Chapter 54:

Chapter 54: A City Recovering

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 54: A City Recovering

Joe: Watch.

*Joe walks inside the vehicle and emits a bubble from his body, the bubble takes up most of the vehicle*

Joe: This is my Bubble of Influence, one of my new abilities. Inside this bubble, my magic becomes amplified so even if I’m low, just a bit of it can become powerful inside this bubble.

*Joe walks outside the vehicle and uses his one good arm to send lightning bolts into the bubble*

*The lightning begins to amplify and it begins to tear apart the vehicle from the inside since it is not well protected from magic attacks on the inside*

*Eventually, the vehicle itself starts to blow into pieces*

Zeth: Now it’s over. Thank goodness.

*Everyone looks relieved*


Zeth: (Narrating) With the battle with the poachers over, it was time for the city to recover. We decided that we would stay during the recovery process We ended up staying for one whole month and not only was it good for us to help the city, it was good for Joe’s severe injuries to heal. During the month, I turned 18 years old and it gave my family a chance to, possibly one last time, celebrate my birthday. Now one month later it’s time to get going and though Joe’s injuries have not fully healed, he is doing good enough to continue traveling.

*The heroes are gathered with Miranda and Jack at the edge of the city*

Zeth: Well mother, it’s time that we set out.

Miranda: Okay, you be careful out there, and if you ever find out about your biological parents be sure to let us know.

Zeth: I will definitely let you know. Thanks for letting us all stay with you.

Miranda: No problem. You stop on by any time you want.

Jack: Make sure to stay in contact at least.

Zeth: Don’t worry I will. And now we are off. It’s time to go to the Temple of the Light Goddess.

*The heroes begin walking away from the city. Miranda and Jack watch them as they move on*

Jack: As I watch him… I get the feeling that he is on the path to doing something truly great.

*Miranda smiles confidently*

Miranda: You’re feeling is accurate. He is most definitely going to do great things.

*Miranda then whispers to herself*

Miranda: (Whispering) I knew it all along…

Narrator: The five heroes now continue their journey. What will they find at the Temple of the Light Goddess?

Chapter 54 END

To be Continued in Chapter 55: Messenger of the Dark Goddess Part 2

This is the end of the Poacher Arc

Arc Completed: April 12th, 2015

Author's Comment: The prologue is over. It's time for the story to truly progress. If you have made it this far without thinking "This is story is a pile of dog crap so I'm going to drop it" then you have my thanks and appreciation. Before I started posting BTS on Scribble Hub and now Honeyfeed, I was truly concerned about reception to the first 54 chapters because hindsight has told me that the first 3 arcs are not good. Even if the chapters are mostly short, that's still a lot of opportunities for a reader to lose interest. As for what is to come after this, well, I don't think you will look at it as the best stuff you have ever read but I'm proud of what I've managed to write over these past 7 years and have no intention of dropping this series even if no one on this site wants to read it. I started writing this series for my own enjoyment and my close friends enjoy it so that's what matters to me. If you are a Honeyfeed reader that genuinely enjoys BTS, know that I am happy to find even at least one person out there that has found enjoyment in my writing and I hope you look forward to the future of this series. There's still A TON more chapters to post before this series on this site has caught up to where I'm actually at (I'm still writing this story even to this very day).