Chapter 43:

Chapter 43: Sasha vs Alga

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 43: Sasha vs Alga

Narrator: Back when the five heroes were first separated

*Sasha finds herself on a slanted road*

???: Hello, young lady.

*Sasha watches as a woman approaches her. The woman is Alga*

Alga: My name is Alga and I am in the group of poachers. It’s unfortunate that you have to face me as I will tear you limb from limb.

Sasha: I’m not afraid of you. I will defeat you. I promise you that.

Alga: Haha, I doubt it.

*Not wasting any time, Sasha quickly charges at Alga and swipes at her but she only hits Alga’s shoulder as Alga jumps back to avoid a full hit*

Alga: Not fast enough!

*Sasha gives a smirk and then snaps her fingers. Many beams come out of the spot on Alga’s shoulder that Sasha swiped which does major damage. Alga gets on one knee and looks like she is in a lot of pain*

Sasha: You look like you are in major pain. You must not be very strong.

Alga: Silence! With my Armor Magic, you will not be able to hurt me further!

*A defensive magic aura forms around Alga’s body*

Alga: I specialize in defensive abilities so I let my natural strength do the talking for my offense.

Sasha: If that’s so then why did my attack hurt you so badly?

Alga: Shut up! I’m just getting warmed up.

*Alga charges at Sasha and then she attempts ordinary human punches but Sasha easily blocks them*

Sasha: Yep, you are right. Your offensive abilities are horrible.

Alga: Stop mocking me!

*Sasha uses a magic powered fist to punch Alga in the face with a lot of force but Alga’s armor causes her to just be knocked down instead of knocked far back*

Sasha: Since you are so confident in your defense, how about we test it?

*Sasha walks up to Alga again and this time swipes her on her arms, legs and head*

Sasha: Let’s try my Dimensional Beams again.

*Sasha snaps her fingers and then the beams release from all five spots. The beams continuously hit Alga but this time she is better able to endure it because of her magic armor. The beams end after a few seconds*

Alga: Enough of this!

*Alga charges at Sasha. Alga’s armor makes her slower, allowing Sasha to easily dodge Alga’s punches and kicks. Sasha punches Alga but it does not do much damage*

Sasha: Well, you probably won’t defeat me in an actual fight but I need to be creative to beat you. Hey, could you give me some time to figure out what I will use to beat you?

*Alga is furious*

Alga: (Thinking) How will I win!? I didn’t expect to come across a competent fighter in this city! I’ve never seen an Eagle Clan member put up a fight against me. Is she even really an Eagle Clan member!?

Narrator: Sasha has found herself matched with a foe that is weak offensively but is strong defensively. What will she do to win?

Chapter 43 END

To be Continued in Chapter 44: Shade Blanket