Chapter 52:

Chapter 52: The Poachers' Password

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 52: The Poachers’ Password

*Emily looks back to where Sasha is as she gets up and Sasha looks back to normal. Emily looks at Sasha curiously and has a flashback. The flashback is from back when they first met Sasha and she told them that her adopted parents kicked her out because they called her the devil’s spawn*

Emily: (Talking to herself) Sasha, just who are your biological parents?

*Zeth rejoins the battle*

Zeth: (To Emily and Kurt) Let’s continue this fight. I will figure out the password while we do so.

*The three heroes charge at the poachers and Zeth pulls out two Star Shards*

Tazer: More power!

*As Edgar and Naysha try to transfer power, Zeth throws his star shards at them, preventing them from doing so. Zeth then punches Tazer in the face with a fully magic-powered punch and Emily and Kurt do the same to Edgar and Naysha*

*Zeth swipe punches Tazer, knocking him to the ground*

Zeth: Knock the other two alongside him!

*With punches and kicks, Emily and Kurt knock Edgar and Naysha by Tazer*

Zeth: Star Shine Blast!

*Zeth’s Star Shine Blast hits the ground where the three poachers are and explodes*

Kurt: You got them!

*The smoke from the blast clears. While the poachers did take a good amount of damage, their assist magic ultimately saved them*

Naysha: You see, our Assist Magic can increase our damage resistance too.

Emily: Seriously?

Edgar: Yes, and it allows us all to distribute the damage so we can each take as little as possible. Just putting us next to each other just made it faster to be done.

*Sasha rejoins the fight*

Zeth: Sasha, use your Shade Blanket.

Sasha: Right.

*Sasha’s arms become shady and she launches her Shade Blanket which separates each of the poachers by going in between each of them*

Zeth: I’m interested in seeing if your magic strings can go through Sasha’s Shade Blanket.

*They all look at the magic strings which do go through the shade blanket but barely*

Zeth: So the magic is more faint which means it will take longer for the power to transfer.

*Sasha also creates small openings in the shade blankets allowing for the heroes to walk into the areas with the poachers so they can fight them*

Zeth: Sasha, I think I’m close to figuring out the password so go to the vehicle and deal with it when I figure out the password. I will yell it to you.

Sasha: Okay! Just remember the Shade Blanket can be destroyed so defeat them before they destroy it.

Zeth: Got it.

*Zeth enters into battle with Tazer, Emily with Naysha, and Kurt with Edgar. The openings close once they enter*

*Joe is sitting back and charging up his magic, hoping to help out at some point in the fight*

Joe: If need be, I will release what is left of my magic.

*The fights start and Zeth tries to punch Tazer but Tazer blocks the punch and then kicks Zeth back*

Zeth: (Thinking) That damn password! G, R, E, A… Wait! It might be something that starts with those letters!

*Soon after, Zeth finally figures out the password as he knocks Tazer back with a punch*

Zeth: Sasha, I know the password! The password is “GREATNESS”!

Sasha: Got it!

Zeth: GREATNESS makes the most sense because it can be spelled out using the first letter of each of their names.

Tazer: NO!!! How did you even know there was a password!?

Zeth: I got your pal, Raider, to spill it out after I finished beating his ass. Now it is time for you to share the beating!

Narrator: Zeth has figured out the password that will free all of the people the poachers captured. Now it’s time for the heroes to finish them off!

Chapter 52 END

To be Continued in Chapter 53: The End of the Poachers