Chapter 57:

Chapter 57: Temple First Room

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 57: Temple First Room

Narrator: Zeth is being watched by a mysterious woman who claims to be his sister. Just who exactly is she?

*The heroes have gone inside the temple but Zaydra continues to stand on the hill just looking and talking to herself*

Zaydra: (Talking to herself) I hope you are ready, Zeth, my younger brother. If you are not, then it’s not your fault. Mother and I are at fault. We left you with an adoptive family for all 18 years of your life so far…. But we had no choice at the time. Your life was in danger and we had to hide you… Damn Dark Goddess.

*In frustration, Zaydra walks over to a nearby tree and punches it. The punch is so powerful the tree gets completely blown to pieces and then the rest of it disintegrates*

Zaydra: All I can do now is hope you are capable.

Narrator: Back inside the temple.

*The heroes are in the first room which is the biggest room of the temple. It is the room where the common folk worship the Light Goddess*

*The heroes have a look around*

Kurt: Outside the temple, the whole area looks like ancient ruins but in here it looks like it has not really aged at all.

Emily: Perhaps because this place is sacred, it is maintained by Harmona herself.

Zeth: Look, I found something written on the wall here next to a door. It says “If ye are a person of importance then ye will be able to simply open the door and continue. But if ye have a destined meeting with the Light Goddess, ye must take the four Divine Stones on the altar at the front of this room before going”. Well, that is simple.

Kurt: I will grab them real quick.

*Kurt tries to pick up the Divine Stones (which are colored red, blue, green, and yellow) but an invisible force keeps him from touching them and pushes him back*

Sasha: What just happened?

Kurt: I… I don’t know. It felt like a divine force just kept me from even touching it.

Zeth: I’m probably the destined one the text was referring to then. The guardian of the altar must have mentioned us to Harmona, though I don’t know why I specifically would be the destined one.

*Zeth picks up the stones with ease*

Zeth: I guess I was right. I just hope this does not prevent you guys from coming along.

*Zeth then hears a woman’s voice in his mind*

???: Don’t worry, as long as they are not allied with the Dark Goddess, they can come with you.

Zeth: The stones talk?

???: No, you will come to understand soon.

Zeth: Well, that was weird.

Emily: Who are you talking to?

Zeth: I heard a woman’s voice in my head.

Joe: Really?

Zeth: Yes, she said as long as you do not ally yourself with the Dark Goddess you will be allowed to come.

Kurt: I see, well let’s go through the door.

*The heroes go through the door and they come across a statue of a female angel blocking the path forward*

Sasha: What is this for?

Angel Statue: Welcome, destined one.

Joe: It talks!

Zeth: It’s not the voice I heard while holding the stones.

Angel Statue: From this point onward, sacred energies will be throughout the temple. These energies will test you and everything may not be as it appears. Those who are not divine and sacred will not make it through easily. Are you ready to continue?

Zeth: Yes, I’m ready.

Angel Statue: Very well, continue destined one.

*The heroes continue in*

Narrator: The heroes are continuing farther into the temple! What challenges await as they make their way through it?

Chapter 57 END

To be Continued in Chapter 58: Hints of the Past Begin