Chapter 55:

Chapter 55: Messenger of the Dark Goddess Part 2

Beyond The Stars

Author's Note: This is the first chapter of the 4th arc. The Temple of the Light Goddess Arc.

Chapter 55: Messenger of the Dark Goddess Part 2

Narrator: Previously, Korobu, the Messenger of the Dark Goddess, came to the town called Kopesh and met with two people in the town, Sachi and Ben, to make the town one of the Dark Goddess’s Chambers of Influence. One day has passed since Korobu began creating an underground chamber under the town.

*Sachi and Ben enter the building that Korobu has been in*

Sachi: Status update?

Korobu: It is done.

Ben: That's great!

Korobu: Now watch what is about to happen.

*A staircase leading underground appears in the room*

Korobu: Let me show you. Come.

*They go down the stairs. There are lit torches on the walls and the chamber itself looks like a medieval dungeon*

Korobu: This chamber has everything you will need to worship the Dark Goddess successfully.

Sachi: As we look around, can you tell us everything we need to know?

Korobu: Of course. These prison cells can be used to detain anyone who will not follow the Dark Goddess. If you need to get information out of someone, these torture chairs will do the job. Torture them to your heart’s content. Like I said before, nobody outside will be indoctrinated but if that is needed, this indoctrination center will do the job. And there is also an execution center that can execute anybody that deserves to die in the most painful ways possible. Finally, we have the command center. Here you can receive orders from the Dark Goddess herself and many of her strongest followers such as me. You can use it to give updates to us as well. Ultimately, this is just the minimum of the Chamber of Influence. Using magic and the command center, you can expand it to fit any other needs that you have.

Sachi: Thank you, Lord Korobu.

Ben: Yes, we will not let you or the Dark Goddess down. Everyone here will soon happily worship the Dark Goddess as we await her return to this world to lead us to greatness!

Korobu: That's a good mindset to have.

Sachi: So what will you do now?

Korobu: I think I will stay here for one more month.

Sachi: Why is that?

*Korobu has a death stare expression on his face*

Korobu: You two will be the leaders of this town from now on as it is time for the mayor to die.

Sachi: The mayor has to die?

Korobu: Yes. He is not fit to lead the people of this town in the transition to becoming the culture worthy of the Dark Goddess. The reason I will be waiting a month is for people to begin to accept the Dark Goddess to the point they won’t care if the mayor is dead. I will be the one to execute him.


Narrator: One month passes.

*Korobu enters the mayor’s house. The mayor looks like a man in his 40s and he has short brown hair with a comb-over. He wears formal clothes*

Mayor: Who are you and what do you want?

Korobu: Well, mister mayor, you seem like someone who would never be a follower of the Dark Goddess. Therefore, it is time for you to die.

Mayor: So you were the one who killed my warriors!? I will have you know I was a warrior before becoming mayor. Behold, my C-Rank magic!

*The mayor powers up*

Korobu: C-Rank? Ah, another fool who states their magic rank before facing me. This will be over in one blow.

Mayor: I will curb stomp you!

*Korobu extends his index finger and shoots a black-colored beam out of it. The beam pierces the mayor’s body and goes right through his heart. The mayor is shocked as he falls over on his back, dying*

Mayor: No… way…

*The mayor coughs up blood and dies with his eyes open*

Korobu: You would have to be far stronger than that just to not die in one blow from that attack. However, maybe you could be of some use to me. After everyone in this town learns of your death, I will take you into my abyss.

*Korobu smiles sinisterly*

Narrator: Outside in the town soon after the mayor’s death.

*The mayor’s body hangs from a large wooden post and is shown for all to see. Korobu prepares to leave town after establishing Sachi and Ben as the leaders*

Sachi: You did it, Lord Korobu. Most people have already began worshipping the Dark Goddess.

Ben: We hope to see you again, Lord Korobu.

Korobu: Oh you will. But for now, I have other business to attend. And one last thing. I’m taking the mayor’s body.

Sachi: Taking the mayor’s body? What for?

Korobu: It’s not something you need to know about.

*Korobu walks up to the mayor’s body*

Korobu: It’s time for you to come into my abyss.

*Korobu moves his arm out towards the mayor’s body. A suddenly a cloud of black abyss appears around the mayor’s body and engulfs him. The cloud soon disappears and the mayor’s body is gone*

Korobu: It’s time I get leaving.

*Korobu begins leaving the town and then Sachi and Ben wave goodbye*

Korobu: (Talking to himself) Another town is converted to the Dark Goddess. What will you do Harmona? With lessening support as time goes on, you will not stand a chance. And soon with there will be a rise of the Enigmus.

*Korobu has a sinister smile*

Narrator: Korobu has converted a town to the Dark Goddess. Will the heroes be able to help the Light Goddess put a stop to the Dark Goddess’s plans?

Chapter 55 END

To be Continued in Chapter 56: Temple of the Light Goddess