Chapter 36:

Chapter 36: Raging Star Mode

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 36: Raging Star Mode

Narrator: Zeth’s battle with Grode and Raider takes him to a high bridge connecting two buildings. It’s a 30-floor drop if they fall!

Zeth: (Thinking) Well this isn’t good.

Raider: You are hurt. It sure would suck if you fell all the way down there.

*Raider laughs*

Raider and Grode: Let us show you the fullest extent of our power.

*Shock waves begin to circle around Grode’s entire body. Raider begins to grow moth wings. The rest of his body also gets features of various insects*

Raider: This is our absolute fullest power. You will have the honor of dying by it.

Zeth: Sorry but I can’t say I’m impressed. I have faced someone way stronger than you.

Grode: Shut up!

*Both Grode and Raider charge at Zeth. Grode punches Zeth in the back hard, followed by a Raider kick to Zeth’s gut, and that’s followed by Grode punching Zeth into the ground, causing a shockwave too. The bridge shakes a little*

Raider: Get up!

*Grode picks up Zeth and throws him at Raider who swipes at Zeth’s neck with his new insect-like hands. Raider follows that up with a headbutt and then Grode comes over to help*

*They both then alternatingly punch Zeth continuously*

*After they stop their punches, Raider picks up Zeth and hangs him over the edge of the bridge*

Raider: Down below on the city streets will be your grave.

*Zeth then gives a smile*

Zeth: That’s what you think.

*Zeth shoots a Star Shine Blast at Raider’s face causing him to be blown back. Zeth grabs the ledge of the bridge and climbs back on*

Grode: But how…? We just beat the shit out of you!

Zeth: Yes, you did and I’m hurting all over. However, you don’t realize I have more power that I can bring out regardless of your acid.

*Zeth gets in a powering up stance*

Zeth: I didn’t want to use this new mode because it can be too destructive but you leave me no choice.

*Zeth’s whole body turns a shade of dark red and his aura turns dark red too*

Zeth: Behold, my Raging Star Mode! Another one of my new abilities!

Grode: How is this possible?

Raider: Damn you!

Zeth: (Thinking) I have to try and finish this fast. Just being in this mode could be enough to destroy this bridge.

*Grode begins charging at Zeth*

Grode: Die!! Slamming Punch!!

*A lot of energy is released from Grode’s punch but Zeth jumps over him and kicks him in the back. Grode is sent flying into the wall of one of the buildings*

*Zeth notices his Raging Aura is attacking the bridge*

Zeth: I have to go faster before my aura destroys the bridge.

*Grode gets up and he and Raider charge at Zeth*

*Grode attempts a series of punches to Zeth but Zeth dodges them. While Grode does that, Raider comes from behind and tries to swipe kick Zeth who then dodges by jumping upward*

*As he comes down, Zeth kicks Raider, sending him flying back into the wall of the other building*

Grode: Time for my ultimate attack! Earthquake Slam!

*Grode jumps in the air trying to body slam Zeth*

Zeth: I can’t dodge or he will be the one that destroys the bridge!

*Zeth stands still and as Grode lands using his body slam, Zeth essentially catches and even withstands the force of the body slam. Zeth was able to stop the attack and now he is holding his hands up while holding Grode*

Grode: Impossible!!!

Zeth: Enough!! Raging Star Blast!!

*Zeth shoots a Raging Star Blast into Grode’s body which goes through his entire body blasting out through his back and into the sky*

*Grode dies and then Zeth puts his body down*

*Zeth notices his Raging Aura is now causing the bridge to crack*

Raider: You killed Grode, you bastard!

*Zeth is angry*

Zeth: Look at how many people you poachers killed! You all deserve it as far as I’m concerned!

Narrator: Zeth uses his Raging Star Mode and has killed a poacher but one still remains for him to fight.

Chapter 36 END

To be Continued in Chapter 37: Answers About The Poachers