Chapter 45:

Chapter 45: Joe vs Sen

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 45: Joe vs Sen

Narrator: Back to right after the heroes were first split up.

*Joe finds himself in a courtyard with a gas station close by. Joe sees a man approaching him. The man is Sen*

Sen: It’s your unlucky day, kid. You have to fight me, Sen.

Joe: Maybe it’s your unlucky day because you have to fight me, Joe.

*Sen laughs*

Sen: Sorry kid, but with my Cutting Magic, you will be in multiple pieces by the time I’m done with you.

Joe: We will see about that.

*Joe gets in a fighting stance and charges his magic energy*

*They run towards each other and begin exchanging punches. Some of the punches are blocked and some are direct blows on each other*

*Sen turns the index and middle fingers of his right hand into magic scissors and thrusts them at Joe, trying to cut him, but Joe ducks under to avoid the attack*

*Joe forms a lightning bolt in his hand and jams it into the Sen’s abdomen*

Sen: Gahh!

*The bolt continuously shocks Sen and he keeps stepping back as he tries to pull it out. He soon successfully pulls it out and it leaves a wound*

Sen: Now I really want to cut you up!

*Sen forms scissors on his index and middle fingers on both of his hands now and then he running towards Joe*

Joe: Wind Storm!

*Heavy wind directs to Sen which slows him down*

Sen: You can’t slow me!... No!

*Joe forms lightning bolts in both hands and throws them at Sen*

Sen: Those again?

*Sen cuts both lightning bolts in half with his magic scissor fingers. Joe redirects the strong wind to have it blow back towards him*

Sen: That’s just going to let me get to you faster!

*Sen quickly gets to Joe but Joe rolls out of the way and grabs the four smaller lightning bolts*

*Sen turns around but is now a good distance away from Joe and has to run towards him with the wind pushing against him again*

Joe: I wasn’t helping you get to me! I was trying to grab these bolts!

*Joe then throws all of the small lightning bolts at Sen again. With too many coming at him, Sen is struck by them all and receives a lot of damage from all the shocks*

*Trying not to overuse his magic, Joe ends the wind storm*

Sen: I hope you don’t think scissors are all I have to cut with. No, I have something better.

*Sen grins and raises his hands up in the air. Magic energy starts to form in his hands*

Sen: Behold! My Chainsaw!!

*The magic energy forms into a chainsaw and it revs up*

Sen: Hehe, this will be fun. Most use chainsaws for wood but I think it's a lot more fun to use them on flesh!

*Joe is starting to look nervous*

Joe: A chainsaw? Great…

Narrator: Sen has a mighty chainsaw! How will Joe deal with it?

Chapter 45 END

To be Continued in Chapter 46: The Mighty Chainsaw