Chapter 44:

Chapter 44: Shade Blanket

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 44: Shade Blanket

Sasha: I know how I will beat you now.

Alga: And what would that be?

Sasha: You will see when I beat you.

*Sasha begins running up the slanted road towards Alga*

Sasha: Shade Punch!

*Shade drips from Sasha’s arm like a liquid as she punches Alga in the shoulder. The punch knocks Alga down and Sasha runs past her up the slanted road and stops by some abandoned cars*

*She turns around and with both of her fists having a shaded aura she thrusts them both forward*

Sasha: Shade Blanket!

*A blast of a shady mist is released from both of Sasha’s fists. The shade covers the left and right sides of the road, leaving only the middle not covered*

Alga: What is this?

Sasha: One of my new abilities. It’s a shade that mostly can’t be passed through. If you are in it, you can’t get out. If you are out, you can’t get in. As you can see, I have lined up a bunch of cars to ram into you on this downwards slope. With your heavy defense armor magic, you won’t be able to jump over them or out run them down the slope. Of course, you could just destroy the Shade Blanket but you have no good offensive capabilities so good luck with that.

*Alga is in fear*

Alga: How could an Eagle Clan member be capable of this!?

Sasha: I’m not part of the Eagle Clan.

*Alga looks shocked*

Alga: That explains it!

Sasha: Just because you’ve probably never faced a strong opponent before doesn’t mean there aren’t any strong members of the Eagle Clan. So all I have to say to you is goodbye.

*Sasha uses her magic to propel a car down the slope*

*Alga prepares to defend against the car and then grabs onto the front of the car as it gets to her, stopping it completely*

Sasha: So one car is not enough? How about four?

*Sasha sends three more cars after Alga. The cars are hitting each other in a single file line and are now pushing Alga down the road but not hurting her*

Sasha: How about a semi-truck too?

Alga: No!!

*Sasha sends a semi-truck down to the line of cars. The truck is too much for Alga to handle as the force of it combined with the cars destroys Alga’s magic armor. With the magic armor gone, Alga suffers major internal damage as she falls down and the vehicles go on past her, just barely not running over her*

*The Shade Blanket disappears and Sasha walks over to Alga*

Alga: Damn…. You…

*Alga coughs and then her head turns to the side with a lifeless look in her eyes as she has died from her injuries*

Sasha: If she had developed some offensive capabilities, I certainly would not have won this easily. Better go find the others.

Narrator: Sasha defeated the heavily defensive Alga! Five poachers remain.

Chapter 44 END

To be Continued in Chapter 45: Joe vs Sen