Chapter 53:

Chapter 53: The End of the Poachers

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 53: The End of the Poachers

Tazer: No! I will not allow this to happen! Shockers!

*Yellow electric balls fill the area where they are fighting*

*Tazer has completely lost his calm and is more berserk now. He begins trying to rapidly punch Zeth who is trying to block them*

*Sasha goes over to the vehicle*


*A control panel activates on the vehicle and Sasha examines the controls. She then pushes a button and releases the captive prisoners*

Sasha: Go! Get out of here!

*The people get out of the vehicle and then run away*

Edgar: No, our captured people! Poaching is our living!

Kurt: Then find a new living! Flame Aura Punch!

*Kurt lands a massive blow to Edgar, leaving him in serious pain*

*Eventually the Shockers begin to hit the walls of the Shade Blanket and start to cause it to dissipate*

Naysha: It seems that while physical attacks won’t help much against the Shade Blanket, energy-based attacks work fine.

*Emily engages Naysha with her daggers and swipes many times and gets some hits in which leaves slash wounds on Naysha’s body*

Emily: You let your guard down so I took advantage.

*Naysha is angry and Emily takes out her B3 Tide Shotgun*

Naysha: Edgar, give me power!

*Edgar sends power to Naysha and then she charges up her right arm. Both Emily and Naysha prepare for attack*

*Emily and Naysha charge at each other and Emily channels magic into her shotgun. As Naysha attempts to punch her, Emily shoots her shotgun at point-blank range of Naysha’s fist*

*The super close range and the power of the shotgun end up blowing off Naysha’s right hand*

Naysha: Ahhhhh!!!! No way!!!!

*Emily kicks Naysha down to the ground and has her shotgun aimed at Naysha’s face*

Emily: You’re finished!

Kurt: Come on! This is it! Max Flame Aura Punch!

*Kurt’s punch delivers the knock out hit to Edgar*

*Sasha interacts with the vehicle’s controls some more*

Sasha: I can use its cannon with this.

*Sasha begins shouting out towards Zeth*

Sasha: Zeth! I found out how to use the cannon!

Zeth: Good, then let’s use it to deliver the final blow.

Tazer: I will destroy you before then!

*Tazer continues his berserking rage and continues throwing out punches with no strategy other then trying to hit Zeth into the Shockers*

*Zeth takes a punch to the face so that he has the chance to grab onto Tazer’s back and then thrusts his knee into Tazer’s gut*

*Sasha aims the cannon at the fight*

Sasha: I’m ready!

Zeth: Great, hang on a sec!

*As Tazer is in extreme pain from Zeth’s last attack, Zeth slams Tazer down on the ground near the other two poachers and then the heroes all back a safe distance away*

Zeth: Alright Sasha, fire away!

*The cannon on the vehicle fires a huge blast of energy at the poachers and causes an explosion once it hits them*

*The blast is far too powerful for the poachers to survive and once the smoke from the blast clears, the poachers are seen dead*

Kurt: It’s over.

Zeth: Not yet. This vehicle monstrosity needs to be destroyed too.

Joe: I think I can help with that. I want to make up for my uselessness in this fight.

Narrator: Finally, the poachers have been defeated with 7 of the 9 dead and the remaining 2 poachers are in custody. Joe intends to destroy the vehicle. How will it all wrap up?

Chapter 53 END

To be Continued in Chapter 54: A City Recovering