Chapter 37:

Chapter 37: Answers About The Poachers

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 37: Answers About The Poachers

Zeth: I hope you realize it’s over. You can’t win.

Raider: I will take you down or I will die trying!

*Raider charges at Zeth and attempts a series of punches to Zeth but Zeth easily dodges them all*

*Zeth stops Raider’s attacks by gut punching him, causing Raider to cough up a lot of blood*

*Zeth then realizes that the bridge is starting to break apart as his Raging Aura has destroyed the bridge*

Zeth: Damn! I’m not done with you yet!

*They begin to fall towards the ground but Raider attempts to fly away using his moth wings*

*However, Zeth forms his Chains of the Volcano Demon and wraps one of them around Raider’s ankle to keep him from flying away. Then Zeth uses the other chain to latch onto a building to slow their fall*

*When they reach the ground, Zeth releases Raider*

*Zeth ends his Raging Star Mode and walks up to Raider. He then punches Raider in the face*

*Raider’s full power form ends and he returns to normal*

Zeth: I want answers! Depending on how you answer, you may end up being in prison instead of dying! Who is your leader!? What is that strange vehicle!? What do the Hawks want!?

Raider: *cough* Fine you win. Our leader is among the nine of us. His name is Tazer.

Zeth: Tazer, you say?

Raider: Yes, he was the one you saw giving us commands. The vehicle as you saw can be used as a cannon and confines lots of energy and then shoots it out in a ball shape and it explodes on contact. The vehicle also expands and can be used to carry any people or things we poach. As for the Hawks, they are just our employer. But if you really want to know what they want, it should be no surprise that they want the total imprisonment and destruction of the Eagle Clan. They are paying us a lot of money for this job.

Zeth: You did all this for money!? You disgust me!

Raider: We are no saints! We are not just gonna turn down cash for something we are capable of doing. What does it matter to you? You are strong enough to defeat us. So go after the rest of us if you don’t like it.

Zeth: I can assure you that I will.

Raider: One last thing, there is a password that allows access to the controls of the vehicle that we call “Jail Bus”. The secret password can be pulled from the first letter of each of our names. Those letters spell out a word and that word is the password.

Zeth: Just tell me what the password is.

Raider: I won’t tell you everything because I don’t fully trust you not to kill me so figure it out yourself.

Zeth: …Fair enough.

*There is a brief pause in the conversation before Raider finally talks again*

Raider: …What is your name?

Zeth: What?

Raider: We introduced ourselves to you but you never introduced yourself to us… So what is your name?

Zeth: …Zeth.

Raider: Zeth, huh? I will remember your name. The name of the one who defeated me. I have this feeling that I will see you again in the future. When that time comes, you better remember my name too.

*Some Magic Guardsmen of the Eagle Clan come over to them*

Magic Guardsman: You there, I heard poachers invaded this city.

Zeth: Yes, and here is one of them. Take him away to prison. As far as I know, there are still seven left.

*The Magic Guardsmen grab Raider and take him away. Raider shouts as he is taken away*

Raider: If this is the end of our poacher group, then I look forward to seeing who else makes it out of this battle alive! Give me some company in prison!

*Zeth doesn’t pay any attention to him*

Zeth: Grode and Raider. So two letters of the password are G and R.

*Zeth looks out to another part of the city*

Zeth: I hope everyone else is doing okay.


Narrator: Meanwhile, at Zeth’s parents’ house.

*A bookcase is moved out of the way and behind it is a dark passage. Miranda stares into the dark passage*

Miranda: (Thinking) Should I enter and grab “that”?

*Miranda takes one step forward but then stops*

Miranda: (Thinking) No… It’s still not the right time. I won’t bring it out until I see “him” again. I’ll trust Zeth and his friends to defeat the invaders and protect the people of this city.

*The bookcase closes and blocks the dark passage and then Miranda walks away*

Narrator: Zeth has defeated both of his Poacher opponents. But what is this dark passage in Miranda’s home?

Chapter 37 END

To be Continued in Chapter 38: Kurt vs Easia