Chapter 38:

Chapter 38: Kurt vs Easia

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 38: Kurt vs Easia

Narrator: Back to right after the heroes were first separated from each other.

*Kurt is confronted by a young woman. She is Easia. She keeps her left arm behind her back*

Kurt: So you are just going to divide us all up?

Easia: Precisely. Let me introduce myself. My name is Easia. I am of the poachers and we do not respond kindly to people who get in our way.

Kurt: My name is Kurt and I won’t just get in your way, I will stop you.

Easia: I see. Well then, I will just have to defeat you using my Fairy Magic.

*They both get ready for battle. Magic-made wings appear on Easia’s back*

*She holds out her right hand and the tips of her fingers glow a pink color. Five beams are released from her fingers. Both of Kurt’s arms and legs are hit as well as his torso*

Kurt: What did you do?

Easia: Simple. Look, there are now fairy patterns on the spots I hit. They will allow me to do more damage to those areas.

Kurt: I won’t let you hit those areas then.

*Kurt’s aura is released and it encompasses a five-foot radius around Kurt’s entire body. He charges at Easia*

Easia: Aura Magic? Why does it expand so much?

*As Kurt closes in, Easia is now in Kurt’s aura radius in which an aura whip comes out of the ground and hits her, knocking her back*

Easia: I see. So stepping in the radius of his aura automatically causes it to attack.

Kurt: Spreading my aura out like this is a new ability I gained recently.

*Both charge at each other*

*As Easia enters Kurt’s aura she ducks under Kurt’s punch and then punches Kurt’s torso, causing him pain which dissipates the aura field before it can make a whip to attack her*

*Easia then rapidly spins in a circle with her leg sticking out*

Easia: Spin Kicks!

*Easia’s Spin Kicks hit Kurt repeatedly and she is hitting the points she marked with her Fairy Magic. Kurt stumbles back in major pain and is bleeding at all the points Easia hit*

Kurt: *huff huff* Why do you keep your left arm behind your back? Trying to beat me with one hand?

Easia: No, I just prefer to be like this.

*Kurt charges. How easily Kurt is able to run towards her surprises her and she is taken off guard*

Kurt: Flame Aura Fists!

*Kurt lands a punch to Easia’s face, causing her a lot of damage*

*Using his Flame Aura Fists, Kurt is able to rapidly punch Easia all over and do a good amount of damage. Easia then hits Kurt in the gut with her knee, causing his barrage of punches to stop*

*Before Easia can do more, Kurt punches her in the face again with flame fists. They begin alternating punches instead of it being one sided*

*Having enough of the alternating hits, Kurt reactivates his Aura Field, causing multiple whips to hit Easia and she is knocked back. Her body flies into a window of a store which shatters it and her body finally lands deep inside the store*

Kurt: Damn, I did not think my aura could do that. I’ll have to apologize to the store owners for causing damage.

*Kurt approaches the store and he starts to see Easia as well as a bunch of scared people who were hiding in the store. Easia’s clothes are ripped in many places and she is also majorly bleeding*

Easia: *huff huff* You are coming closer and closer to convincing me to use my ugly left arm.

Kurt: Ugly left arm?

Easia: You will see if I end up using it.

Narrator: Kurt has gained the upper hand in this fight, but what is the secret of Easia’s left arm?

Chapter 38 END

To be Continued in Chapter 39: Grocery Store Battle