Chapter 31:

Chapter 31: Zeth's Home City

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 31: Zeth’s Home City

Narrator: One Week Later

*The heroes arrive in Kunasha, Zeth’s home city. A sign says “Welcome to Kunasha, home of the Eagle Clan”. Zeth happily falls to his knees and lifts his arms up in the air*

Zeth: Finally, I’m home!!

Emily: It certainly is a nice-looking city.

Kurt: So what do you want to do, Zeth? Do you want to go straight to your home or do you want to show us around first?

Zeth: If you want to see around first then I can do that.

Joe: Sure, I would like to see around.


Narrator: The city of Kunasha is one of the vastest cities in Harmone and has a population of over one million.

*The heroes walk through the city*

Kurt: It may not be as big as Reign City, but this is still one big place.

Zeth: You’ve been to Reign City?

Emily: We’ve all been to it. It’s the capital city of Harmone and we do travel a fair bit.

Zeth: I didn’t mean that as surprised… um… never mind.

Sasha: I’ve never been to Reign City though.

Joe: Whatever role we hold in this divine conflict, I’m sure our path will take us through Reign City at some point so you will get to see it.


Narrator: The heroes walk through the city for about half an hour.

*As the heroes continue to walk, Emily spots a weapons shop*

Emily: Ah! A weapon shop! Maybe I should stop by.

Joe: Is this really necessary?

Emily: Yes! If we are going to be fighting to the death against demons and whatnot, I need to be loaded.
Joe: Fine, I guess we might as well go in too.

*Inside the shop, Emily searches around for weapons she might be interested in*

Sasha: So what weapons are you looking for?

Emily: Nothing in particular. If I like what I see, I will buy it.

*Emily sees something she wants. It’s a shotgun. The shotgun is mostly black and has a red flame pattern on it*

Emily: I definitely want this.

Zeth: A shotgun?

*A man approaches them. He is the store manager*

Store Manager: Not just any shotgun but the X12 Shatter Shotgun. Listen miss, if you are a channeling magic user, I suggest not buying that unless you have D-Rank magic. It could seriously harm you otherwise.

Emily: How so?

Store Manager: When channeling magic into a weapon, certain weapons require a minimal amount of magic to use, if you are not strong enough to give a good enough dose, meaning being an E-Rank or lower with this gun, it will reach into your blood and life which could kill you or, at the very least, significantly injure you.

Zeth: Seriously?

Store Manager: Yes.

Emily: Then can I still buy but just wait to use it till I’m strong enough?

Store Manager: I guess so.

Emily: Let me also buy an F-Rank shotgun as well then.

*He shows her a different shotgun. The shotgun he shows her is gray with a brown wooden stock*

Store Manager: It’s a B3 Tide Shotgun. It's a classic design but hey, there's nothing wrong with that.

Emily: That does look good too. I will buy it. And one last thing. I want these.

*She shows a couple of wheel-shaped blades to everyone*

Emily: These are Dual Spinning Blades.

Store Manager: Maybe it’s none of my business but why do you young people need all of these weapons?

Emily: Let’s just say that in the near future we will probably be pursued by monsters.

Store Manager: Ah, well that certainly does not sound good. Be safe out there.

*Emily buys the weapons and they then leave the shop. They continue walking through the city*

Emily: (Thinking) What he said of the weapons sounds like the Shadow Sword I got from the demons. But I could still use the Shadow Sword easily, only that it drains my energy fast. Hmmm.

Sasha: Are you okay, Emily?

Emily: Yes, I was just thinking to myself about the weapons.

Zeth: Now that we have had a look around, let’s go to my home.


Narrator: In the suburbs just outside of the main part of the city.

*They reach Zeth’s house and it is pretty big*

Joe: Whoa Zeth, your house is huge.

Zeth: Though it may be big we are not super rich or anything.

*Zeth stares at the house for a moment*

Zeth: I just can’t wait to see my parents again.

*They begin walking towards the house*

Narrator: Zeth has at last reached home. What will Zeth learn by returning to his parents?

Chapter 31 END

To be Continued in Chapter 32: Story of the Divine War