Chapter 42:

Chapter 42: Kurt's Chance at Victory

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 42: Kurt’s Chance At Victory

*Easia begins running furiously towards Kurt. She begins moving sporadically as she closes in on Kurt and then begins doing rapid punches but without a clear pattern or strategy*

*Kurt is using his aura on his arm to help block the punches and Kurt then attempts to kick Easia but she roll jumps out of the way*

*Easia does a quick dash forward and elbows Kurt in the jaw and then swipe kicks him in the head, sending him flying towards the right. Kurt grabs onto the side of a shelf to stop himself from flying farther*

*Kurt then notices a grocery cart*

*Easia runs towards Kurt again but Kurt uses his Aura Magic to push the cart at a high speed which hits Easia. The cart not only damages Easia but it also trips her making her fall to the ground*

*Kurt then creates six individual spheres of aura. He launches the spheres at the ground surrounding Easia so all six form a hexagon around Easia’s body*

Kurt: Time for another one of my new abilities.

*All six spheres begin to have fire going through them*

Kurt: Aura Spheres!

*Fire connects all six Aura Spheres and then the flames go in the middle and burn Easia*

Easia: Gahh!

Kurt: Flame Aura Punch!

*As Easia gets up while being burned, she gets punched in the face by Kurt which knocks her back. Easia crashes into a bunch of grocery carts*

Easia: So I heard you like grocery carts!

*Since Easia is deranged, her Fairy Field is a Monster Field so she summons non-detailed monsters into the five carts*

Easia: You can have the monsters in these carts.

*Easia kicks all the carts towards Kurt and the monsters shoot beams out of their mouths on their way to Kurt. Kurt is surprised at first so the first beam hits him but he uses aura whips to hit the other beams back at the monsters which destroy three of them*

*Kurt then uses his aura whips to finish the fourth monster and he jumps and kicks the fifth monster as its cart reaches him.*

*In frustration, Easia charges at Kurt*

Easia: Damn you!

*Easia tries to punch Kurt in the face but he dodges by leaning his head back. Kurt then grabs her right arm and slams her down to the ground*

Kurt: (Thinking) This is my chance at victory!

*He then presses his foot down on Easia’s back*

Kurt: You think your deranged state makes you stronger!? No, it just makes you more sporadic! I will help you get rid of this deranged state!

*Kurt forms a sharp aura made blade on his right hand*

Kurt: Aura Shrapnel!

*Kurt swings his right arm on Easia’s left arm. The Aura Shrapnel causes Easia’s left arm to be cut off and then Easia’s deranged state ends and she returns to normal*

*Zeth enters the grocery store with magic guardsmen and medical staff. They see Kurt and Easia*

Zeth: Kurt!

Kurt: Zeth, I just defeated Easia of the poachers. However, now she needs medical attention because I cut her left arm off.

Zeth: Why did you do that?

Kurt: When she uses her left arm, she becomes deranged and insane. I have a feeling there was foul play on her.

*Medical doctors tend to Easia’s wound and wrap it up. They then start taking her away. Easia calls out to Kurt*

Easia: Thank you! You have saved me! I won’t forget what you have done for me! I will repay you one day!

Zeth: She seems grateful.

Kurt: The arm must have influenced her. She probably is a better person than she appeared as a poacher.

Zeth: It might be worth looking into eventually but right now we have to stop the rest of the poachers. Come on, let’s get out of here. We can leave the safety to the people in this area to the magic guardsmen.

*They leave the grocery store*

Narrator: Kurt has taken down one of the Poachers, but six more still remain.

Chapter 42 END

To be Continued in Chapter 43: Sasha vs Alga