Chapter 46:

Chapter 46: The Mighty Chainsaw

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 46: The Mighty Chainsaw

Sen: Come, kid! Let’s see how you handle my chainsaw!

*Sen starts rushing towards Joe and Joe does bring back his wind storm but the revved chainsaw just cuts through it, preventing Sen from being slowed down*

Joe: Damn!

*As Sen begins wildly swinging his chainsaw at Joe, he shouts*

Sen: I have cut up many things with this chainsaw! People! Creatures! You name it!

*Joe is doing his best to dodge and the chainsaw barely misses Joe’s neck*

*Finally, Sen lands the chainsaw on Joe’s abdomen, cutting Joe some but before it cuts through him, he releases a brief, powerful gust of wind against himself to send himself flying back and he lands next to the gas station. Joe is heavily bleeding on his stomach area*

Joe: Ahgg… Now what am I going to do?

*Sen approaches him as he lays on the ground with his major wound*

Sen: The Mighty Chainsaw has come to take your life.

*Sen steps down on Joe’s wound*

Joe: Ahh!!

Sen: It’s time to cut your head off.

*As Sen lowers his chainsaw towards Joe’s neck, Joe unleashes an attack*

Joe: Razor Hail!

*Razor sharp hail falls from the magic cloud above them and cuts into Sen in a lot of areas on his body so he backs off of Joe to get out of the way*

*The hail also cuts into Joe too so he is more wounded than he was before. However, he still is able to stand up*

Joe: *huff huff* No way I am going to die like that. Time for one of my new abilities.

*Joe creates a vertical cloud and it’s only five feet above ground*

Sen: A cloud on its side?

Joe: Razor Hail!

*Razor hail shoots horizontally out of the cloud and Sen tries cutting most of it with his chainsaw but he can’t get it all. One even cuts off half of the cigar he is smoking*

Sen: You cut my cigar! You don’t deserve a quick death!!

*Sen charges angrily at Joe and he begins to continuously punch Joe, knocking him back*

*Sen rushes up to Joe again and then continues his punching assault as Joe is too injured to block*

*Sen then kicks him. The kick knocks Joe back to where Sen was when his cigar was cut. Joe sees the cigar lying on the ground*

Sen: Now I will cut your head off!

*Before Sen moves, Joe gets up and punches the gas pump, leaving it with a hole with gas coming out of it. Joe then picks up the cigar and throws it at the gas*

Sen: Die!!

*Sen charges at Joe with his chainsaw. However, Joe begins running as the gas catches on fire, but he knows he must keep Sen there when it blows up so he turns around*

Joe: I may be severely injured but I still do have a lot of magic left! Derecho!!

*Joe thrusts his hands forward and extreme straight-line winds come from them. The derecho winds are even too strong for Sen to cut through with his chainsaw so he is blown back to the gas station*

Joe: It’s over!!

*It is too late for Sen to do anything as the entire gas station blows up*

*Sasha arrives and she sees the big explosion and she then sees Joe who falls to his knees*

Sasha: Joe!

*She runs over to him*

Sasha: Are you alright?

Joe: I’m injured but I don’t think it is life threatening.

*They both stare at the flames of the destroyed gas station*

Narrator: Joe has defeated Sen, the one wields the Mighty Chainsaw, Four poachers remain.

Chapter 46 END

To be Continued in Chapter 47: Emily vs Shotsteed