Chapter 59:

Chapter 59: The Others See Hints Too

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 59: The Others See Hints Too

*The other four heroes are in a hallway and the sacred energies are affecting them too*

Narrator: First up is Emily.

*Emily dizzily bumps into a wall and falls to her knees, covering her face with her hands*

Various Voices: Charge! Kill them! Hold them off!

*She sees visions of people fighting and dying in battle against monsters and demons*

Emily: Who are they?

Various Voices: For Harmona! Fight to the death!

Emily: Is this of the past…? Or is it the future to come…?


Narrator: Second up is Kurt.

*Kurt leans against a wall*

Various Voices: Kurt. Aura magic. More power. Fall.

*Kurt sees visions of himself and the man who gave him magic, Master Dom*

Kurt: Why am I… seeing visions of my times with Master Dom?

Various Voices: Kurt… More power... Alternative… Fall…


Narrator: Third up is Joe.

*Joe sits down and rubs his eyes*

Various Voices: Why…? Change your course… Weather… Storm Lord…

Joe: Huh?

*Joe sees visions of people walking away from him. One of them is Zeth*

*Joe falls back, lying on the ground*

Joe: I don’t understand.

Various Voices: Enigmus… Enigmus… Enigmus…

Joe: What does that mean?

Various Voices: Enigmus… Destroy… Die…

*In the vision of people walking away, Zeth has a sad face*


Narrator: And last up is Sasha.

*Sasha sits against a wall*

Various Voices: Bratty kid… Where… Damn it…

Sasha: I don’t… recognize the voice.

*Sasha sees visions of herself as a little girl wandering around a river and then she falls in*

Sasha: Did that happen to me?

*The vision continues and shows a demon appearing*

Demon: Damn it, where did that brat go? She won’t be happy with me if I lose the kid…

*The demon walks away from the river*

Sasha: I got away from a demon?

*Sasha sees another vision of two people pulling her out of the river after she flowed downstream. It’s the people that adopted her*

Sasha: It’s my adoptive parents. I guess I was too young to remember any of this. But now… It’s time to move on. I’m not looking back. I’m looking forward.

*Sasha fully opens her eyes and gets up*

Sasha: I have overcome, at least temporarily, the sacred energies. Everyone, make your will strong and you will overcome the burden of trying to figure what everything means! There is a time for figuring that stuff out but now is not the time!

*Joe, Kurt, and Emily all hear her and they manage to finally overcome the visions and voices*

Sasha: I have no idea what happened to Zeth but we must find him.

*Emily, Kurt, and Joe all nod and they start walking around looking for Zeth*

*Soon, they do find Zeth and he is leaning back against a wall like he is in deep thought*

Sasha: There you are, Zeth!

Zeth: Guys, I can feel it. We are close to where we will meet Harmona.

Emily: Really?

Zeth: Yes, and I’m glad you were all able to overcome the effects of the sacred energies. Let’s get going.


Narrator: Little do they know that all of their progress is being watched.

Woman’s Voice: Amazing. They were all able to overcome the sacred energies this fast. Most would be consumed by its divine power. Then it’s time. Come Zeth. We must speak.

Narrator: It’s finally time for the heroes to meet the Light Goddess. What will be revealed?

Chapter 59 END

To be Continued in Chapter 60: The Light Goddess