Chapter 41:

Chapter 41: Easia's Left Arm Revealed

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 41: Easia’s Left Arm Revealed

Easia: Believe it or not, your Aura Image is not invincible.

Kurt: I never said it was.

Easia: Come fairies! Let’s destroy it!

*Easia and the two fairies charge at the Aura Image. The aura image reforms its arms into whips and thrusts them at the two fairies, stopping them*

*Easia gets in a punch on the image, damaging it, but it also slightly damages Kurt*

Kurt: Gahh.

Easia: So it is as I thought. My Fairy Beams went through the image but it affected you. All attacks on an aura image do very slight and unnoticeable damage on the user but since my beams increase your damage you actually did feel more pain.

*The fairies return to the fight and all three of them try to land physical punches and kicks which leaves Kurt no choice but to have the image dodge the attacks. When the image gets the chance, it ducks to avoid a fairy’s punch and then slashes at the fairy which cuts it in two pieces and then it disappears into smoke*

Easia: You know, maybe I should actually be focusing my attacks on you, Kurt.

*Easia walks over to Kurt, leaving him scared. The image finishes off the other fairy by slashing it with a whip*

*The aura image runs over to Easia and she is frustrated how fast her fairies were defeated. She then rapidly spin kicks the aura image which destroys it and the aura flows back into Kurt’s body*

Easia: Now where were we?

*Easia is surprised to see Kurt standing and his movements back to normal. Kurt rapidly punches her with his Flame Aura Fists*

Kurt: Max Flame Aura Punch!

*Kurt punches Easia extremely hard in the gut. Easia looks to be in severe pain as her eyes and mouth are wide open and blood flows out of her mouth. She is sent flying back and hits many shelves before her body finally stops*

Kurt: It’s over.

Easia: *cough cough* No… It’s not…

*Easia coughs up a lot of blood and then wipes blood off her lips and chin with her right hand*

Easia: You forgot...

*She gets up*

Easia: …My ugly left arm. You must have been able to move because my anger and frustration caused my fairy power to dissipate.

*She moves out her left arm from behind her back*

Kurt: It looks the same as your other arm.

Easia: (In an insane voice) Oh does it?

*Easia’s skin on her left arm turns from a fair look to a monstrous look, and it soon affects the rest of her body. She looks completely deranged. Even her pink tented Fairy Field changes to a monstrous look*

Easia: (In an insane voice) Now do you see why it is ugly? Using it to fight makes me look like this and I hate it!

Kurt: Wow, she wasn’t kidding.

Narrator: Kurt has now forced Easia to use her left arm and now Easia has become deranged!

Chapter 41 END

To be Continued in Chapter 42: Kurt’s Chance At Victory