana: You were a demon, but you were also very weak. Now in death, you will realize that.

*She walks away*


Narrator: The heroes are on their way back to Flagron.

Zeth: It’s crazy…

Sasha: Zeth?

Zeth: It’s crazy that we’re really being asked to help the Light Goddess stop the demons of Hell. We’re even being asked to meet with the Light Goddess herself. Imagine saying that to anyone. They would think we were crazy.

Emily: True, but who cares if they would think we’re crazy. We’re going to actually get to meet the Light Goddess! Us! We five out of billions in the world!

Joe: You’re very enthusiastic about this, aren’t you?

Emily: Hell yeah, I am!

Kurt: I have to admit that I’m nervous. We’re going to meet the Light Goddess so maybe we should act formally? But what if we are too formal? Would that be bad? I have no experience meeting a literal goddess!

*Sasha and Emily giggle at Kurt’s freak out*

Zeth: Calm down. None of us have any experience meeting a goddess. When we meet her, we will just be like our normal selves. This is a meeting to find out our purpose in this conflict, not a job interview.

Kurt: Yeah, I guess you’re right.

*Sasha smiles*

Sasha: To think I would go from being kicked out of the house by my parents to being a demon fighter. I never thought my life would become interesting like this.

*As they continue to walk, the silhouette of a woman is spying on them from some trees in the background*

Woman: (Talking to herself) To think you would end up in a group like this. It’s not time for it yet, but we will one day meet face to face… Sasha. Once you have released the darkness in your heart, I will seek you out. I’m looking forward to it.


Narrator: Back in Flagron town.

The heroes meet with RAG*

RAG: I see. It’s unfortunate that anyone else who could stop this was away from town. If only I didn’t leave, we could have stopped this faster.

Zeth: Don’t worry about it. We were happy to help.

Joe: And I don’t know how believable it would be to say that demons have poisoned the water.

RAG: Knowing about the Great Chaos, it should be pretty believable. But you’re right that many people wouldn’t believe it as the Great Chaos happened outside of current day peoples’ lifetime.

Zeth: We need to get going soon. We have some personal goals that we need to accomplish.

RAG: Sure thing. I won’t stop you from leaving so if you got things you need to do, go do them.

*RAG sees people gathering to see someone*

RAG: It looks like Goma has returned.

Emily: Who is Goma?

RAG: He is the only person in the entire country that is an A-Rank in magic power.

Joe: Seriously?

RAG: Yes, and therefore is the only person in the A-Rank magic club so he is not in town as much as he could be. He pretty much uses the club as a personal base for himself until someone else ever makes it to A-Rank. Because of his rank, he is very popular in this town.

*The crowd around Goma begins to disperse and the heroes can see what Goma looks like. His black hair is short overall, with black tufts of hair that spike out to the sides in all directions and not straight up. The irises of his eyes are blue-colored. He wears a gray button-up shirt and blue jeans. He is 6 feet, 2 inches tall. He looks like he is in his early 40s*

*The heroes and RAG all go up to Goma*

Narrator: The Only A-Rank Person in Harmone – Goma

RAG: Hey Goma, it has been a while.

Goma: It has my friend. Who are these five with you?

RAG: Last night, some demons poisoned the water in the river and these five put a stop to it.

Goma: Then you have my thanks.

Zeth: So you are an A-Rank? Can you show us the power of an A-Rank?

Goma: Well, you did save the town’s drinking water so I guess I can do that.

*Goma stands away from everybody*

*He then begins to power up. An intense aura surrounds his body and little pieces of rubble lift off the ground. The whole area shakes a bit*

*The heroes are in awe of his power*

Zeth: Wow, incredible!

*Everyone in the town looks at Goma in awe*

Goma: If you want to see one of my actual attacks, bring me an object to use an attack on.

RAG: Sure thing! We have some boulders lying around from the nearby rocky area.

*RAG picks up a boulder that is about 4 feet in diameter and sets it near where Goma is standing*

Goma: Everyone, stand back. I will show you my Burst Magic. I just don’t want any pieces of this boulder to hit anyone.

*Everyone keeps their distance from the boulder*

Emily: What is he going to do it?

Joe: Based on the name of his magic, I’m going to assume he is going to make it burst.

Sasha: The question is in what way will he make it burst?

*Goma points his index finger at the boulder. After a moment, glowing lines start to come from various parts of the boulder and then it bursts into many tiny pieces. The small pieces that fly out from the burst don’t hit anyone*

Zeth: Wow! That’s awesome!

*Goma powers down*

Goma: This magic is highly lethal so no one that becomes a threat will last long against me. Anyway, that’s the end of this demonstration.

Kurt: How exactly does Burst Magic work? Obviously, you pointed at the boulder and it burst but what is happening with the boulder to make that happen?

Goma: It’s tough to explain and maybe one day you will all find out. But I also don’t generally reveal that information. I can’t let any threats try to figure out any possible weakness.

Zeth: Thanks for showing though. That was pretty damn cool!

*Zeth holds out his fist trying to fist bump Goma*

*Goma smiles and then fist bumps Zeth*

Goma: I’m glad you liked it. I will be heading back to the A-Rank magic club now. See you later.

*Goma starts walking away*

Emily: I wonder who he even considers threats? He’s the only A-Rank there is in the entire country. No one can challenge him.

Zeth: Maybe he is part of some organization and fights demons at night, like what we just did?

Joe: Eh, does it matter? He’s a strong-ass guy. We don’t need to worry about him being taken down.

Zeth: I guess you’re right. We should get going.

*The heroes begin to leave the town*

*As they leave, RAG looks out towards them and waves*

RAG: Bye! And don’t be strangers! You can come on by any time you want!

*The five heroes wave back*

*Zeth then looks forward with confidence*

Zeth: I don’t know what the future has in store but I’m going to face it head on!

Narrator: The only person to be an A rank in the country has appeared. The heroes leave Flagron on their way to Zeth’s home city.

Chapter 28 END

To be Continued in Chapter 29: Messenger of the Dark Goddess

This is the end of the Cursed Water Arc.

Arc Completed: February 21st, 2015