Chapter 32:

Chapter 32: Story of the Divine War

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 32: Story of the Divine War

*The heroes walk up to the front door of Zeth’s house and knock*

*A woman answers the door. She has shoulder-length black hair. She is 6 feet, 2 inches tall, and she is wearing casual clothes*

Narrator: Zeth’s Mother – Miranda.

*She sees Zeth*

Miranda: Zeth! It’s you! You are okay!

*Miranda hugs Zeth tightly*

Zeth: I’m sorry, mom. I was captured by the Hawk Clan and after a year I was able to escape.

Miranda: Damn Hawks. We have been searching for you but after a month the police gave up and called off the search. But I never gave up hope. I knew that one day, somehow, you would return here.

Zeth: I was very fortunate to escape… but I lost Paul in the process. He… didn’t make it.

*Zeth looks sad*

Miranda: Oh Zeth! I’m so sorry! Paul was such a great friend to you! We’ll have to let his family know today.

Zeth: I’ll miss him forever. While I will always remember him, I also find myself fortunate to have met these four.

Miranda: May I ask who these that are with you are?

Zeth: These are my friends that I met after escaping the prison. They are Emily, Kurt, Sasha, and Joe. They all helped me get back here.

Sasha, Kurt, Joe, and Emily: Nice to meet you.

Miranda: My name is Miranda. Thank you. Thank you for helping Zeth get back!

Kurt: No problem.

Zeth: Mom, we have questions we need to ask you.

Miranda: I see. Come inside and sit down then ask away.

*They all go inside the house*

*They sit in the family room and are also joined by Zeth’s father. His father has short brown hair and his hair is thinning. He is 6 feet tall. He is wearing casual clothes*

Narrator: Zeth’s Father – Jack.

*Jack looks at Zeth in amazement*

Jack: I can’t believe you actually made it back… It’s… It’s good to see you again, son!

Zeth: Thanks, dad.

*Zeth then looks like he has something on his mind that is bothering him*

Miranda: Is something the matter, Zeth? You don’t look good.

Zeth: Okay, let me start. On our way here, we were attacked by demons and learned of the Dark Goddess and the Light Goddess and the war they waged during the Great Chaos. Do you know what happened in the Great Chaos?

*Miranda takes a deep breath*

Miranda: I do.

*Miranda has a serious expression on her face*

Miranda: 141 years ago, the Dark Goddess, Dakame, and her demon army ascended from Hell and began an attempt to destroy the world and reshape it as she saw fit. Then the Light Goddess, Harmona, and her angel army descended from Heaven to try and stop her. What resulted was a 24 year long Divine War. In those 24 years, many lives were lost and even some people defected to Dakame’s side. After 24 years of despair and sadness, and with the war not appearing to end any time soon, Harmona had had enough. She did something very risky. In the final battle of the war that was in a major city near the center of the country which is now called Reign City, she had deployed her risky move. In what would result in her death if it failed, she released her divine soul while fighting Dakame. Her divine soul had been slammed down on the entire city, causing the deaths of many demons. And since Dakame did not expect Harmona would do this, she too was nearly destroyed by the attack, forcing her and any remaining demons to retreat back to Hell. Unfortunately for Harmona, doing so greatly purged her power. It could take hundreds of years for her to fully regain her strength and powers. If Dakame were to ever return again before Harmona fully recovers, we would all be doomed.

*All five heroes are in complete shock*

Zeth: *Shivering in fear* The demons…. we encountered and so did a woman… said that the Dark Goddess will return again…

Sasha: What do we do?

Miranda: If that is true then I don’t know what we can do. Harmona is not ready to take on Dakame again.

Zeth: We met an altar guardian. She told us to meet the Light Goddess.

Miranda: Then do it. If the Light Goddess wants you to meet with her, then that is what you do.

Zeth: I also found out that I have magic. Why didn’t you tell me about this?

Miranda: Zeth…. I’m afraid of how you will react to this but it’s time to tell you the truth… Jack and I… We are not your biological parents.

*Zeth opens his eyes wide in surprise*

Zeth: What?

Miranda: That’s right. We adopted you. We don’t know who your biological parents are.

*Zeth’s eyes are still wide open as he tries to comprehend this new information*

Miranda: Let me explain how we adopted you. One day, almost 18 full years ago, it was dark and rainy. A strange woman approached us. She was wearing a cloak that covered everything but her face. She gave us a baby and begged us to please take care of you. She then ran away. We still have no idea who she is.

*Tears start to go down Zeth’s face. Zeth then has flashbacks of discovering his magic, the woman from his nightmare, Crimson and his desire to consume, and the Third Guardian telling him to question his parents*

Zeth: This is just so much to take. It’s like everything about my life before being abducted by the Hawk Clan was just a façade. Who am I? What am I? What is the meaning of everything that I have learned ever since the night we encountered the demons!?

Narrator: Our heroes have learned of the past, and now Zeth has learned a little about his own past. He must come to terms that Miranda and Jack are not his biological parents.

Chapter 32 END

To be Continued in Chapter 33: The Poachers