Chapter 40:

Chapter 40: What Master Dom Taught Me

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 40: What Master Dom Taught Me

*Kurt is still laying on the knocked over shelf*

Kurt: Damn, what would Master Dom do in this situation?

*Kurt has a flashback*


*Kurt is sitting with Master Dom in a training room. Master Dom has messy black hair along with a black beard and mustache. He wears a green robe*

Dom: Kurt, do you know what the biggest advantage of Aura Magic is?

Kurt: No master, tell me.

Dom: You can still manipulate your aura even if you can’t move. It does not require precise movements like other types of magic. If you ever find yourself in a situation where your movements are limited, try this technique.

*Dom begins to form an aura around his whole body. He makes his hands connect diagonally like an upside-down V and his finger tips of each hand touch each other. The aura moves forward off of Dom’s body. The result is that in front of Dom is an aura creation that resembles himself*

Dom: When you yourself can’t fight, you can create an aura version of yourself and fight through it. A disadvantage to this though is that it leaves your actual body more vulnerable so only use it if it’s necessary.

Kurt: Right. Thank you, Master Dom.

(Flashback End)

Kurt: (Thinking) I still haven’t actually been able to perform the technique but I must try now or it’s over.

*Kurt slowly connects his hands diagonally*

Easia: And what is this supposed to be?

Kurt: Aura Image!

*Kurt’s aura comes off his body*

Easia: What the…?

*Soon after his aura does take on Kurt’s appearance*

Easia: What technique is this?

Kurt: It’s my Aura Image. I can use it to fight you without any movements from my body.

Easia: It won’t change the outcome. I will destroy your aura.

*She holds up her right hand and shoots her Fairy Beams at the aura but they just go right through it*

*Easia gives it an odd stare. She then flaps her Fairy Wings and the pink dust goes around the Aura Image*

Easia: That will slow you down.

*The aura image charges at Easia and punches her in the face sending her flying back into some shelves. Easia gets up*

Easia: My fairy dust doesn’t work on aura. I should have known.

*Easia begins to make use of her Fairy Field again. Easia summons two more large fairies to her side*

Easia: Tell you what, if your Aura Image can withstand me and these two fairies, I will reveal my ugly left arm.

Narrator: Kurt has found a way to fight even with slowed movements. What are the limits to the Aura Image?

Chapter 40 END

To be Continued in Chapter 41: Easia’s Left Arm Revealed

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