Chapter 51:

Chapter 51: Heroes vs The Remaining Poachers

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 51: Heroes vs The Remaining Poachers

Narrator: With 6 of the poachers defeated, the heroes have reunited and now are looking for the remaining 3 poachers!

*The five heroes begin searching around the city trying to find the remaining poachers and eventually they find them loading people into their vehicle, the Jail Bus*

Zeth: Stop!!!!

*Tazer, Edgar, and Naysha see the five heroes running towards them*

Tazer: The others failed to even defeat a single one of them!? Edgar! Naysha! It’s time to put these pests down!

*As the heroes run, Zeth shoots a Star Shine Blast at the poachers, but they jump out of the way*

Tazer: Activate Assist Mode!

*The gauntlets on all three poachers have a magic string that attaches to each other so every gauntlet is connected*

Kurt: What is that?

Edgar: Our Assist Magic will allow us to easily assist each other in this fight allowing us to quickly transfer more power to each other.

Joe: Now our numbers advantage means nothing.

Edgar: Now for an example.

*Edgar transfers power to Naysha and her leg charges up power*

*Naysha jumps towards Joe and fiercely swipe kicks Joe’s left arm. An X-Ray view of the attack shows the bone in Joe’s arm starting to crack*

Joe: Ahhhh!!!!!!!!

*Combined with his injuries from his fight with Sen, this leaves Joe unable to continue fighting*

Joe: Damn!!

Emily: That is serious power! Now I see what Shotsteed meant!

Naysha: There is more where that came from.

*Naysha transfers energy to Tazer who is fighting Zeth*

*Tazer receives the power and then charges up his fist and then punches Zeth in the gut, causing him to cough up blood and he is sent flying into a building and he loses consciousness*

*Sasha is angered*

Sasha: Damn you!

*Sasha engages Tazer and she grabs his right arm and begins squeezing it. Tazer looks up at Sasha’s face and he looks shocked. Sasha has the look of someone who desires someone’s death and grits her teeth together with extreme anger. She has a dark aura with a few sparks of black electricity surrounding the aura for a few moments*

*Emily, Kurt, Edgar, and Naysha have stopped their fighting to observe what is happening*

Emily: Is this a reaction to what happened to Zeth!?

*Sasha begins to squeeze so hard that the bone in Tazer’s arm begins to crack*

Sasha: I will send you to hell!

Tazer: Shit! Help me out here!

*Edgar and Naysha both send power to Tazer and with the power, Tazer is able to break free of Sasha’s grip and lands a punch on Sasha, knocking her back but her powered-up state keeps her from taking as much damage as Zeth did*

*Back to Zeth, he wakes up and rubs his face and then his gut*

Zeth: That punch was powerful. I have to figure out the password… Those names! Combined with the names that I learned from Sasha, Joe, Emily, and Kurt, the names of all the poachers are Grode, Raider, Easia, Alga, Sen, Shotsteed, Tazer, Edgar, and Naysha. What is the password hidden in the first letter of each of their names!?

Narrator: The remaining poachers are strong when they work together. Zeth must figure out the password and stop the poachers once and for all.

Chapter 51 END

To be Continued in Chapter 52: The Poachers’ Password