Chapter 58:

Chapter 58: Hints of the Past Begin

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 58: Hints of the Past Begin

*The heroes are walking through the temple and the sacred energies in it give it a golden tint. However, the sacred energies soon begin to affect their minds*

Zeth: I’m starting to feel dizzy…

*Zeth shakes his head a bunch and then sees everyone else disappear. Suddenly, he finds himself in a new area*

Zeth: Where did everyone go? Aggg! Is this what that statue meant?

*Zeth starts to hear voices in his head*

Various Voices: The boy… Destiny… My brother…. Consumption…. Run…

Zeth: What are all these voices?

*Zeth starts to feel dizzy again*

Zeth: So dizzy… What do I do…?

*Zeth begins aimlessly just running through the halls*

Zeth: Where do I go? What is this? Am I trapped…? Make it stop!

*In his craziness, Zeth ends up running into a wall and falls backward onto the ground*

*Zeth just lays there with a blank stare and his eyes are barely open. The voices continue*

Various Voices: Your son…. Demands…. What do we do!?... Consumption… In danger…

Zeth: The voices… won’t stop… what… do they mean…?

*Zeth sees flashes of a baby*

Zeth: Is that… me…?

Various Voices: His sacred power…. Gone… Dark Goddess… Did something…

Zeth: What…?

Various Voices: My son… Hide him… Dark Goddess… Consumption… Crimson…

Zeth: Crimson…? What about him…?

Various Voices: My brother… Escape… I will help… Storm comes… Save him…

Zeth: brother…?

Various Voices: Give him… Hope… A future… He deserves… Better…

Zeth: What does… all this mean…?

Various Voices: Go to… Nearby city… Guard… Zeth… Your life…

*Zeth sees flashes of a cloaked woman carrying a baby in a dark and stormy night*

Zeth: The story mom told me… this is it… isn’t it…?

*That begins a vision of the entire thing in Zeth’s mind. The cloaked woman approaches Miranda and Jack, who are walking down on the sidewalk with nobody else outside near them*

Cloaked Woman: Can you two adopt this baby? His name is Zeth. He’s four months old. Please, I beg of you!

Miranda: Is this your child?

Cloaked Woman: No, but I am doing this for the baby’s mother. Please, you must adopt him. It’s urgent.

Jack: Why is that?

Cloaked Woman: There is no time to fully explain but bad people want to capture this baby and do horrible things to him.

Miranda: That does sounds bad.

Cloaked Woman: Yes, so please take him. If we hurry, they won’t know that he has new parents.

*Miranda takes the baby*

Miranda: We will take good care of him.

Cloaked Woman: Thank you very much.

*Miranda and Jack leave with the baby and the cloaked woman goes to the forest where she came from to meet back with another woman. That woman is Zaydra*

Zaydra: Will he be okay?

Cloaked Woman: Yes, the family seemed very caring.

Zaydra: You didn’t tell them that we are hiding him from demons, did you?

Cloaked Woman: No, I didn’t want to scare them. I just used a generic “bad people” to say why it was urgent.

Zaydra: Good job, Clora. Now we must return.

*The vision ends. Zeth’s eyes fully open and he gets up*

Zeth: I’m understanding more of it now. I must get back to the others. Who knows how this could be affecting them?

*Zeth begins moving through the halls again*

Narrator: More of Zeth’s past has been pieced together. He must now return to the others and finally meet Harmona, the Light Goddess.

Chapter 58 END

To be Continued in Chapter 59: The Others See Hints Too