Chapter 56:

Chapter 56: Temple of the Light Goddess

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 56: Temple of the Light Goddess

Narrator: The heroes continue their journey to reach the Temple of the Light Goddess. They are getting closer to finally getting to meet the Light Goddess.

*The heroes are walking through grassy plains with large hills in the background*

Joe: Why is the temple in a lowly populated area?

Kurt: It probably used to be populated before the Great Chaos.

Zeth: A lot of things about this country have likely changed since then.

*Eventually, they reach some old ruins that surround the temple*

Emily: I guess there was a good community here that worshipped Harmona.

Zeth: Looks like it. I wonder what role they had in the chaos and why did their descendants not stay?

Kurt: It’s not like anyone is forced to stay here. They can go their own way.

Zeth: You’re right. Now it’s time we look around.

*The heroes have a look around the ruins*

Zeth: Anyone see anything interesting?

Kurt: Not really.

Sasha: Just ancient-looking house stuff.

Emily: There probably was nothing special about this place.

Zeth: Then let’s just go inside the temple.

*They go up the steps to the temple entrance but just as they get there, the entrance shuts on them with a strong stone door*

Joe: What the…? It just shut.

Emily: But nobody has been here in at least 100 years.

Zeth: My guess is that this temple is still protected by a strong magic power.

Sasha: There is text on the door. It says “If ye can see beyond the stars then ye may gain the possibility of meeting with the one who brings light to us all”.

Emily: What does that mean?

Kurt: Yeah, anyone can see the stars but how would you see beyond them?

*Zeth just keeps staring at the door*

Sasha: What do you think, Zeth?

Zeth: I have an idea.

Kurt: What is it?

Zeth: Maybe magic is the answer and maybe my magic, Star Magic, can act as the key.

Emily: It’s worth a try.

Zeth: Stand Back.

*Zeth charges his right hand with magic*

Zeth: Star Shine Blast!

*Zeth releases a star shine blast at the door and it explodes once it hits the door. The door itself did not take any physical damage but it does open*

Sasha: It worked!

Zeth: Let’s go in.

*As the heroes start to go inside the temple, they are being watched from a nearby hill*

*The person watching them is a woman with blonde hair that is tied back and spreads out in multiple directions past the tie and her eyes have a green iris color. She wears a dark red robe-looking outfit. The leg parts of the outfit are gold colored*

Narrator: Woman with unknown origins – Zaydra.

*She looks specifically at Zeth and she has a serious expression on her face*

Zaydra: It’s time to see if you are capable yet… My younger brother.

Narrator: The heroes have entered the temple. And who is this woman that appears to be Zeth’s older sister? What will the heroes find out?

Chapter 56 END

To be Continued in Chapter 57: Temple First Room